zoneLINK Office and Vista coach how come the people your way? Time for a mid-term review and time for a completely new type of Office Walker. Coach stage free for the new zoneLINK Office and Vista\”for under 20 euros! Ulm, 12 October 2007 – Microsoft should rejoice, how well the new Office program in Office 2007 \”strikes: about 60 percent of sales compared to the previous version is the same in the first months increased. for many computer users, therefore the question arises: what to do when in the Office, or on the new home computer is switching to Office 2007? Because the classic menus and standard toolbars, familiar from previous versions of Office, differed in the 2007 versions of Word, Excel & co. of a so-called Ribbon Ribbon is named the code. The Ribbon contains restricted commands in groups. The developers at Microsoft have meant well: frequently used functions should be more quickly accessible. However, many users have problems in the new Interface to navigate: where has the spell checker? How do I find my most recently opened documents quickly? How can I prevent that Word automatically changes my spelling if it is unknown to the program? Video course: A new way to learn a team of proven experts for easier learning on the computer has now put together a perfectly understandable knowledge package for less than 20 euros.

\”The new tutorial zone link Office and Vista coach\” answered all the questions common to the new Office 2007 easily. The user sees the new program interface in the video and gets explained in Word and moving when he where to click, to reach the target. So he learns step by step, how he created Word documents, Excel calculates something, plain his presentation templates with moving images, managed his contacts in Outlook, or with access databases created. If there is the transition to the new Windows Vista operating system at the same time, he is likely for many people Anyway, no more long waiting to leave. Connect with other leaders such as Itron here.