Why Does Baby Cry ?

All babies cry. Baby crying – not just a signal for help. At this stage of life crying – it's the only way to communicate with the world they can not say that worries them, what they lack, but only notify lament his misery or disadvantage. That is why a baby cries. Reasons may be many tears, and to understand them is not easy. However, parents should try to show a guess and wit in this case, moreover, that, depending on the causes, crying is different shades. Thus, we explain the main causes of crying. Baby cries when he is hungry most often that he is hungry, baby alerts prolonged crying, very loudly and insistently.

A hungry baby is crying, Blushing, stretches handle. What do mothers in this case? . Of course the child should be fed, even if not yet the proper time came, and the same applies to the night crying. Crying, Crying may inconvenience caused serve as a signal of discomfort of the subject child. If you are using reusable nappies, the child cries will alert parents that wet and irritate his skin. Wet diapers irritate the skin, the baby cries Crying incessantly whimpering, uninterrupted, even though it sounds stronger, weaker, may be accompanied by hiccups.

If a diaper change, and the kid warmly covered, he calms down. If you use disposable diapers, remember that they may leak or get wet inside, bring discomfort to the child. If your baby sleeps in a diaper all night, the irritant can be greatly increased volume of the diaper.

Garden Arbors Wooden Fences

It's no secret that a graceful complement to the garden area are wood products. This arbors, pergolas, florists, arches, various lattices and fences, as well as the fence and who fenced off area. Emerging the market can meet a variety of offers on price and quality. For example, gazebos can cost anywhere from 15.000 to 150.000 rubles rubles. Of course, the main role in selecting wood products for the garden is the appearance.

But not forget about the quality characteristics. First of all, we should pay attention to it, from what type and grade of wood made products. For most people in Russia in this respect the most can be considered attractive pine. But do not forget that wood is exposed to external weather conditions (spring, summer and autumn rain, winter, snow) can quickly come into disrepair, or at least lose their attractive appearance. Just a great threat to the tree represent all kinds of insects.

The most common and effective way to protect against these evils is antiseptirovanie. This process, in which either pergola or section of the fence is covered with a protective layer of a special antiseptic composition. But there is still more efficient way of protection. It is an antiseptic impregnated under pressure. Of course, use this method can only producer in the industrial environment. As a result of such processing wood impregnated with no surfactant (which may be followed by leaching antiseptic and will require additional treatment in a year – two), and to a considerable depth of 3-4 cm, if desired, and in great depth. That is, if the thickness of the bars and boards used in the manufacture of the same arbor no more than 8 cm, the treatment is obtained sequentially, that may increase the period of operation before 15ti – the 20-years.

Finnish Sauna

Sauna is needed before any major publication. If the North American prefers to take a bath, the Finn is better coming off in the sauna. During the Second World War, the Finnish army was building saunas at all parking lots. As soon as the fortifications were finished, was taken for the construction of the sauna, which are sometimes rather primitive, but it's never been done in a hurry. Even now, the Finnish armed forces were using portable saunas as a normal part of field equipment. So-called "tent sauna" with heaters that use as fuel wood material or propane, produce for those who can not renounce it. For the Finns sauna means much more than just a room where you can sweat well. This is a time of physical and spiritual renewal, a moment of calm and reflection, as well as a way of life of an entire culture.

Receiving saunas in the narrow family circle or in the company's closest friends – a good tradition and an occasion to gather all together in a special place on Saturday evening. Children will settle on the lower shelves, while adults will enjoy the highest heat the sauna upstairs. In Over the next few hours they will be occupied by only a sauna, a place for recreation, small lake in the neighborhood and a broom "WICHT" with which stimulates blood circulation and creates a pleasant birch aroma. After sponge, most saunas and rest period, a delicious snack or light dinner will be worthy end of the evening. Finn takes his sauna is extremely positive. He looked forward to this moment of warmth and comfort, and he knows that it would be a nice quiet time to reflect on their own affairs. Even in large public saunas, designed for 50-100 swimmers, each of them can feel relaxed, and everyday cares, worries and grief recede into the background. Characterized by the fact that Finn loves to share the pleasure of deeply personal process of taking a sauna with friends. Perhaps this explains why the Finns spend so much time and words, speaking of the sauna. All Finnish families are usually very busy caring for their sauna. Finns are also aware of the unique human equality in the sauna, and this is reflected in an old Finnish proverb: "All people are equal, and in the sauna, and even more so." Obviously, the Finns opened the basic principle of equality of rights.