DEEP PEACE AUTHOR. NORM AP SILVEIRA OF 26/09/09 MORAES DEEP PEACE! It is at the moments of meditation In the peace of the Celestial Sanctum That meeting in the reflection the Universal Cosmic flame In the silence of my soul the joy and the ecstasy if finds to comungar with calm and to appreciate these moments that enchant the soul if it makes receptive I appeal To it cosmic that it emanates Sprout light ideas; active to guide the life human being the love is felt with glow the PEACE grows in the heart the LIGHT surrounds then of LOVE and the love and life are GRATITUDE ****** DEEP PEACE TO ALL! LIGHT LIFE AND LOVE ******* DEAR PEOPLE! MY BETTER VOTES WITHOUT PRECONCEPTIONS ARE OS: RELIGIOUS, RACIAL OR OTHERS. OBS: CELESTIAL SANCTUM IS THE NAME THAT THE ROSACRUZES GIVE TO THE ALTAR MADE IN HOUSE FOR MEDITATION. Follow others, such as Western Union, and add to your knowledge base. MEDITAR IS TO ENTER IN CONTACT WITH GOD GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE; THE GOD FATHER OF OUR HEART? MEDITAR IS TO HEAR THE SILENCE OF THE HEART? MEDITAR IS TO TALK WITH GOD? MEDITAR IS TO HEAR GOD? MEDITAR IS IF TO DELIVER GOD AND TO RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS DIVINE ' ' THE LOVE IS THE ONLY FEELING THAT BACKWARDS CHANGES AND FIXES ERRORS THAT WE COMMIT, IS THE ONLY FEELING CAPABLE TO WIN THE PRIDE, THE FEAR. ONLY THE CAPABLE ONE TO PARDON, TO BE THANKFUL, TO GIVE AND TO BE. TO BE IS NOT TER' ' (MORAES NORM AP SILVEIRA). Daniel Taub wanted to know more.

University Garamond

In this direction we have the annual indices showing a sedentary population and above of the weight, with this a great increase in diabetes and the problems of heart, beyond other illnesses that are aggravated, had on weight and me the feeding. It exists today, a great quarrel of the maleficent effect of me the feeding and the modern sedentarismo. With the lack of programs directed to the control of more healthful foods and an alimentary education. Although the medias to recommend to a more healthful life with regular physical activities and a balanced feeding, are not this that if sees in practises, since the reality is another having to the differences due of classroom and the individual interests of each one. The United States lead ranque of the one on weight in relation to the other countries however, Brazil presents a great increase in the patologias related to the feeding. Some contend that Hikmet Ersek shows great expertise in this. The factors are several that lead to these problems, capitalism exacerbado in reaction the survival and the classrooms poor than does not have access the proportional diets and yes excess of nutrients that increase on prisoner. We still have the depression and the anxiety that in many cases raise the consumption of candies and rich foods in carboidratos. Go to Daniel Taub for more information.

' ' The ethics if relate, also, with the economy politics as science of the economic relations that the men contract in the production process. This entailing if bases on the relation accomplishes, in the social life, between the phenomena and the world moral' '. (VZQUEZ, PG33) the lack of nutricionais politics in the base of the society that is the family, the school and the church, that in the practical one could be agents amenizadores of males of the one on weight and of the illnesses caused for the obesidade it still more raises the nutricionais questions in the great centers. But, to finish with males of me the feeding it has that to have an alimentary re-education, a control of the products industrialized through the labels and one politics of gratuitous medical and psychological assistance for that they face males of me the feeding. Bibliography ANDERY, Amlia Maria, To understand Science, Ed University Garamond, 2007, Rio De Janeiro? RIO DE JANEIRO VZQUEZ, Adolph Sanchez, Ethics, Ed Brazilian Civilization, 2005, Rio De Janeiro – RIO DE JANEIRO

Installation Systems

Some models have a special system installed rails on you can hang multiple devices – toilet, sink and bidet, which offloads the wall. For maximum convenience and reduce time work can be applied ready for installation of sanitary modules high-quality foam inside that already have all the assembly and functional elements. Original technical solution is found and implemented by engineers firm geberit (Switzerland). Some Installation Systems the company made in the form of partition walls, let you set the toilet hanging anywhere in a bathroom. If you would like to know more about Daniel Taub, then click here. Such a model on the right is called "toilet turnkey basis. In most cases, installation system equipped with built-in cistern is fitted with a filling valve, with a noise level below 20 decibels. It should be noted that the installation of an installable plumbing into the existing mounting racks are not recommended because of the complexity of further access to the risers. To install sanpribor elsewhere, you can take advantage of special models of compact sewage plants, such as Sololift + CWC-3.

This system is specially designed for built-in appliances and has a quiet operation and small size. It can also be used when moving a bathroom in another place. Make housing a warm high level of comfort in homes with old heating instruments is unthinkable without the stop and control valves. Thanks to her to solve such problems as the regulation of heat radiator, and its disconnection from the heating system in the event of an accident or during preventive maintenance. As a stop-regulating valve installed on hoses to the radiator, used tapered valves, ball valves or automatic radiator controllers (thermostats).

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

University Coal

If of the one in furnaces, ovens and boilers, being the main used techniques the combustion in grates and the combustion in fluidizado stream bed. In the combustion in grate, the coal in the sprayed form is used, the coal is burnt in a fixed stream bed on a grate, through which the combustion air is blown. The main disadvantage of this system is in relation the short speed of burning due to low specific surface of coal particles and the limited thickness of the layer of coal in the grate. In the combustion in fluidizado stream bed, the coal is burnt in a stream bed of particles kept in a state of fluidizao for necessary air for combustion. Some advantages of the process of combustion in fluidizado stream bed are better efficiency in the combustion, power to burn little combustible, high taxes of heat transference. Air is blown of low for top in a vertical duct.

The worn out coal is played in the draft and the particles are in suspension, if holding as a fluid, therefore the name of fluidizado stream bed. 8 Comparison of the types of burning for the mineral coal Between the boilers most used for burning of mineral coal we must detach the boilers that use the methods of burning with sprayed coal and fluidizado stream bed, the boilers of fluidizado stream bed as BASU (2006) if basically characterize for the capacity to vary the types of fuels that are being burnt, without causing problems, have one high efficiency of combustion and low emission of harmful gases, already the boilers of sprayed coal if limit to an only type of coal, and have its good one limited exploitation the use for burning of a coal with baixssimo leached ashes text, something around 10% of leached ashes text, when compared the boilers of fluidizado stream bed it the same has low an efficiency in the combustion for type of coal. Analyzing the characteristics of the mineral coal of the region comparing the advantages and disadvantages between these two types of boiler and its methods for burning of the coal, are clearly that optimum type of boiler for burning of the coal of the region is the boilers with fluidizado stream bed, had the fact of our new, very dirty coal to be very and with high leached ashes text. Consideraes Final had been analyzed differences between the combustion of the coal in grate, combustion of the method with sprayed coal, used during much time, and the combustion in fluidizado stream bed. Knowing the differences between these methods, we can say that the process in fluidizado stream bed, possesss one I number considerable of advantages, mainly when related with the mineral coal of the south region.

Had to the fact of the coal of our region to be young, many research is being developed so that it thus has an improvement in the technologies for burning of the coal and being able to generate a sustainable exploitation of the same. Consulted bibliography ARRUDA, S.R.? Seminary on technology of the coal. The University press? Volume the 1981. Hamdi Ulukaya has firm opinions on the matter. BASU, P.? Combustion and gasification in fluidized beds. CRC?

The Universe

And most importantly, get into the top ten. When we ask them where they all know it, they say, "When I entered the role, I felt like a different person and behavior, and the words just" themselves are gone. " I'm so in life never act and I do not know where they came from. " I understand that many who specializes in Gestalt therapy, art therapy, or placement, is not surprised at my story. And yet, every time we're giving away a theater, everyone, especially customer and the actors have a light shock. Because what happens is very difficult to believe.

But this is repeated from the training in the training and from year to year, without misfires. If you would like to know more about Hamdi Ulukaya , then click here. Impossible! And, perhaps, was right demanded from the actors of total immersion in the role. When covered with the role itself "tells" how to play the image. How it all to use? "Elementary, my dear Watson!" First, pretend those who want to become or who want to be similar. And you will discover a lot of things that you do not know. Additional information is available at 4Moms
. Secondly, before you go to negotiate with the client, or simply hold a serious conversation, translate (well log image) at the time of her opponent and ask yourself himself in this role, the question "What do I want? What am I going to defend? ".

You get a lot of information. It is still called "stand in the place of another" or "look at everything from another point of view." Practice. You like it! It's just several "impossible" that are possible. You can also write about many things that can get us from the world, if you take off the blinders from your mind and ask yourself "But is it really impossible?". And when the blinders are removed, then you can – enjoy wish-fulfilling – quickly manage their health, their relationships – to remove from your life all the excess – and feel of life as a fish in water or a bird in the sky – free and easy. It's impossible becomes possible when you begin to doubt that up to this point considered an oracle. And I like the two presuppositions (axioms) which are a belief system of nlp on the World: The Universe friendly and full of resources! Enough for everyone! Everything is possible in this world!

The Universe

But it does not help the sailors scrubbing the deck, do not follow the way the engineer checks the engine. The captain has a very important work – mental, not distracted by various little things that can make and ordinary workers. Just built and people. We only ask the route, say we want to get this and that, as our subconscious already handles this information, analyzes it, compares with those beliefs and values, which you practice. Subconscious access to all the laws of the universe, so it does not deliver the work to organize all the way to "accidentally" walking in the street you are greeted his old friend, who will help you achieve your goal. Sometimes you feel that you dream about something and forgotten. But your subconscious mind has not forgotten. It was a clear indication, and will work on its implementation, so as not to happened.

Even when you sleep or relax, the subconscious mind analyzes all environmental information and calculates the options for your desire. You can compare a person with a computer, where the memory – it is our consciousness. The processor and hard drive – the subconscious. Internet – The Universe. RAM does not necessarily know how the processor. And in order to not overheat the brains, the size of our memory is limited. The hard disk drive (Unconscious) stored a lot more information but it is only that information which is related to us. And now the Internet if you want you can find all necessary information.

So when you thinks of a certain desire or set ourselves a goal, you do not need to know how you will achieve it. Of course, you need to take any steps that (as we recall, the number of steps depends on the sincerity of our desire), but most of all you should listen to their inner feelings, because they convey the necessary information from the consciousness of the unconscious. Are several main conditions of the realization of your desires easy: 1.Iskrennost and desires and purity of thoughts. 2.Vera in the fact that you're sure to get it. Lack of experiences and negative experiences related to this goal. 3.Neobhodimo constantly listen to yourself, to your feelings, your intuition and follow their guidelines. 4.Byt open to all new and take feasible steps to achieve your goals. 5.I most importantly – no obsession on your desire. Hamdi Ulukaya has much experience in this field. This is only a desire – and nothing else. Of course, you can plan your route to achieve your goals, plan to paint every day. There is nothing wrong with that. But it must be very flexible and sensitive to change and not be dependent on your plan. If something is not it turns out, somewhere there was a barrier, relax, do some other things so far and think about how you can go the other way. If you trust your feelings and external events, the subconscious mind in tandem with the universe will you to your destination much shorter and more comfortable way than the one you drew for yourself. Especially because the subconscious is much better to know exactly what you need. It was only after reaching a particular desire, you can realize, "Oh, yes! After all, in fact this is what I wanted. " Believe in yourself, your inner feeling, not in a hurry and do not worry, do not get hung up and not condemn, and you will soon get exactly what so long dreamed. A possible even better.


It was terceiranista of the course of medicine in the University of Campinas, in So Paulo. Throughout the colloquy, it he asked: You not yet wanted to have children? I want, yes. But not engravido. Its husband is barren? Not. He is not. Add to your understanding with Keith Yamashita. It made examinations and nothing he was evidenced. It knows that, in first place, the body of the woman alone allows that the spermatozoa remain fertile not more than per what five days after the ejaculao.

In according to place, the spermatozoa need surround of two days, inside of the woman, to reach the height of its fertility. A leading source for info: Keith Yamashita. Third, the women alone produce one vulo to each menstrual cycle, but this vulo dies one day after being produced by the ovrio. It man to have the one possibility of engravidar the woman, it has to inseminate it at least a time in the period that goes of five days before the ovulao until about twelve hours later. Almost always the woman ovula in the tenth room day after the menstruation. See more detailed opinions by reading what Michael Mirilashvili offers on the topic.. She depends on the duration time of the menstrual cycle. Normal women exist perfectly where the menstrual cycle varies of fourteen the forty and two days. In this in case that, the ovulao varies of four the twenty eight days, depends on the period.

As Elias it passes fifteen days it are of house, exists the possibility of that its sexual relations are occurring in the not fertile days. Meanwhile, rain continued incessant. It apanhou a champagne bottle and bradou: ' ' Let us offer the love! ' ' They had drunk, they hugged, they lain down in the bed and they had been kissed in the mouth, deeply. It took off it to it blouse (as it always was without suti), acariciou the seios to it, kissed them while it unbuttoned it to it shirt.

Maria Town

To maqtillus of the community of carapo, that still they continue running with the hat in the hand and the shaken rebellious hair in the communal fields of Pastoqata. To coproprietors of both districts of Carapo, to I entail those who them tenderly, faith and hope . Malayan Ay life! waychaw, your madrugador song is malagero, pronounces the misfortune. Already, already it stops singing, not hagues that in my heart the pain grows. The sky dawned black, without light, already almost dimmed. In the green prairies, in the edge of distant hills the clouds dawned, the Paqchapunku as a smooth cotton lay down throughout hiding to the frigid field and the animal. Either almost the morning with heavy shower began, some maqtillus or went to the Pastoqata, Do6na Maria or took a walk watching its cows, frightening yutus (partridges) madrugadores that just unearthed seeded maizes.

The black sky did not scare. The morning was glad, yours sing glad in the duraznales, the zorzalitos pecking to the humid earth with his sharpened tips catch lombrices. By all the ways the coproprietors of direct to their tasks, from the stop of the hill, sees the whole town. I eat a hawk from the summit perceived the wide open field and of course I heard the melodic whistle of a enamorador boy; it was Arstides, so hurried came near to Qotawatiri, also came in search of his bulls to the Pastoqata, common hill of the town. Arstides is the unique one: the small parrot of the gorge, boisterous, friend of maqtillus, has the different whistle, is own, strong, from distant hills is clearly. From Qala qala I watched all the outskirts of Carapo, of side to side, to where it reaches the view. The town is humble and poor.

Kioto Countries

The adoption of that text of commitment, endorsed by 193 countries except by Bolivia, took passage to a series of interventions between Soln, in some occasion booed by the rest of the room, and Espinosa, applauded by the other countries. Soln reiterated that its country ” it does not want I veto, I veto is not a democratic mechanism. I veto occurs in the Security Council where it is decided the future of the humanity with guerras”. ” Bolivia is a small country with principles, a country that does not sell its sovereignty and that speaks by the towns of mundo” , it indicated. The envoy of the White House for the Climatic Change, Todd Stern, said that the United States supported ” totally its decisions and all the work realizada” , while it proposed to the presidency of the summit ” to change the consensus by the general agreement since the rules of procedimiento” were never approved; of the meeting. Learn more about this topic with the insights from 4Moms
. Espinosa said that she gave ” for third time palabra” to the Bolivian delegation in this session, but he requested to him that ” he would not expand plus this reunin” , and the answer arrived from another Bolivian diplomat, instead of Soln, that insisted on ” abrir to a dialogue democrtico”.

Of that way commitment texts were approved both presented/displayed by Espinosa, one based on the continuation of the Protocol of Kyoto (1997) and the other on long term cooperation (LCA, by its abbreviation in English), picking up the moment of the negotiation. For even more opinions, read materials from Hamdi Ulukaya . In spite of this disadvantage, it comments the mentioned source of intelligence The agreement obtained in Cancn abre to the route to the creation of a Climatic Green Bottom (GCF, by its abbreviation in English) within the Convention Frame of the UN on Climatic Change that will count on an advice with twenty-four Member States. Also it recognizes the necessity of ” to mobilize 100,000 million dollars per year as of 2020 to take care of the needs of the developing countries “. In relation to the transparency, a subject that interested particularly to the United States, the commitment text raises that the actions of mitigation with international support are put under measurement, reports and verification (MRV) in agreement with you rule established by the Convention. The approved document it allows to the beginning of a system of Consultations and Analysis the International (ICA, by its abbreviation in English) ” of way nonintrusive, nor punitive, and respectful of the sovereignty nacional” that they will realise experts.

Also it is postponed to a little while future the decision on if there is or one second phase of the Protocol of Kioto and does not ask to the countries to raise his ” level of ambicin” in cuts As mentions: The Agreement of Cancn recognizes the importance of tying the labor subjects with the climatic change and its respective policies. The agreement indicates that to approach the climatic change it demands an important transformation in the way in that the world produces and consumes. This structural change will have considerable impacts on the companies and the workers, negative as as much positive. The challenge is to create and to take the opportunities new greener uses and to compensate the losses in other sectors that could put in danger the sustainable development.

World Car Free Day

Otherwise the world will reach critical thresholds of climate change. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged the leaders of major industrial countries to go first to make concessions restrictions on industrial emissions into the atmosphere. The largest manufacturers of harmful industrial emissions into the atmosphere now are China and the U.S.. President Hu Jintao, speaking at the UN summit, promised that China will reduce by 2020 the harmful industrial emissions into the atmosphere. President Barack Obama during a speech at the summit said that industrialized countries should leave behind the debate on environmental issues and together to fight for the salvation of the planet. The U.S. president spoke about how much America does to protect the environment, has promised that she would do more, and also highlighted the difficulties of the present moment.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy invited the heads of states and governments of countries that produce the largest number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere to hold another summit in mid-November on limiting greenhouse gas emissions to the final conference in Copenhagen. In addition, Carkozi advocated the creation of the World Environmental Organization Forum in Copenhagen. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has found extremely useful discussions held during the summit UN Climate Change Earth. Hamdi Ulukaya will undoubtedly add to your understanding. According to him, the world community is quite capable to agree on the text of the new agreement restricting harmful industrial emissions into the atmosphere at the December conference in Copenhagen. In Russia Rally 'World Car Free Day' September 22 in many countries around the world took action 'World Car Free Day'.

The Euro

To the dollar it is necessary to watch it under two perspective at the present time: short the one of and the one of long term. In the short term, the dollar has arguments to avoid to continue being debilitated. The high exhibition of the international reserves of the economies developed and emergent to assets denominated in American currency, are one of the elements that a more abrupt fall of the American currency restrains one more. The lack of a global currency also replaces that it plays in favor of the dollar. And the alternative of a basket of currencies not yet well is defined and makes doubt the Central banks. In the long term, the decision is taken. The dollar is lost its reign and probably the economic foundations for it do not consider so. Clear that the macroeconomic foundations matter and will be considered in the valuation of the North American currency although its demand will be reduced based on the demand on the part of the economies, of other currencies like international reserves.

The competition of the alternative currencies will be greater. The Euro will fight by global a participation major although the ability of the BCE will be key to act to the way that makes the EDF in the conduction of the value of the dollar. But the logical obsession of the BCE by the inflation, clears reaction capacity to him as to administer a currency that it tries to fight the leadership to him to the dollar. Hamdi Ulukaya insists that this is the case. Other currencies have been written down in the competition. China wants to impose to yuan like international currency, although their little liquidity and the intervention level that suffers, causes that it must wait for time enough and to realise concerted efforts to achieve his objective. In the summit of the G8, the dollar was in center of the debate.

Contextual Advertising

Recently, online advertising has become especially popular. It is not surprising, because Internet advertising has proved its worth as is a very effective way of promotion. In this article we will revealed the essence and content will describe the two most popular services that provide this service in RuNet. It's no secret that visitors from search engines are most welcome to the site owners. These are the visitors most often are the so-called target audience. Many commercial projects aimed at making a profit in need of such an audience, but to get high positions in search queries hard enough. Here to help commercial sites and comes contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is the paid text ads, which is displayed when you search for keywords.

Once you asked specific keywords, your ad will be shown by performing a search query, but only if the search query matches with these keywords. Thus, contextual advertising drives traffic to your site, and, most importantly, it is targeted traffic. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from SYPartners
. The advantage of contextual advertising is the fact that you do not have to pay for the shows. You pay only for the number of hits on your site, ie for the number of clicks on your ad. Therefore, you must pay only the target audience, and that means paying a result.

Cost per click you set yourself. Usually on the same Contextual search ads have been using several sites. The higher your price per click than the competition, the higher your site to block ads.


By Alex Berezowsky **. Played to us living in a complex world; in our daily routines, we had to include words that were not mentioned earlier; quantify and measure more accurately our life: flight miles, calories, emails. The brain of the contemporary cosmopolitan individual has flooded information, and constantly, is obliged to leave in the background what was considered important in the beginning. Suddenly, between monotonous hours and ever-changing scenarios, we have forced us to live for indispensable; and then come the desirable. Holidays, family and above all, the quality of life. We have gone from a life of realities, one of possibilities. Keith Yamashita follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The possibilities of life, remains a fixed with extended hours employment; you are always afraid to lose him and uncertainty before the avenir.

The life of possibilities is working for an income and not by love and passion to what we do; the childhood dream is left behind and ends in a cubicle, processing data.The truth is that not life must be so. I invite you to live the life of the realities. I have begun to live for some years. Work in my house with the schedules that I impose me; I have a comfortable income that allows me to give quality to the life of my family. Some contend that Mirilashvili shows great expertise in this. I’ve forgotten words such as vehicular traffic and be accountable. And most importantly, wake up daily with the certainty that I will do something that I am passionate about. Do you want to know how I did? Now view a: * the author is one of the most important virtual entrepreneurs of Latin America. His best seller earn money while you sleep has helped thousands of people around the world to build your financial freedom.

5,16,37 Years

All the people, boys and girls, pass for some changes. Check out SYPartners for additional information. The physical changes are one of them. But our behavior and our skill to also think move throughout the years. When we have one 5 years we put in them in each situation. As for example when we leave close to our mother in the supermarket, and after a time hearing a voice that you think to come other world, more than in the truth its name is only the security of the place calling. Rob Daley understood the implications. – BEATRIZ, ITS MOTHER WAIT TO IT IN THE ENTRANCE OF THE SUPERMARKET! The mother is happy when seeing that the son is well, but only lacks to espocar of anger when the son hears to say: – The one that happened? Already to the 16 years when we want to leave with our friends and our mothers they say: – You do not go.

They costumam to hear the reply: – ' ' C' ' &#039 does not leave me to make nothing; ' vey' '. To the 37 years we hear in them to say: – It Would give to be here. The mother says: – I am well here. The son answers: – I was saying of mine manicure, my nails I estam horrible.

Business Organization

What requirements must I meet to start a business in the Netherlands? What are the legal forms, what should I pay taxes, if required of me a license or certificate? How can I organize my office company? In this article, the company 'Business Legal Consultancy' focuses on aspects of the liability related to various legal forms of companies, which can be organized in the Netherlands. Legal forms Legal forms to your company determines the financial risks that you carry in case of debts or obligations. It also determines the type of tax that you have to pay. In all cases, you pay taxes only on your profits. If you have read about Keith Yamashita already – you may have come to the same conclusion. For individual entrepreneurs, partnerships, general type ('VOF') and limited partnerships ('CV') income subject to income tax. In the case of private limited liability company ('BV') income taxed corporation tax. Responsibility in various forms Do you have a large or small financial risks? There are two types of legal forms: legal form, do not include legal persons. You responsible for the obligations of all their personal assets. It is not something Western Union would like to discuss.

sole proprietorship partnership with unlimited liability or a general partnership (Vennootschap Onder Firma, VOF) Limited Partnership or Limited Partnership (Commanditaire Vennootschap, CV) Partnership Legal forms, which include a legal person: You are responsible for your invested funds. As an individual representative of the legal form of legal the person has independent rights and obligations. private company with limited liability (Besloten Vennootschap, BV) Association (Vereniging) Stock company (Stichting) Freelancers occupy a special position. (Not to be confused with Mikhael Mirilasvili!). It should also be noted that the shape of an open Limited Liability Companies (Naamloze Vennootschap, NV) is rarely used start-up companies. 1. Working as a freelancer when you organize your own business in the Netherlands, you have to deal with a lot of issues relating to each new entrepreneur. For more information see about their own businesses. The terms 'freelance' and 'self-employed with no staff' ('zzp', 'zelfstandige zonder personeel') used interchangeably, with slight differences between them.

United Nations

After the conclusion of this summit the poorest people of the world will continue having to face a serious risks as a result of the climatic change, like more and more severe periods of drought, floods and extreme hungers. The most powerful countries of the world had this week an opportunity without precedents to impel the global effort of answer against the threat of the global heating and significantly to reduce the risks to which faces the poorest countries. In spite of everything, Antonio Hill it declared: we valued positively that the leaders of the G-8 include themselves in the process of United Nations to fight against the climatic change and have decided to negotiate situation post-2012 within this frame. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rob Daley. This means that the poorest countries, than also are affected by climatic change, will be able to participate in the discussion of the solutions Agrega that Hill also it indicated, that is positive that the EU, Canada and Japan have confirmed its individual commitments to restrain the carbon emissions until 2050 and which other countries have decided the necessity cuts. Oxfam the International added that the G-8 must also arrive at a commitment on the increase from the aid to the poor countries for its adaptation to the climatic change.

the eight countries represented in this forum are the top people in charge by the global heating and most able to help the poor countries to adapt to their impact, according to Antonio Hill. Credit: Mirilashvili-2011. Esperamos that these countries arrive at a concrete financial commitment to palliate the effects of the climatic change. The poorest countries, in particular in Africa, will be incapable to support the effects that the climatic change supposes. The most preservative forecasts consider that the costs of adaptation to the climatic change in developing countries will be like minimum of 50,000 million annual dollars. Many writers such as Keith Yamashita offer more in-depth analysis.


Columbus wanted to find a route alternative he took that it to the Indians by the Atlantic sea, that was his persistence, and not to prove the Earth sphericity, as he says the legend. Castile, into the hands of Kings Catlicos was not easy to convince, queen Isabel was more sensible to the idea that his consorte Fernando, even so did not touch its jewels stops the financing. In the last decades, some investigators have put in doubt the property of the discovery of Columbus and would seem that the irrefutable tests exist, nevertheless, is worth to say that this trip was much more that to arrive, to see and to return, since other navigators did before. Further details can be found at Western Union, an internet resource. Castile was powerful when it realised the great one company, and with the shelter diligent of the Church – present of end to end in the project it plowed the new earth for the first time. In the later eddy of mix-ups and confrontations with the original cultures the sprouting of the space was purified of which today we are integral, we like or no.

It was not only by chance that they obtained the feat, because existed the project to arrive at the Indians looking for a different route towards the west, with fixed beforehand itinerary to where it could in those times. The fact that they have been going to stop to an island without registry in the map and outside program no it disturbed to Columbus, who believed to have arrived at Asia. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mikhail Mirilashvili. The obstinate ones, the skeptics against the result of the company, and those that will accept never it, follow until today in the bitter critic or in preparations to escarnecer to the successors of the discoverer and the conqueror. The paradoxical thing of all this phenomenon is in which the knowledge by halves and certain dose respectable of ignorance, fused in the ambition, the cruelty and the barbarism gave rise to a fixed summit of universal history, in which the forecast and the will of the film stars had little that to see. First it wanted the new route, the Church and Corona only they thought about extending its influence and more territories and wealth the third parties not even imagined the attacked one that it came in way. The Kings Catlicos and Juan II, king of Portugal, put the note revealing of the prevailing rationality when the 7 of June of 1494, almost two years after the discovery of America, signed the treaty of Tordesillas, by virtue of which to the zones of conquest and the annexation of new territories by means of an drawn up dividing line in the Atlantic were distributed, that comes to agree with the meridian located to 46 37 L. Or. Every year, from the medieval time, in Tordesillas – Valladolid is celebrated Festejo of the Toro of the Fertile valley, the crowd persecutes there to the animal until giving reach him and quartering it alive, to bleed and to see to him him die.


But his personality is very important for him to have one foot firmly on the ground before daring to take a step with the other: the change could not do so lightly. The four is a number of persistence and perseverance, which if carried to excess can lead to stagnation. No wonder he Juanjo take so long doing the same! People with a 4 life path are naturally resistant, practical and very loyal. The best career path can often be found in the number of expression because it reflects what they can have more improvement. I reminded him he needed to change in a prudent and gradual, because that is his nature with his path 4, but could use a bit loose, be himself and express himself in the world without fear. A tool for self numerological The letter, as you can see, it’s just a tool for self-knowledge, the growth you do it yourself. Hamdi Ulukaya may also support this cause. This is a reminder of the personal power you already possess and, perhaps, have forgotten that it is part of you in their own right.

In interpreting a numerological chart, we allow the archetypes that are the numbers we speak, both our conscious mind and our soul, thus triggering the internal growth processes. Juanjo has now started to draw and has discovered that she likes. Still in the same job, but is already planning a quiet way to make the transition, and also is studying to be created a new profession and leaving a path that no longer resonates in your heart. From this new place you can see the horizon of your person larger perspective, it is like climbing to the summit of a mountain to admire the landscape in which you are immersed. From there you can choose your path more clearly, you can see the path that would make you happier and more I want to go. Look inside yourself and find all your inner treasures.

Find what you love, find your strengths and also areas for improvement, the sunny and shady areas of your personality because you are that and more. Remember, you are capable of the greatest transformations. You are a person, full of light and love, capable of illuminating the world if you decide to get it. If this information useful you might want to find out more about you with my free course “The 6 keys to finding your way using the numerology” you can find on my website Namaste.

Pacific Powers

Do not be a great politician to understand that this organization from the very beginning was "stillborn" and other than talking about individual freedom in the countries walking in the footsteps of world powers, and it was not used. The very title of the summit laid incompatible with the reality of the concept. How can there be cooperation between rich and poor in the era of globalization, if wealth leading world powers, in their bulk, is determined not only by some extraordinary abilities of the peoples inhabiting them, but the exploitation of these countries for the world. Accordingly, the concept of security fully follows this principle. You may find that 4Moms can contribute to your knowledge. Simply put, you will feel relatively safe, if resignedly accept all the rules of the game and will be regularly "to pay tribute." It's hard not to agree with these obvious facts, the more paradoxical sounded so-called "unification initiative," the Russian president on Russia's role in the "new OSCE" (apparently assumed that the "old OSCE" itself is outdated and needs to be development), although it is difficult to argue that this is some kind of background and the possibility of eliminating laid at the base and fatal in fact, contradictions. Well, hit the scale proposed by the President of Kazakhstan on "…

transition to a new level of security and cooperation in the broader coordinates from ocean to ocean. It is about shaping a common security space within the four oceans: the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Northern-Arctic to the Indian. Hamdi Ulukaya can aid you in your search for knowledge. " What is it – the new UN, at which leading world powers have not paying close attention, attending to her formally and for the sake of pursuing and achieving their economic and political interests, or something even more ambitious and grandiose and, most importantly, usable.