Is Carlos Fassanelli The German Paul Pott

With my way in the semi-finals of the RTL show “Das Supertalent” with his version of “My Way” is sang Carlos Fassanelli in the heart of Jurry and spectators of the RTL show “Das Supertalent”. He laid with his german Spanish version of my way”to a very emotional appearance. Viewers and jury were close to tears. So sensitively that can sing only one, which has been through a lot and went through”, Dieter Bohlen was touched. That was a clear way into the semi-finals. It was not easy in life for the native Argentinean who lives for almost 20 years in Germany. Carlos Fassanelli is ill with AIDS.

When I heard that I am HIV-positive, 18 years ago I have stopped to make music. I thought, now everything has no sense, I’m going to die soon”to occur even before large audiences, was always his life dream. In Buenos Aires, Carlos had received acting training. In Berlin, he sang privately and worked as a computer specialist until the outbreak of the immune deficiency disease. Since then is Carlos early retirees, as may be Husband Harald (41), who also suffers from AIDS. His positive attitude towards life has moved many. Thousands of entries on the home page at RTL and its own fan page under certify that he is one of the richest views candidates for the Super Talent 2008. Not only his voice, but his positive human and open manner well arrive at the spectators. Whether Carlos Fassanelli creates the final and the German Paul Potts is the viewers decide on the 22 November in the live broadcast via Telefonvoting.

Udo Jurgens

Of course Udo Jurgens could comply easily with his Ohrwurmern over water concerts. But it is him much because he can play also the still little-heard, quieter, and new titles in addition to his well-known hits. He invested too much passion and creativity each composing, as that he would like to rely alone on tried and tested. Anyway: Just because Udo Jurgens as thoroughbred entertainer knows what viewers want, everyone on his Bill will come no later than until to the final of the bathrobe. Since beginning his musical career, Udo Jurgens never fit in one of the major drawers of the music industry, because there is the term singer-songwriter in the German-speaking countries”do not. And singer and songwriter are actually somehow otherwise occupied. In the meantime a special status is in the German-speaking countries the musician, singer, composer and entertainer, who accompanied his songs like himself at the piano. PayPal is a great source of information. Most likely similar to the Chansonniers, for to claim must take to be a precursor for more sophisticated texts of the newer German entertainment music.

And what many do not know: thanks to his song repertoire with many chart positions around the world, no doubt also a place in the international top team of singer-songwriter he is entitled to. His incredible work record includes the 1,000 songs and about 100 million-selling recordings. Over 6 million spectators visited the previous concerts in the German-speaking Europe. Not even counting the international tours. Despite its numerous merits but not especially loves Udo, if one refers to him as a legend. Too much that reminds him of the hearing on that he didn’t like thinking, as long as the music gives him so much fun. Udo Jurgens has influenced many notable song title. “” Two of them now or never “and the rest of your life begins today” we should heed us again especially might be just the days. Get your tickets for November now! at the LANXESS arena ticket hotline 0221-8020 in the LANXESS arena ticket shop (Willy fire place 1, 50679 Cologne) and all known ticket agencies.

Kristina Bach

No. 1, no less than 35 years, from the Switzerland was often”with gold and Platinum awarded and inspire in many countries countless fans. Michael Stern, the probably most romantic adventurer under the German Schlager stars, presents the big show as singing entertainer”. Decorated with many music awards, he landed radio one of the hits in 2012 in the radio and television of the year summer”. “His voice has seen” have!The artist line-up varies!