Hamburg Account

When the same accountant examines the "Consultant Plus" – he was busy janitorial work. If the IT specialist diagnoses the incident – he performs productive work, when exploring new equipment – Relief. Classification of works by one expert (line manager) at the implementation stage of Hamburg Account. As an indicator of workload of staff, we offer use a set of metrics, "Efficient Load" (the share of productive work in total work performed). Obviously, for workers and regimented, "creative" work load should be measured effective differently. But most importantly, in both cases it is measured automatically using SelfTrace.

However, when assessing the workload of employees of regulated labor program works in the "Automatic Timing"; when assessing the workload of employees 'creative' work mode is "Samohronometrazh." Learn more about these modes can be found here: Information on effective load in different contexts (for employees departments, projects, business processes, etc.) is automatically recorded in the database. With the help of special tools that are part of the Hamburg accounts, this information is statistically treated and presented in convenient for analysis. One of these concepts is to display graphs of effective load tied to a single timeline, see Figure 1. Thus, the definition of "bottlenecks" and inefficient use of resources becomes a purely technical problem. "Partitioning" performance "Partitioning" performance – the definition of fair value of planned performance (threshold, the Plan, Call).

Recall that the planned values used in calculating the average values of efficiency. On how to correct this problem will be solved to a large extent on the success of the introduction of management by KPI. Using the Hamburg Account allows you to solve this problem by rationing of labor. Consider a simple example. Specialist Services is engaged in telemarketing business meetings with potential clients. One of the performance of his work is the number of appointments. Objective: To determine the fair value of plan (Threshold, the Plan, call) indicator "number of appointments." Consider one of the possible algorithms for solving this problem (they may differ): Define a list of activities classified as productive (effective) potential customers search the Internet, phone calls, correspondence, telephone negotiations, etc. (Optional) Develop expertise to assess the effectiveness of working time in carrying out these works, as well as the expertise to assess the validity of the results of timing. Develop Examinations are usually not too difficult. In this case nothing but common sense is not representative for trebuetsya.V time period (eg quarter) weekly measure, first, the number of designated meetings, and secondly, the values of effective load. The measurement results represent in tabular form. The values of the effective load for each period recorded in the table under avtomaticheski.Na information received is calculated: the mean significant time spent on organizing a meeting, the minimum significant time, the maximum significant time, percentile 75%> (dropped 25% highest values) percentile 75% Having a reliable statistical estimates of time spent on the appointment of a single meeting, as well as knowing the proportion of working time, which should occur in the execution of the business functions (search potential customers), the determination of fair values of the efficiency plan (Threshold, the Plan Challenge) becomes a purely technical problem. A similar technique can be used for the diagnosis of failure to achieve HR planning performance indicators.

Quality Management System

Many companies in Russia think about the quality management system certification according to international standard ISO 9001:2000, but do not always understand the benefits of this. In this paper, I as an expert and consultant in the field quality management to reveal some possible benefits that an organization can receive certification after a management system. First of all, we note the main point to be taken into account that the requirements of international standard (the ICJ) concerning the ISO 9001:2000 management system organization, and there are no requirements for the quality of your services or products. System requirements of ISO 9001:2000 – a requirement to correct organization of the company's management and decision-making process, production and support services, systems collect the required information and reporting to managers. System (and accordingly the management system after certification) are based on the Deming cycle, Shewhart-PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act), ie Planning – Implementation – Testing – Impact. And so, what are the advantages of certified companies from non-certified? INVESTMENT ATTRACTION If your goal is to reach international markets and attract foreign capital, a certified quality management system is a minimum guarantee of stability and financial soundness of the enterprise. For investors, the predictability time is very important company. And when the system is certified, some aspects of doing business can be clearly and are more likely to predict.

ORDER IN THE HOUSE If you have decided to certify the management system of your organization in compliance with ISO 9001:2000, then you want this or not, you have to restore order in their organization. That understood by the procedure? 1. The documentation 2. The interaction between units 3. Improved accountability of employees for the quality of the work 4. Establish planning and reporting 5. Documentation business processes that lead to their transparency and accountability 6. The most important thing to establish a system of interaction with customers as well as the first principle of quality management "Customer Focus" SAFETY ORGANIZATION Very often negative statements about the implementation of quality management system and the main reason is that when implementing a quality management system greatly increases the number of documentation.

Chinese Business

Of course, the costs will be, but it paid off faster than the mini-mills. Also sold as vodka and moonshine at home and sell, in spite of the laws. Watching how much you want to invest money in this business, depends on the status of your business. Get all the facts and insights with Consumers Energy Co., another great source of information. Micro-(51 l / day) or mini-plant (501 / day). Therefore be defined with the planned volume of output. The most popular are the breweries with capacity of one thousand liters per day.

The choice of equipment for beer production is very wide. In our country it is engaged and that the solder population and earn billions from. So many places to buy such equipment. And it is not always known car companies are better Czech, Chinese or Russian mini-breweries. For example, the equipment of German company Integral-Geha worth $ 660 thousand (1000 liters / day), and the Russian company ZAO “Moscone” – $ 180 thousand. Our domestic manufacturers are buying more Russian military equipment, in case of breakage can be less expensive to repair equipment such as foreign.

They are always more expensive. If you create a small business with a small volume of output of finished products, then you specially Company Limited Liability Company “Mega Power Hong Kong Group” (Germany) has created a mini-brewery with a total capacity of 80 – 100 l / day, the cost – 980 rubles. Need room area of 6 sq. m. and 2 out of service personnel. Also needed for production technologist, a person who is knowledgeable in this, but the owner of the brewery nedolzhen be a layman in this matte.

Technology Management Agency

Improving the quality of management of real estate agency Crises come and go, there's no getting around it. In the past two thousand nine year because of falling demand has closed many real estate agencies. Less money flow forces to shut down, no money to pay the rent, salaries, advertising. Survive, as they say the strongest. Now let's talk and how to become one of the best how to secure and reduce the impact on financial markets real estate agency. Read additional details here: Deutsche Bank.

Only one method – improving the quality of management. In order to avoid unnecessary interpretations were under the control we mean business process management agency, not just management personnel structure. Westinghouse Electric Company understood the implications. In order to successfully manage real estate agency should be split into components throughout the organization business processes. Which business processes can be extracted from each real estate agency, whether in than it is specialized (rent, sale, residential real estate, non-residential, and so on, without a difference). We select key business processes – Object search, advertising and sale of the object object.

You can of course continue to provide business processes, but the article is not about business processes and ways of improving the quality of these business processes. To improve the quality of all business processes at the same time to avoid excesses and imbalances. The organization should get small and well balanced – it's better than big and out of balance. Highlighting the key business processes need to put down their assessment processes, it is possible even on a scale. What we do at the outlet – a diagram that shows the weakest and the strongest processes. The next step will be pulling up to the strengths of weak processes, and the scale of the processes will be equal, then we can go in front. This theory, while practice is much more complicated. It is necessary, first, that changes made staffing agency and not ottorgnul them. How to do it as a separate topic. Now look at the main, in my opinion, the processes – administrative, marketing and financial technology. Administrative Technology – Technology Management Agency, staff and all business processes. Here the emphasis is on the database, internal database data, which are able to fill in agency staff, for example, the database site, where the head through the administration panel controls all its employees, leaving them with jobs, job plans, monitors performance of tasks, this is a technical point, which can improve the quality control employees of the agency. Further, marketing technology, is a bit more complicated, automated control over advertising, it does not matter what – television, newspapers, internet and so on, constant monitoring of the real estate market, survey customers and so on. What can be better at what level is the marketing technology in the agency? Analyze and move on. Financial technology. Here, the program "with a" competent accountant and enough to earn a score for financial technologies. To get the ball higher and push the organization up to next stage of development requires more effort. There is need financial analysis, cash flow modeling, simulation of business development, sensitivity analysis – and this has required a financial analyst. Which agency has the financial department, which manages financial flows of the organization? For a start will be enough. To deal with the competition to raise the level of organization, all funds invested in improving Quality kicking and make the organization more resilient to financial crises, of course, is not a panacea for all problems, but if can not resist and withstand the crisis with minimal losses, then it is not bad.

Corporate Structures

Enterprise. The term 'Enterprise' is often used in a wide sense and not only on the territory of Ukraine. It defines the main component of the economic system of the country and operates in the sphere of material production, science, trade, services, etc., is a legal entity, operates on a full cost accounting, self-financing and self-government. For businesses that are based on international cooperation owned joint ventures. They carry out their productive activities through foreign direct investment. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Square Cash App and gain more knowledge.. The sp essentially combines several activities (R & D, production and sales products, etc.). This ensures effective use of joint investments.

Thus, the joint venture is a form of unification of capital and international cooperation ventures. In many countries around the world instead of the term enterprise uses the term 'company', to a greater extent it reflects the economic and commercial policy against the owner of an economic entity than a purely virobnichotorgovelni relationship. With the development of market production and trade structures, a term the company (shares panies) gaining greater acceptance and use in Ukraine, in our view, the use of this term does not distort the terminology adopted in Ukraine, and modifies it, or brings it to the world state Niyama relevant standards and concepts. Society. At the initial stage of reforming Ukraine's economy, most state-owned enterprises were transformation into joint stock companies whose capital consists of the statutory fund and, in some cases, additional paid-in capital, neroz sharing of profits, reserve fund. With the term 'society' is associated 'Full partnership'.

Building And Updating The Image In A Crisis .

Let's see what exactly is an "image" Dictionary gives this definition: purposefully formed the image of someone or something, the problem is to make a favorable impression. In a letter to L. Ron Hubbard's actions to promote the organization, "states that any action that leads to the fact that the staff member or organization to become noticeable and they formed a positive opinion – is called the promotion, Thus, we create the image of the organization as a whole. And everyone in the organization must create this image should work on what would be in the company of deliberately formed a positive image. Hikmet Ersek oftentimes addresses this issue. L. Ron Hubbard said, that promote, means "to do something famous and create this good opinion" or "send anything that will lead to a response of people in the form of personal visits or through written orders or responses, resulting in them will be presented to a service or sells products that will benefit these people and have a positive impact on the solvency of the organization. Swarmed by offers, Western Union is currently assessing future choices. " That is, the result of actions to promote any employee, is that it will some feedback.

I have often told you that there are 7 branches in the organization. And for every department at Hubbard has a list of necessary actions. Even the first branch, which deals with recruitment, can strongly affect the image of the entire company. For example, he writes that the first part should be "quickly and accurately direct people to services they need," to ensure that the company would orgshema looked beautiful, was carried out properly and not lagged behind the time "," to ensure that the intra-message delivered quickly and processed by standard "(remember that the organization is so strong, how fast it moves on communication, in such If the organization will be quicker and income) and much more.


Diesel currently has to the Russian transport system value is not smaller, and perhaps even more than gasoline and kerosene. Diesel fuel is fuel oil, which is used in internal combustion engines with compression ignition (compression). Inflammation in the cylinder diesel engine is a fuel injection timing in the air, heated to high temperatures as a result of the compression piston. Details can be found by clicking Andrew Goldberg or emailing the administrator. Diesel engines are used on modern cars, locomotives, boats and ships, as well as tractors and tanks. For the production of distillate dt use kerosene-gas oil fraction of the direct distillation of crude oil and partially (20%), gas oil catalytic cracking. Fuel for slow-moving diesel produced from a mixture of fuel oil with kerosene, gas oil fractions of petroleum. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Crawford Lake Capital and gain more knowledge.. Diesel liquid fuel oil, used in diesel engines and turbine installations. Produced two groups of diesel fuel: 1) low-viscosity distillates, used in high-speed uprated engines, and 2) high-viscosity residual used in low-speed diesel engines.. . Under most conditions IWP would agree.

Motorized Blinds

Curtains help to define the character of your decoration, manage your privacy and eliminate reflections of the Sun. If you are thinking about changing them would had occurred you ever can be motorized and automated? In this way, your well-being and the style of your home will increase for a long time. Roller blinds, Venetian blinds from inside, folding curtains, traditional curtains, Japanese panels all types of curtains have their motorized version. You only need to remember that it should be prior to its installation, because once assembled, it is very difficult to pass to motorized.Of course, this affects only the mechanism and type of curtain, the design is totally free, you can choose which best fits the style of your home. How does the roller blind mechanism?It is completely invisible: on the same shaft which rolled fabric incorporates an operator that communicates via wireless (wireless) with a remote control or wall-mounted control point. Only need a point light near the curtain. Some manufacturers, like Somfy, they have a range of 100% wireless systems, i.e.

need not point of light to the installation of motorized blinds.The mechanism runs on batteries, not to be needed any work or electrician for installation work, so they are more affordable. In fact, they are so simple to assemble as a manual estor with cord (15 minutes). In the case of Venetian blinds, the mechanism is in the top drawer, also hidden from view. In these cases, most systems permit, in addition to raise and lower automatically, orient the slats. Somfy has a remote control to guide the ergonomics of a computer mouse. In traditional curtains and Japanese panels, the rail is part of the motorization system. The advantages of this type of systems are, in addition to the obvious comfort of moving curtains and creating environments with a single keystroke, the greater control of natural light and the possibility of incorporating automatic functions as lower the curtains when light or in a room temperature reach set levels.

In this way, furniture, carpets, etc. are protected solar wear and also helps to save energy! How? Very simple, protecting from the Sun’s rays with maximum precision thanks to sensors, stays fresh interior, without the need for extraordinary expenses in air conditioning. Today, motorization systems have come a long way, offering silent, long-lasting and with advanced performance solutions. Motorization allows a drive clean and soft, without leaving marks of hands, and avoids the danger of entanglements with cords. At the moment, the motorization is widespread in hotels and offices, but each time with more households who want to incorporate a point of modernity and sophistication to your decor. The auspicious popularization of systems for blinds that increasingly more users want to incorporate the same benefits to curtains, sometimes controlled from the same remote!

Zero Dispatch Taxi

Many taxi dispatcher at the opening, starting work in the business plan indicates the rate of increase of the two most important indicators of the activity – the number of drivers and the number of orders per day. These figures determine all the rest – the company's revenues, the load value, etc. Perhaps check out Hikmet Ersek for more information. But when you create the dispatching taxis – these rates are zero. It is clear that: If there are no drivers – no one to carry out orders if there is no order, drivers in the company will not work, but what comes first – the drivers or orders? Initial order, as the drivers go where the money is, and not where they offer a more comfortable working conditions in the company dispatch a taxi. Question – how open taxi station and a stream of orders? The answer – buy orders from competitors. In practice, it looks like this: When you open a new company dispatch a taxi in any city for an early start buying back orders from existing dispatching taxis. Each taxi dispatcher there are times when a company is unable to cope with orders, that these orders and sell to their competitors. Thus, the dispatcher makes a taxi orders, which do not manages to cope, and a new taxi dispatcher starts from day one. Just opened a taxi dispatcher already has a number of orders per day. Now her task to organize and attract drivers and then dispatching a taxi will be able to independently and safely deal with an increase in the two most important indicators of the activity – the drivers and orders, as is the initial stage will be passed.

Holes Tax

Further – more, in the office I learned that the chief accountant resigned and is now somewhere on vacation. After a while in my office officials said the tax police. Asked little, and I could see that I was at that time was just finished off and looked aloof. Naturally I was offered a change of scene setting that is more beneficial influence on me and I’ll be much more talkative. The call to that answered then Vladimir probably did some of our mutual friends from the tax inspectorate. Contents talk about was the following: a desk department tax office put our organization’s pretty big penalties and we need to certain terms to solve this problem. Vladimir and as I knew that we use a scheme of tax optimization and therefore had every reason to believe that these sanctions are not an easy misunderstanding.

Having seen what can be consequences and that it is likely to lose its blood, his head appeared simple plan. Click Macy’s Inc. to learn more. And the plan rested on one thing: if the anticipated transaction will take place, the money will be enough to close all the holes – if not, take money until it’s too late and in secret partnera.Situatsiyu compounded by the fact that the chief accountant came under the influence of Vladimir, who threatened in case of leakage of information prior to the deal, throw all the blame and material cost to him. Ended up with Vladimir got his money and was sent away accountant rest. Sanctions were followed by sanctions … What previously could be solved or even avoided, was a big snowball threaten to crush my business and myself. Fear and greed companion, irresponsibility and betrayal accountant, reckless faith in the people and loss of control of the organization – that is probable cause that led to the events …

But there is no evil without good, and my story is an example. The transaction, which we are so ready and waiting, thanks to some providence all the same place and now I can not worry about “settling accounts” with tax and spend rest of his life in the office. This event was the starting point for the growth of my business, and eventually I became who I am today – a successful and respectable. Analyzing the lessons of the past and remembering the story of an accountant, I decided insure themselves against the so-called human factor, and concluded a contract for accounting services to the company profile, taxes for me are no longer a headache by itself is no longer necessary to maintain ‘Useful’ links in the fiscal, the bank funds. I appreciate your time and spend it directly on management and business development.

Overseas Taxi

Taxi service – a rare person does not use its services. From the airport, train station, the hotel often get in a taxi. In different cities and countries have their own taxi service, they are called in different ways, have their own characteristics, but functions perform the same. James Reinhart often addresses the matter in his writings. The taxi driver is often the person with whom visitors encounter first of all, and the skill, personal qualities of the driver’s first impression about the city and the country. It seems to me that all bezynteresno not know how to operate a taxi in a foreign country, compared with our taxi service and somewhere in my heart a little be proud that the level of service in our taxis are not inferior to most developed countries. Taxi Britain, for example, is considered the safest, different care and grooming, and the drivers recognized as the most friendly, the work takes only professionals. The traditional black cab is London attractions, travel in it is very expensive.

A second common and cheaper taxis in England – is a mini-cabs, modern cars of different colors. All taxis have their markings, which can be seen free cab or under the order. The driver sits behind a screen, and next to it housed the luggage. In the U.S., taxis a lot, it’s easy to catch with an outstretched arm. Sit beside the driver is not accepted. For security purposes, cabbie insulated from the passenger bulletproof glass. Profession of taxi driver in America is not prestigious, so often in taxis operate immigrants, with poor English skills, casually related to the rules traffic. They are talking on a cell phone during the trip, rude customers and do not miss a chance to shortchange amount. More information is housed here: Governor Cuomo. Who visited Turkey, he clearly met a taxi service in that country. From such an abundance of taxis yellowing of the eyes, it can be caught on the street, to order. Since drivers have to be very careful when landing must look at the counter, which may be included in advance, if any, is not included. The driver does not cost anything to confuse night rate with day and forget to give change, choose the longest route, especially to get into a traffic jam.

In Finland, the ‘catch’ a taxi on the street is not accepted. There is a special stop with the inscription ‘Taxi’, you can call him in advance by phone, order online. For the safety of drivers, cars equipped with video cameras and gps. The fare depends on the number of passengers, route, time of day, day of week. Japanese taxi – this is a real exotic for us. Taxi drivers work in white gloves and peaked cap, very polite and attentive. Inside, white lace cape. To provide rear seat passengers, a door opens the driver with a special lever. Machines are equipped with navigator, gps, a radio, tachometer, trip meter value, the apparatus for issuing a check, the terminal for credit cards and electronic money. The black box-fixing unusual situations that arise during the trip. On the windshield taxi located scoreboard, which displayed its status: free or busy. With such a rich equipment of the Japanese taxi considered a safe mode of transport, accidents with them are more likely than conventional cars. Countries, lots and lots of taxi services. Chinese taxi, an Egyptian taxi, a French taxi, taxi, Yekaterinburg, they differ in color Car service rules are different but they all share one thing: they work for clients.

Federal Tax Service

Serve documents completed application (3 pages + list A), copy of passport (for himself, you must also have the original), a receipt with a note of payment of state duty is served in your IFTS (inspection Federal Tax Service). (As opposed to James Reinhart). After 5 days you have to issue the following documents: Certificate of state registration (ORGNIP), certificate of tax registration (TIN), an excerpt from EGRIP. After Fill in the registration statement on STS within 5 working days you must apply to the tax inspectorate about the transition to a simplified tax regime, with a recommended INN take testimony (your own as a nat. Persons). Order a print in accordance with the laws of the individual is not required to take a print.

However, as a rule, IP book printing (in any business entity which provides such services). To order a printed copy of the certificate required ORGN and, if desired, print your own design. Open bank account specialists of the Center for accounting services 'Russian Market' remind us that the current account in the bank for entrepreneurs is not required. Checking account will be needed if you plan to make or accept cash payments from legal entities or other PIs. An important step here is a preliminary analysis of proposals and tariff various banks for opening and maintenance of your bank accounts. After selecting the best proposal for a need to clarify in the selected bank an exact list of documents for opening an account. Usually required: a notarized certificate of tax registration certificate (TIN), a notarized certificate of state registration of the individual entrepreneur, a copy of an extract from EGRIP (not over 1 month!), a copy of the notification of the territorial agency of the Federal State Statistics Service, copy of passport (main page spread and spread with a residence permit on the same page), the necessary licenses (if your activities subject to licensing).

Federal Tax Service

Real business is usually sold at a price much higher than the nominal value of the share or shares of authorized capital. "Income from sources in Russia include revenues from sales in Russia shares or other securities, as well as stakes in the authorized capital of organizations" – Sec. 1.5 Art. 208 of the Tax Code. In accordance with Art. You may want to visit Macy’s Inc. to increase your knowledge.

204 Tax Code, income from sale of equity stake in the organization is taxed on personal income (PIT) at a rate of 13%. In our case, the sale of shares above par, the tax base for personal income tax will be difference between nominal value and the selling share capital of the Company. Example N 2. In the Company "Daisy" one parent – an individual Ivanov ii, who made a 100% share capital (10,000 rubles) for registration of a company. Later some time Ivanov ii decided to sell his stake in the company llc "Buttercup" for 100 000 rubles. You may wish to learn more. If so, Hikmet Ersek is the place to go.

In this case, the taxable base for Ivanova ii will be the sum of 90,000 rubles ($ 100 000 – 10 000), with which he will have to pay 13% of personal income tax to the state budget. The question arises: what is the procedure for paying tax? The answer to this question can be found in a letter to the Federal Tax Service on June 15, 2006, N 04-1-02320 @. "When you buy from an individual in the share capital of the organization is a source of payment of income, respectively, it would assume responsibility for calculation and payment of tax on the income in the manner prescribed by Article 226 of the Code.

Tax Code

If you take his incoming chief accountant or bookkeeper to full-time, then hire him to work on value of dos (conventional system). Jeff Gennette helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. How to save? You can hire someone to read a chapter 26.2 of the Tax Code and bought forms for conducting simplified taxation, knows a good program for Microsoft Excel or in extreme cases, can write and use the calculator. But in the usn is not so simple as it seems at first glance. If you are on a 15-percentage system, then you need to know the article 254 of the Tax Code, the head tax. Paying contributions to the pension fund, you need to know Calculus of ust, which is not paid and are not counted uproschentsami, but the base of these two taxes is one and the definition of its exactly revealed in the single social tax. As for the book income and expenses, it, of course, can be filled manually or Excele. And if you make a mistake when copying the figures from the bank statement or a magazine cashier-teller? A common mistake by mistake.

How do I find an error or to verify its absence? Find a mistake manually – it can take several days, and if you're not suspect that the error is? 1C version of the program created specifically for the usn. But to work in this program, chart of accounts should know. Make it cheaper maintenance simplified taxation can only consulting company. As a rule, takes a highly skilled staff: Accountant with a plot "Salary" (the average salary in Moscow from 25 thousand rub.), And added skills uproschentsa. .

How To Turn An Idea Into An Information Product

Generation and search of ideas, both in business and in any other area of human activity, perhaps one of the most pressing problems. And, indeed, any business, from bicycle repair to building an international business scale, starts with an idea, sort of subtle "spark-thought", which over time can be incredible and amazing shapes, which the author idea could not have previously imagined. But as a rule, ideas invented or offered much more than the ideas implemented. Why is this happening? Most often, I hear two versions of an answer to this question. Usually say that it is either useless idea, or a person working with it is not necessary abilities.

In my opinion, this approach is wrong and extremely harmful. From it follow two also absolutely dangerous withdrawal. The first is when a person decides to search for the perfect idea, and if such an idea is not (and It is not because the ideas are not the ideal case), the conclusion comes second – the final disappointment in their own abilities. I suggest you change your attitude to the "ideological" issue. To start, imagine the idea of how definite possibility.

Not a recipe that will once and for all will save you from all your troubles and problems. None. Just a possibility to start doing something. No need to endlessly search for that unique and unrepeatable. If you saw less suitable offer, try to consider this option on all sides and do not rush to put a cross on it.

Bring It On Internet

Motivation in Internet business or how to give yourself a kick! A friend of mine, who as I conducts its business on the web said: "The Internet business is a key incl. at 7:00 and off button at 23:00. " He was referring to key system unit of his computer, of course. My friend does not need to motivate. Explain that only on his work and effort depends on his future, his finances and the welfare of his family. He perfectly understands himself and does his job with pleasure.

And if you can work just as hard? Every day motivirolvat a step by step to go to the desired result? Alas … Many of us lazy, uncollected. But laziness is also a good quality. If lazy whispers: 'Do smaller and more Bring It On! " this is certainly a powerful kick. But how to do more with less effort? We are always something to slow! 1) I'm too young 2) I'm too old 3) I have no time! 4) What say friends (relatives, friends, neighbors …)??? You know, I think it's complete nonsense. Pure nonsense.

If you come to the Internet for money and see your goal, then you should not back away and blame the circumstances. Many of the newcomers, coming in the Internet business, disappointed. Decide what to make money online is impossible. But … Answer a few questions: How do you want to earn? What you need to do (money, knowledge, time)? You have thought and written with a clear plan of action? What you have done to achieve result? Do you mean? If not – then why can not we have? What can be done to radically pomenit situation? Lots of questions, but the essence is – You are not collected, not disciplined, can not see your goal (or do not have them at all), do not know how analyze their actions. If not the first time, do not have to surrender and give up. Do not open one door, knocked in another. Closed all – climb into the window. Window scored tightly – get down on the pipe 🙂 If you go to the goal with pressure, with diligence, then eventually you will achieve the desired – success, wealth and respect! It can not be! You still have not launched a website, do not create mailing list? You have no time to write a blog post? Probably cram courses' Great Guru. " I guessed? Can be improved further, but could not do it. Get down to business! Take the first site. Create a newsletter. Make subscription odnostranichku. Sign up for our affiliate program. Forget the forums facebook and twitter delusional … They only take up your time. Power of Self – a great thing! 'Everything you can learn! " Do not waste your time – ACT!

Presidential School

On the courses Presidential School develops not only activity but also the critical of thinking – something that has long been working Americans. Domestic business – accountants, lawyers and other professionals are also guided by this quality. Graduates of our courses say that after training in “President’s School,” they develop critical thinking. For example, one individual training graduates said that she believed in herself, in the height of his own bar. If she had simply wanted to become a leading expert in their field, then after school said she was going to participate in legislative activities. Or, in the opinion of another graduate, he not only became a process more information, but also learned how to effectively select the data needed his boss.

He sees that the employee has more benefits, and encourages its material. In our time, it does not matter how much information specialist will process, and then what benefit it will bring its enterprise. In this case, the manager will facilitate career development of their subordinates. This is the meaning of student-centered approach that underlies our courses. The main goal is not to work better (it’s only a tool), and to be useful to his bosses and the company.

You must depart from the previous standards. Formerly “Presidential School is working on developing practical skills information processing. Now it is clear that when a professional comes to the individual-oriented training, the skills – it is granted. The challenge is to develop skills that lead to the emergence of skills. And the ability is always needed for any purpose. For most professionals number one task – to be useful to his enterprise. This can be achieved if the listener correctly formulate their own needs. They There are both conscious and not conscious. For example, the expert said: “I’m now running a business, and through him I want to go into politics.” This is a good understanding, but most people do not know what will happen to them after a year or two, through five years, do not assume any goals they can achieve. Understanding comes with the development of abilities. Value “of the Presidential School is that in developing human capacity, we are opening his eyes to what he can achieve. It appears other needs, and then the training becomes very efficient. Of course, preparations for the construction of a career should begin at the stage of training. In several Russian institutes and universities, course management readings included in the main draw. Rectors and university professors say that the skills acquired during the course of the procedure Ph.D. MA Ziganova much easier students in school. In order to get a good grade for the course, you must not only show high reading speed and quality of memory. Accounted for and reviews of subject teachers. They note the increase Care and assiduity of students, development of imagination and memory, the ability to provide important in large flows of information, logically and intelligently articulate their thoughts. Snizhetsya fatigue of students, they learn distribute their own strength, formulate goals and achieve them. Teaching the course in a rational processing of information in Russian universities will shorten the learning of students from five to four years. It is beneficial in financial plan, as it allows significant savings and redirect them to other budget items. Development of skills and abilities of students is intended to be an important element of education of the young generations of Russians. The state is interested in healthy, capable, active and successful citizens.

Engine Braking Development

Those who drives a car knows: engine braking – the surest way to slow down. Brakes may fail, but the engine, downshifting, gives a reliable and controlled deceleration. The most reliable way to inhibit the development of any organization is exactly the same. What is the engine of the company? Her leadership. General or ceo, president (all this in different ways is called) and the first closure.

Fuel for the work are the dreams and ideas of a man who puts the goal. Typically, this is the founder of a company or a person close to him. Have you noticed this phenomenon. In the early business development speed and acceleration were very high. The Company is rapidly increasing momentum, albeit on a small level (as someone once on "Krupnyakov). And then, after some time, the speed is reduced, reduced, reduced there are such sentiment: "And let's not lit," We have found their niche and it is sufficient – the bread and butter enough, and the like. Turnovers down. Sometimes so much so that the work is minimized.

What I write, of course, does not is associated with you, the reader. I write about other people and companies that you can watch I hope you does not happen ever. What happened? We call it the "engine braking". Owners themselves artificially restricted development of an enterprise, or it did wage high-level guidance. I want to tell the secret that lies behind it. Frankly, that from my point of view of entrepreneurs, business owners and top managers (Including political figures who are really doing something useful for your company) – one of the most valuable people on the planet.

Yves Rocher

May 31, 2004 Firm Yves Rocher "accepted as a full member of the Association of Perfumery, cosmetics and household chemistry (APPIK BH). Company History yves rocher began in 1959. For short term brand founder, Mr. Yves Rocher has made success due to two main factors. Firstly, thanks to products themselves – the foundation of all perfumes, cosmetics yves rocher ever become natural herbal ingredients. Secondly, through the choice of method of sales.

Originally, the company distributes its products through catalogs in the mail. After just 10 years it was not enough. Yves Rocher opened the first stores in France. Very quickly, the brand with the help of franchising is outside France and penetrated into other countries in Western Europe, North America and Eastern Europe. Today yves rocher – is one of the leading cosmetic companies in the world.

yves rocher has around 154 million customers by mail, over 8000 employees, 1350 stores in 88 countries (from them 620 – in France), 40 000 consultants, 6 cosmetic factories and research laboratories. In 1991 in Moscow opens its first beauty center. During the next ten years are more than a hundred centers in different regions Russia. In the Russian market the company is represented by llc Yves Rocher Vostok "in 1996. At the moment, llc Yves Rocher Vostok has: – 2 sales network (shops and mailing lists) – 133 Beauty Center yves rocher throughout Russia, – 180 staff employees – about 700 people outside the state – a vast client base. llc Yves Rocher Vostok is respectable business. As a result, since 2003, the company featured in the "white lists" of scc of Russia. yves rocher in Russia leads also an active charitable work, cooperating with the International Fund "Benefactor", Moscow House of baby number 15, Society for Disabled Moscow. llc Yves Rocher Vostok became the nineteenth member companies of the Association manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals, along with such companies as: Beiersdorf, Vella Russvell, GlaxoSmithKline, Colgate-Palmolive, Laboratuar Sarbek, L'Oreal, Oriflame Cosmetics, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Liberty, Johnson & Johnson, Chanel, Zepter Cosmetics, Avon Beauty Products, cbs. Cu. Johnson, Era-Henkel, Estee Lauder, and Unilever

Registring Your Company

Registration is starting on the path of opening and continued prosperity of business of each organization. Before you register a company should determine the ownership. It is worth noting that the procedure itself Company registration requires a lot of time and effort. Hence, to avoid the hassle, there are specialized organizations that can help would-be entrepreneurs, providing services for business registration. From you will need only a list of required documents, namely: a list of activities, photocopies and originals of passports, itn, the abbreviated and full name of the company and more. Registration with specialist firm very fast event. Firms operating in this market is already quite a few years, are renowned for all the necessary skills and have a clear framework of action. Organizations that provide services for registration Enterprises can also carry out liquidation and re-registration of the enterprise, as well as demanded to provide such a thing as a license for construction..