Paid Scripts

There are many ready-made scripts statistics, which includes statistics searches. Some of them are free and some require payment. In addition any meter installed on the site also records search queries, whose history can be viewed by logging into your account rating system, the meter is installed on the site. But to extract some benefit to the site of the counters rating systems fail. Well, free and Paid Scripts statistics are often very heavy and slow, terrible burden the server that the site is unacceptable. Out of the situation is simple. Need a simple php script statistics and history of search words. Such a script to make difficult.

Below is the text presented to the class for parsing search queries. class SearchWord / / flag fixing approach to the site from a search engine var $ Sright; / / signature var $ SearchSite; / / search query var $ SearchWord; / / refferal link search query var $ SearchRefer; function SearchRequre ($ SRefer) global $ eini; $ tmp = phrase. The file itself and a description of a php script on the basis of this class can be found at the original source of this article. On the basis of this class can be made for a site page in the history of search phrases for which it is also possible generate ready-made pages using my own site search script like the site itself.

Search Engines

Spider found on the website links that bind the pages and 'creeping' on them (ie, passing), captures the relevant pages in the database. When a user accesses the search engine with an appropriate request from the database Data are selected addresses relevant pages. The catalogs evaluate the relevance of site real people (moderators), which allocate resources on thematic sections, as well as suppress the use of prohibited methods optimization. When a user requests a search engine directory calculates relevance, as well as the machine is a search engine, but taking into account the assessments assigned to the site moderator. Many companies dream of seeing your site in the first positions in the most popular search engines. Five resources for the high rating that is worth fighting, is as follows: Yandex – 46.0% Rambler – 25.7% Google – 16.5% – 4.6% Aport – 3.5%. Percentages reflect the conversion statistics with appropriate resources. From They first two are the absolute leaders.

The best option is to register in search engines and directories have an optimized website. However, most of the resource owners are beginning to realize the importance of optimization only when completely disappointed in your performance as a tool to increase profits. So, if you just registered your site, do not optimize it, then consider that you have done just formality and the active flow of the target audience can be forgotten. The rating, exhibited by the search engine to your site, is influenced by many factors. Most of them are amenable to assessment and management from the developer promoter or the resources for the optimization, which includes: research and selection of key words / phrases specific to site-flavored; correction contents of the pages; optimization of meta tags, improving the structure of pages and the whole site.

Love Dating Planet

There are several options for singles on the Internet. James Woolsey spoke with conviction. You can find a companion, and ICQ, but usually he does not expect such a sudden and dating is not ready for a future meeting for various reasons, and usually on how just get worn out it does not reach. Usually people learn in specific dating sites. They collected questionnaires from people who also want to get to know as you do. Often explicitly stated in the questionnaire for what they want seeking, for what purpose. This may be familiar to communicate, for sex. Almost all questionnaires a photograph, and some even candid photography in the nude.

It is true there is a risk that can be jokers face or as they are often called – assholes, but in reality this is not often. 20 percent of questionnaires can be neglected so to speak as well as unreal or fictitious. But recognized that deception is usually very quickly. The only thing worth noting is the fact that you may encounter with a man who pretends to be someone else. That's where cheating is much more difficult to find and usually in person.

But this occurs very, very rare. Here I recommend you dating Love Dating Planet at the database there are over 9 million questionnaires. On this dating site you can find a pen pal, find partners for sex, and as a life partner. Typically on the dating site you can increase the popularity of its users leaving links to your page in different forums, chat rooms and bulletin boards. Page address listed at the bottom of a description of your questionnaire and it looks as follows 'address of your page: your_username /'. By placing a link to your profile on different sites, you will dramatically increase traffic to your page, and its popularity with the opposite sex! Many online dating end in a happy marriage. So do not waste time to go dating Love Dating Planet – checking in and talk!

Hosting and URLs

Normally, files downloaded automatically to those modes in which you want – pictures – binary, text files – ascii. Check that your servak (or Windows) suddenly do not accidentally converted the first letters in the file names in upper case – it's us nowhere. File 'read eto.txt "upload to the server does not need! πŸ˜‰ After all uploaded, you must set the correct permissions (chmod) on files and folders. Again, usually right on the files are set automatically, you need – 644. Total Commander will tell you that. And to all folders (and mostly in that you have posted the contents of the script, and attached) must be put right 777.

This can be done via the control panel of the hosting – go there in the file manager and find this chip with the rights of 'Change Permissions " For a long time not to bother: 777 – are all displayed checkboxes. Thus, did everything – can be accessed at the following URLu: vash_sayt / papka_skripta / admin.php. If you are not screwed with the permissions, you will transfer to the window of the primary service initialization. At this stage can be here is such a failure: in the primary window You can see the initialization string with an error of type 'Warning: set_time_limit () ". If you see this, then in the settings.php file, simply delete the line 'set_time_limit (60). A similar option is remove the string from the file. Htaccess.

Replace the two files on the server and again, please to this URLu – everything should work. Choose a username and password cunning, not less than 8 characters and no password is shorter, with numbers and letters. After this, you will be offered to log into your account with data. On specified in the file settings.php emeyl will be sent to the hash to access your account. For this reason, use strong soap, if the hash comes with a considerable delay – the account will not be sent. With no problem – checked. When first accessing your account you will be asked to configure script. Enter the basic parameters, which include: your name, emeyl, send / not send a letter to confirm the subscription (I would recommend to use the confirmation letter, will be less of a problem), number of Letters to the stack of reference. The last parameter is very important because affects the burden of hosting. To put a series of letters no more than 5-10, Newsletter – 15-20. Save your changes and complete customization. The script is ready, now it is only set crowns, automatic release mailing letters. You can do it again from your hosting control panel. From hosting to hosting the command syntax crown may significantly vary, the details knows Your support service (and even then not always;)). According to the experience I want to say that GoldHosta is this kind of command: get vash_sayt / papka_skripta / iprocessor.php> / dev / null or / usr / local / bin / get vash_sayt / papka_skripta / iprocessor.php> / dev / null or sometimes / usr / bin / lynx – dump vash_sayt / papka_skripta / iprocessor.php> / dev / null Set nok operation 1-2 times per hour – that you Woodpeckers enough with his head. And this perhaps all – how to set up a series of letters, read the accompanying script to the manual, but our paper is big already left. πŸ™‚ Have a nice day!

Registration Host

Simultaneously with the way the Web creates a new studio site for your company, you should think about his domain name and location for placement of this site. In this case better to register a domain and hosting their own, without recourse to Professional web studio to continue not to depend on them. It is particularly important in this respect, to register for a domain name and have access to domain control panel. In this case, the problems with the chosen web hosting You can always change it. Back to domain registrar is somewhat more complicated, but if you do not have access to domain control panel, various contingencies. If you have control over the domain selection or a change of hosting is quite simple – should only specify the server's NS-selected host. Of course, before that we need to describe your site in a given host, but in most cases, this procedure happens automatically when you order hosting. After creating the site it is placed on the Order Now and in the control panel provided by the domain registrar, enter the address of the NS-servers reported host.

If you change the host files and database records are transferred to the new server, and then make changes in the recording domain control panel. Although often hosting companies offer domain registration, often such Registration binds you to the appropriate host, which is undesirable. Since the replacement of hosting is quite easy, you can first try different options, periodically changing the host.


For what purpose, indeed, does one need to promote a website. Before answering this question you need to understand that such promotion, promotion saytov. Web sites – is a series of actions aimed at improving the position of the site in search results (SAR) for a given query. The search engine – an online resource whose services are used by millions of people. The most common search engine in RuNet (a segment of the Russian Internet) is Yandex (, it accounts for around here 60Tak promotion aims to ensure that when the user is asked Yandex interesting you request, such as upholstered furniture , your site was on the first page, ie, in the top ten issue Yandex. Usually, the next page the user enters the issue is extremely rare. Thus, the definition of promotion, or promotion of a site sorted out now about importance of these events.

You have your corporate website, which should work. Nested finance the development, site pay off. So, promotion, promotion site aims to ensure that your real customer found is your site, and accordingly your company. Now, when you determine how many people you are looking for on a monthly basis, we can calculate the anticipated or lost profits. Of course, not all of these users will make a deal. Once a visitor came to your site, take other factors such as user-friendly website design, intuitive usability, quality of site content, response time to a query, etc., which depend on the company, which worked to develop the Internet site. But that’s another story. And most importantly, to you, dear owners of corporate web sites, understand that the Internet is the same market, which is investigating, you will add great impetus to its Off-line business.

Markup Language HTML

In ancient times, to convey to the masses of some of the information used by heralds and various forms of writing, as well as fine art. Over time, the possibility of presenting the information badly evolved. There were various "media": television, radio, countless newspapers, magazines, books, and finally the Internet. The Internet was originally divided into two camps: the e-mail and (World Wide Web). Many providers, Internet service providers deliberately separated these services are sold separately and internet access and email services and access to conferences usenet. In the end, the evolution of information put everything into place, and now most of today's Internet users do not have misconceptions about what services are provided Internet service provider.

The most convenient for conveying information to the masses was the WWW – World Wide Web, consisting of sites. On Web sites, owners have the opportunity to post your information so that anyone from anywhere can access it. The main standard Internet sites was (and remains to date) Markup Language HTML, allows you to write text and "mark" it, ie, affect how the text and create links to other texts or paragraphs of this text. On the one hand the simplicity of the language has enabled many people who have no special skills, post information on their websites. On the other – has complicated the work of professionals who create now using the language inherited the basic concept of the original HTML, full interactive sites and portals.

So, in short, can be developed as a modern WWW. However, despite the emergence of new technologies and continuous growth requirements for interactivity and ease of use (usability), the Internet is very much so-called "sites-sites" that are placed there by representatives of the dumping of the students or entrepreneurs are amateurs. If this site provides information about a person, a hobby or worldview – it's not so bad.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs, Crunchbase says:

Goldman Sachs is a one of the world’s largest investment banks. It traces its routes back to 1869 and is headquartered in Manhattan, New York City. Goldman Sachs provides wealth management, investment banking, and sales & trading services.

In regards to the technology world, Goldman Sachs continues to invest heavily in this market.

Much people are speaking of the numerous benefits that can be obtained with the surveys by Internet paid, nevertheless something so easy can get to bring about suspicion. What has of certain in this of the surveys and that are what there is to consider before beginning? Between the rumors that the people seed throughout and the enormous amount of the information who exist in Internet, most probable it is than you have been confused before being able to obtain a little clear data and needs and you have resigned to make a money. And it is that it enters the companies that are seriously dedicated to organize surveys and to pagarte by your answers you can find other pseudo-companies that the unique thing that wishes is to obtain your money. Next we will say to you what is the criterion to distinguish a good company of surveys by Internet paid. – The site: a site Internet is the business card of any company nowadays.

Or from the name of the company you can discover if one is about a serious company or a swindler. Special Pon attention to the information that the company includes in its site. If this one it includes his biography and its direction, most probable is than it does not have anything to fear; if however you do not know nor where to contact it to request information, surely is a deceit. Another important factor is the experience. If a company exists for several years, probably not yet it has deceived anybody; if however it exists for a short time, is probable that also in just a short time it disappears. – The inscription: a serious company of surveys is paid by a great mark to carry out a market study. For this reason it does not need your money to stay. For practical aims it will ask to you that you register in its site, but the inscription will be completely gratuitous. The company that requests an initial money to you for ponerte in contact with the great marks, most probable is than it is looking for to become rich and to disappear more soon possible. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.

Successful Business Launch

To start an online business in 99% of a hundred, you need a website. No site will be very difficult to engage in the promotion of its brand, as well as to gain a foothold in a particular market segment. Sometimes a person is already ripe and ready create a website. But which site he wants? This question has several answers: the creation of a single-page mini-site, creating 100% copyright of a small site, the creation of portal pages 500-700. Let's now a bit a closer look at each of the above options. Option # 1: You decided to create a mini-site Since you have decided to create a one-page mini-site for the launch of its online business, then on your mini-site will placed any form of subscription to your newsletter or offer. If you place it on your mini-site offer, then do not expect immediately to the large volumes of sales of your products or services. You – a new man in RuNet, and visitors to your mini-site for the first time they see you at the moment nothing about you do not know why they do not trust you as far as to make a purchase from you.

It is known that successful sales are being built only to trust. If you do not trust a man who says that his book really will help you, you do not buy his book. The same thoughts will arise and have visitors to your mini-site. So for a beginner Internet business, I think inefficient placement alone selling page. If your mini-site will be available only in the form of subscription to your newsletter, you will thus be able to type his subscribers.

Of course, If convince them to share their email addresses. πŸ™‚ Location subscription form on the mini-site gives a good result. Visitor's attention is focused precisely on the mailing list, and focus – is the key to success.

The Story Of One Webmaster

Probably everyone in life there comes a point when you stand before a choice: to continue to happily go through life, to finish the prestigious college and get a local firm or state agency, to work at his uncle and get his fixed salary or leave uncertainty and doubt familiar to you the people behind their backs, take a step to meet the new, proving first yourself that you can. By choosing the second path you start to feel the freedom freedom choice, the freedom of its action, the freedom of life. You begin to believe that you receive, and when it turns out – you know it’s not that difficult – just only try. Optimism – is what gives me strength. When I asked Andrew Shuglova, one of the most successful webmasters Runet, about his personal secrets of success, he replied, “to be optimistic.” Excellent answer a wonderful person! For the first time in my life I realized his dream by enrolling in college favorite favorite city. This was my first step. It was incredibly difficult, at times it seemed that I could not, but the result was worth effort. The first time I clearly became aware that there are no boundaries and can achieve almost just want this much.

And I started find a new dream It came at once: to earn $ 800 to buy a laptop. With time and experience I successfully managed to make my first wish, thanks to my customers. From a webmaster I met in June 2006.