Hosting and URLs

Normally, files downloaded automatically to those modes in which you want – pictures – binary, text files – ascii. Check that your servak (or Windows) suddenly do not accidentally converted the first letters in the file names in upper case – it's us nowhere. File 'read eto.txt "upload to the server does not need! 😉 After all uploaded, you must set the correct permissions (chmod) on files and folders. Again, usually right on the files are set automatically, you need – 644. Total Commander will tell you that. And to all folders (and mostly in that you have posted the contents of the script, and attached) must be put right 777.

This can be done via the control panel of the hosting – go there in the file manager and find this chip with the rights of 'Change Permissions " For a long time not to bother: 777 – are all displayed checkboxes. Thus, did everything – can be accessed at the following URLu: vash_sayt / papka_skripta / admin.php. If you are not screwed with the permissions, you will transfer to the window of the primary service initialization. At this stage can be here is such a failure: in the primary window You can see the initialization string with an error of type 'Warning: set_time_limit () ". If you see this, then in the settings.php file, simply delete the line 'set_time_limit (60). A similar option is remove the string from the file. Htaccess.

Replace the two files on the server and again, please to this URLu – everything should work. Choose a username and password cunning, not less than 8 characters and no password is shorter, with numbers and letters. After this, you will be offered to log into your account with data. On specified in the file settings.php emeyl will be sent to the hash to access your account. For this reason, use strong soap, if the hash comes with a considerable delay – the account will not be sent. With no problem – checked. When first accessing your account you will be asked to configure script. Enter the basic parameters, which include: your name, emeyl, send / not send a letter to confirm the subscription (I would recommend to use the confirmation letter, will be less of a problem), number of Letters to the stack of reference. The last parameter is very important because affects the burden of hosting. To put a series of letters no more than 5-10, Newsletter – 15-20. Save your changes and complete customization. The script is ready, now it is only set crowns, automatic release mailing letters. You can do it again from your hosting control panel. From hosting to hosting the command syntax crown may significantly vary, the details knows Your support service (and even then not always;)). According to the experience I want to say that GoldHosta is this kind of command: get vash_sayt / papka_skripta / iprocessor.php> / dev / null or / usr / local / bin / get vash_sayt / papka_skripta / iprocessor.php> / dev / null or sometimes / usr / bin / lynx – dump vash_sayt / papka_skripta / iprocessor.php> / dev / null Set nok operation 1-2 times per hour – that you Woodpeckers enough with his head. And this perhaps all – how to set up a series of letters, read the accompanying script to the manual, but our paper is big already left. 🙂 Have a nice day!