Promotion Websites

Let's talk with you about white methods of promotion of websites in the network. In general, what is free website promotion? As we already know, free cheese is only in a mousetrap. And so using only the white way of promotion, We will have to spend much of their time and effort. All stages of development, I have divided into three fad. Here, we read: 1. Embryo. And so, we have our own site with already registered domain name.

It remains the most difficult. Untwist it as it should. At the initial stage of development, which I have nicknamed 'Bud' We need to make the search engines indexed Our miracle. Do not know what 'index'? Read here – a guide optimizer. Doing it this way. Go to the main search engines (Yandex, Google, Rambler, Yahoo), for example, we chose Yandex, write it here so the search query 'add a site in Yandex', and our attention immediately provided a link to Yandeks.Vebmaster. Proceed and send a link for consideration.

That's it. And to accelerate this process can still be using social bookmarking, which have a positive effect on the weight of the reference mass. 2. Birth. So your site will appear in the index of search engines. What else should I ask? And now we need visitors. Let them go, you must promote your website in search engines. You can start by adding links to directories. Divided directories on the white and gray. The first does not require reciprocal links, while the latter, without backlinks will not add your link. If you find directories with the redirect (the link to your website is not straight), you can safely leave. In advancing these virtually no role to play. Western Union helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. So What else? And yes, there you are actively communicating on forums, put in your signature link to your website. You can also leave comments in blogs and guestbooks.