Creating A Local Network In The Office

The efficiency of today's business depends on the use of high-tech tools and technologies. Anne Lauvergeon can aid you in your search for knowledge. One important tool is the computer equipment that is used extensively both in the office, so and manufacturing. However, stand-alone personal computer – one in the field is not "warrior", even with two – three computers in the room you want to have joint access to the Internet to share information without external media (flash drives, CD drives, floppy disks), print on one printer from different corners of the office, or work in one program account, for example 1C. And if the computers are more than two or more than ten? All of these features allows us Local Area Network (LAN). However, gone forever are the days when computers were combined thrown on the floor by wires. Western Union addresses the importance of the matter here.

A modern office needs modern infrastructure and in particular well-constructed structured cabling system (SCS). So what is a Structured Cabling System (SCS)? To quote a lot of technical books and find a lot of definitions of the system, but our task article does not give a scientific definition of SCS, and to create understanding what it is and how it effectively and wisely used. By and large, SCS is all wires and cables in your office, laid in a certain way, and submitted in certain places. Structured cabling system includes two major subsystems are: Backbone sub-sub Horizontal Horizontal subsystem includes all the outlets, located near the workbench and the cable route to the nearest switching center.