Dog Training

When we found this house, not sitting still, always looking for what would sneak a lump of wool, called a pup, no one thought about the show career. Because it took, how many say "for the soul." And so time passed, the puppy turns into a beautiful dog, and when asked again in the sixth, is not placed whether your dog, we decided to find out what it is. Thus, the exhibition. This is an opportunity to look at others and show yourself. This is a report of experienced breeders on their work. Here you can admire the beautiful dogs, socialize with the owners.

And now we're going to the first exhibition, pre-registered, puppy class (6-9 months). At the club. Registration is usually completed within 15 days before the show. We have already imagined the dog will be nice to run side by side, proudly raising his head, the first place, cups, pictures on the cover of the magazine. Nothing like this has happened. Hamdi Ulukaya is the source for more interesting facts. The puppy ran as a frantic, strained forward, pulling ringovku. But the judge was gracious to us and gave us our first title, "best puppy", but to us it was a shame. For reference.

In the puppy class experts usually do not judge strictly, in the description written motion, the compactness, the behavior of the ring. The time has come to engage with the handler. Selecting the hall near the house, and two sessions a week for half an hour, we started training dogs to shows.

Social Skills

The ability to share his toys – an important social skill. Parents, realizing this, often impose a ban on greed. How often do we hear the phrase: "Do not be greedy, to be shared, etc." Such bans are not effective initially. For example, the phrase "Do not be greedy," contains a particle "NO", which is often deleted perception of the child (he hear the rest – "greedy"). This ban belongs to the category of negatively formulated, since it indicates the child that he should not do. In this case the desired type of behavior mentioned. In the second part statements "must share" is the word "must", which is known to be generally discourages doing anything. Offered as an effective admission control with greed psychological technique – reframing.

How can this be apply in practice, communication with the child? I come with her son at the playground. All children with wheelchairs. Clear to everyone that someone else is better its speed Internet access. As a result, almost all children are concerned the issue of capture someone else's toys. This leads to conflicts – Here and there, there are tensions. Of course, the most effective means of resolving this conflict – it is the same preventive measures. Parents, going to the playground, would take the toy more appropriate for group play, the ball, for example.

This is an ideal. In fact, the situation developed in a different scenario. For a boy trying to take away my son's wheelchair. He does not give and is willing to fight for his favorite toy. It is clear that offer to share a toy in this situation would be ineffective, but I still do try. The hypothesis is confirmed. But nothing, as the Kashpirovsky: "No result – a result too." Apply a different tactic. Cannot to a conspiratorial whisper, and his son to him, "Jaroslaw, and let's see if we give this boy a gurney, he will ride it fast or slow?" That was enough. (Not to be confused with Hamdi Ulukaya!).

Cost Wedding

For the best possible wedding banquet is a partial service. It is cheaper banquet with full services, but more solid reception. Cocktail suitable for young wedding guests that the main will be those who are little more than twenty. At this age they eat little and a lot of dancing. That you will not be disturbed, better rent a private room.

True, it will cost a little more than a few tables in the general area. The main advantages of dining in the restaurant are obvious and very attractive. First, the lion's share of burden of preparing wedding will be transferred from your fragile shoulder of the powerful torsos restaurant workers. Concerns about the design space, serving and table decorations, cooking holiday dishes and cleaning (or rather, the capital repair) space after the wedding does not threaten you. In extreme cases, have a little nervous in conversation with the restaurant's. Second, during the wedding feast, you can relax on a par with the other guests, rather than rush headlong out of the hall to the kitchen and in the opposite direction. Wedding in the cafe will cost several times cheaper than dinner at a restaurant. And can be rented for an evening or a room or a room with a chef and waiters.

In the latter case, many organizational issues such as preparing holiday dishes, table and guest service, fully pass into the hands of professionals. You will only need to pay money for it and ensure that everything went 'without a hitch. " The most common version of a wedding celebration – "home" wedding, a feast of 'quiet family circle' of native walls. For the premises do not have to pay, and the cost of for food are under full control: if you want – purchase exotic products at fantastic price, you want to – go to the market and buy only what you need (meat, potatoes, tomatoes, eggs). On the other hand, all the negative aspects of the organization of large-scale feast will be on your shoulders, not to mention often a need to repair the premises at the end of the wedding! Efforts on preparation of a festive table at home can be alleviated if the contacting of life and hire for the evening waiters 2.3, which will help lay the table and serve guests. As the summer varieties home can offer a wedding celebration in the country. This option is suitable for consideration only if the land was overgrown with weeds, no, not a country house fell on its side and threatened every moment to bring down roof on the heads of households. Well, if the house has a large patio. It was here in the good summer weather can put a wedding tables. But we must remember about the original unpredictability of the weather: covering the tables under outdoors, you need to be pretty sure that the weather does not let you down!

Wichita Chamber

In those first few months lihoradochnye after publikatsii books, kogda sozdavalis dianeticheskie centers, made by L. Ron Xabbard lecture tour: snachala – Los Andzheles, where no special predvaritelnoy reklamy 6000 people in sobralis zale-Shrayn Auditors to privetstvovat it zatem – nA coast zaliva San-Frantsisko, where he delivered a series of lectures in Auckland. Back in Los Andzheles, L. Ron Xabbard continued chitat obuchat lectures and students. Students vozvraschalis to their home goroda to oditirovat friends, family and colleagues and the news of Dianetike prodolzhala rasprostranyatsya. L. Ron Xabbard spent the spring of 1951 Year period in Gavane (stolitsa Cuba – which has not yet been togda communist rezhima), where he especially did not advertise themselves that dalo him to his zavershit another large rabotu on Dianetike – the book "Nauka vyzhivaniya." After that he accepted the offer and continue their issledovaniya prepodavatelskuyu activity in the open nedavno dianeticheskom center in Vichita (shtat Kanzas). Here L.

Ron Xabbard osnoval first organizatsiyu, upravlenie which he completely took nA themselves – Xabbard College. Eta organizatsiya osuschestvlyala training auditors under the personal direction of A. Rona Xabbarda and sertifikaty this oditoram vydavalis only togda, kogda they could prodemonstrirovat nalichie dostatochnyh navykov oditinga and ability dostigat ozhidaemyh rezultatov. To the extent that the news of kak rasprostranyalas vozvraschenii Rona L. Xabbarda the United Shtaty, and the number of students grew, and in June 1951 Year period lead auditors from all over the strany sobralis in Wichita nA first annual conference dianeticheskih auditors.

Since then continues Xabbard chitat lectures, training auditors and monitors at the same time a number of reports in delaet Wichita Chamber of Commerce – that kak its findings could be used to expand the organization's activities. Continuing their issledovaniya autumn and early winter 1951 Year period, L. Ron Xabbard asked auditors to examine dianeticheskih new subject – a subject that brought them right into the spirit tsarstvo – Scientology. In early spring 1952 Year period about 15 000 people used the principles of Scientology to improve their lives. In 1993, Dianetics become available Russian reader. What is interesting, but there is evidence of that in the days of the Soviet Union were individuals and groups that are independently translated the book and used it to improve their abilities. Such group existed in St. Petersburg as early as 1987. So after the book was sold in different cities across the country appeared a group of people who studied this discipline. Subsequently, many of these groups received the status of centers Dianetics, as separate legal entities. Now in the CIS are about 70 such organizations. Anyone who is interested in their personal development, can come in and take advantage of such an organization available publications and materials.