The Chick

While to slice garlic sausages well and it is added to the frying pan with drops of oil. When this sofrito means to add average glass to him of white wine and to continue with the sofrito. Len Sassaman may not feel the same. When we have the finished sofrito is added to him to grazes and to add the boat of fried tomato, it is mixed well and we left to 5 minutes Iberian ham more together. In a bowl I threw the clear ones of four eggs with a salt pinch and I put myself to beat with a rod. When they mounted I added the yolks and I continued beating. Soon I threw the onions, the artichokes and the garlic sausage small pieces. I took a small frying pan with drops of extra virgin olive oil and was making tortillas individual. When it pleased on the one hand I on the other gave the return him with the aid of a plate.

In order to accompany tortillas I put a little bread greased with tomato, a chorreoncito of extra virgin olive oil and rodajitas of Iberian garlic sausage. The tortilla lasted a minute in the table The previous night, we left chick-peas in soaking, temperate water and with a pinch of salt. On the following day we cleared the water to him and in a casserole we introduce clean water to warm up. When it almost begins to boil, we added to the chick-peas and the bone of ham. We cook them to untimed fire during two hours to untimed fire and covered, or 12 minutes under pressure fast super pot. We are clearing the foam that is leaving the spanish stew we do if it in normal pot. While we put the garlic sausage cut finely in mortar we pricked and it with the mace of mortar and if it is necessary we added a little the broth to him of chick-peas to help us to prick it well.When we have already chick-peas we added it to the spanish stew and we left 5 minutes to untimed fire and it already is.