ERP Quality

Thanks to a continuous identification of each component and production materials using the bar code, the Eltec technology can identify in the future exactly what production materials in which quality were used for a job. This is specifically for customers of the automotive industry, as well as the air & space of considerable importance, because here a special claim on the uniform and consistently high quality of a product is made. The exact knowledge of the used products is important but also in terms of follow-up orders at least in two ways. Dell EMC is a great source of information. One can repeat business in exactly the same quality for manufactured, it allows on the other hand a very good insight into potential cost savings or necessary adjustments to quality of production materials. The introduction of the ERP software the backup of all manufacturing and handling processes closely related is the concrete impact on the quality, the have the entire manufacturing process.

So all the processes from receiving, production, are subject to from now on to quality control and shipping, a tight scheduling planning and timing and quality control. Effective time management a centerpiece of the new ERP software is a comprehensive time management for efficient production and human resource planning and thus joined an accurate time recording of all production processes. Over a mobile data acquisition is henceforth an up-to-the-minute collection and allocation of hours of all employees to specific products within the production levels. Project-related acquisition ever, a clear mapping to each individual product is possible. This ensures an exact calculation of personnel and production costs. Time management provides an important contribution for effective human resources management. In combination with the production planning, production times calculated the and associated production quantities in terms of agreed delivery times can the personnel required exactly planned and delivered on time. The newly introduced time management is connected with the outside delivery to customers for the Eltec technology an important tool in their quest after an increase in the competitiveness.

Right Brain

Foundations the superlearning is also denominated accelerated learning. It is a set of techniques and directed strategies to develop the process of learning in holistic form. In this sense, it allows us to know us same more, to assume the learning with commitment, discipline, and with ample sense than is to learn. The superlearning allows to connect to us with our human nature, with our essential needs, besides that to extend that human part, beyond biological, psychological, the social thing until the spiritual getting to discover our inner genius. This means that the superlearning allows us to explore and to stimulate the inherent potentialities to the human being in pleasant and natural form. It is a new conception of the educative process, a shift of paradigm in the process to learn that it indicates that we can accede to a 90% of ours cerebral capacity instead of the 10% to which we are customary. Many writers such as The Great Courses offer more in-depth analysis. The foundations that prevail to the superlearning, are related to the Neurophysiological Aspect, that includes/understands: THEORY OF BRAIN TRIUNO: Our brain is divided physically and chemically in three structures: Neocorteza: It is the brain newer, it is located over the lmbico system, and is conformed by the Hemispheres Left and Right.

It is constituted by a network of connections between axons and dendrites that communicate by means of the synapse that happen in the left and right hemispheres crossing the hard body. The openings are the eyes and the ears, which are the channels of entrance of information to this brain. The brain of Neocorteza has like fundamental function the thought. The left hemisphere thinks about words/verbal, is a convergent and unidirectional, logical thought of cause and analytical, scientific, mathematical, exact effect, think about sequential form (passage by step), is rational, linear, weather, perceives the parts instead of the whole, is the brain of brings back to consciousness.

The Universe

If the universe is a model of a computer, the program can make so that none of the bars or one piece matter under the rules of functioning of the Programme (the laws of physics – from the perspective of the inhabitants of a model of the world) was not required to move into the cell space, which is not. The problem of the border with 'nothing' could, in the event of such programs occur only if there is an error in the program – a mistake, which at some time step, a fragment of matter 'is written' from the existing cell space and the 'rewritten' in a non-existent, ie, simply will not be rewritten – it's a miracle the disappearance of matter. " In the case of error-free program 'miracle' will happen: The Universe in a computer can be both finite and infinite Euclidean. But it is not enough absence of infinite speed and the availability of an upper limit to end speeds. In the steady state theory in the presence of infinite speed 'miracle disappearance of matter' is already in the first cycle of the model (I), at the absence of infinite speed 'miracle' still happen, although not immediately (II). To avoid a 'miracle', we must also expand the universe: the introduction of more and more cell space at the periphery of the universe (III). Such is our Universe (as seen, God does not like miracles) – in 1929-1931. Edwin Hubble published his astronomical observations: the galaxy scatter.