Play Techniques

attack technique: The main attack techniques that need any player, in addition to expertise avoiding or controlling the ball, are passing and shooting. Passes to the peers include front passes, passes just behind the back passes jumping and bouncing the ball passes, a pass that leads to a basket called assistance. The most important skill in basketball is to shoot baskets with precision. Among the types of modern basketball shots are the left or tray, which is as close as possible to the ball to the basket and allowed to enter, the jump shot, which misses being in possession of the ball and the moment in which the player is suspended in the air, throws to the basket, the hook, archery driven over the head with one arm, usually in the lateral path, when the player is leaving the basket area and finally the mate, in which the shooter jumps by raising the ball over the basket and violently inserted using one or two hands. The shot from a fixed position or with the player stopped, so popular when the game was slower, it is very rare in modern basketball. The lack shots are launched from the free throw line. Rebounding means winning the possession of the ball that is bounced from the board when a shot went wrong. Pat is also in the basket after a previous failure. A pressing defense along the entire track on the players they have to pull and move, preventing the fluid movement of the ball and makes the annotation to the contrary. It is also essential in basketball block or screen, in which a player stands still (holds a lock), so that prevents movement of a defensive player and leaves space for a teammate to throw into the basket. Common speech, a strategy of attack patterns can count deliberate attack or let out in a more impromptu style of play. In any case, the goal is to invade the pitch counter and strive to shoot baskets from the most comfortable position or pass to a teammate who has best chance to score. TACTICS OF DEFENZA: The main defensive tactics are basketball zone defense and individual defense. In the zone defense, each player is responsible for defending an area of the track around the basket where he tries to shoot the opposing team. In man defense, each player is responsible for marking an opponent. The zone defense is not allowed in the NBA but still an important part of basketball. Individual defensive techniques include the ability to block shots without fouling (plug), intercepting passes and stealing balls. Remove the ball to the opposing team during the game is called turnover (recovery). The so-called ‘two against one’ is when two players control a potentially dangerous opponent. At other times, a whole team pushes the other, making a very outspoken in labeling the entire track. A technique vital to both defense and attack for the rebound, that retains the possession of the ball under the basket after a crash in one shot.


Magazine The magazine was among his colleagues to figures like Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Jose Bianco, Waldo Frank, Walter Gropius, Alfonso Reyes, and so on. As orial secretaries participated Guillermo de Torre, Joseph Bianco, Jorge Luis Borges, Raimundo Lida, Ernesto Sabato, Maria Luisa Bastos, “Pele” Pelegrina Pastorino, Nicolas Barrios and Henry Lynch Pezzoni. The first issue of the magazine came out in the summer of 1931 and its last issue was published in 1992. During this period, 371 copies were published. It is worth mentioning that in the last twenty six years of existence the appearance of each number was more and more space than before. Thus between 1931 and 1966 were published 305 issues of the journal, and in the next 26 years were published only 67 numbers. Victoria Ocampo.


So more challenging the more obliged to answer to the challenge with a problem in its connections with others, a plan of totality and not as something petrified, the understanding resultant becomes tends it increasingly critical, for this, each desalienada time more. (FREIRE, 1987, p.55) It sees that at this moment we place in them as educandos? a time that, we were being research object. To the step that we understood our situation, we better understood the condition of the other, thus start to be part of the desalienada condition of our pedagogical conceptions, becoming us more critical. At the first moment, since we would go to work with the Theater of the Oppressed one, we collect the data using a daily pay-structuralized script of interview, a time that, we think to be this the way that makes possible the free expression of the interviewed one on different subjects. The interview was simple, but it brought us a rich material in information, I contend in them declaration of dreams of many young.

It had the necessity of the social respect of the community, this was not only declaration of people who faced the domestic violence, the poverty, the hunger and misery, but also finds people with history of overcoming and these wanted very and counting in them as they had surpassed as many problems. Through the collected data, we perceive that we needed to make the Theater of the Oppressed one directed toward our reality, therefore we needed ahead finding in them of that imensido of problematizaes and making our Theater raising questions that problematizam the formation of the pedagogia course and the relation of the University and the professors the spaces not-deed of division. She is necessary to emphasize that ' ' Pedagogia is a science and as such must study the education as prxis critically social' ' (PASTICHI and CAVALCANTI, 2008).

Bellver Jose

Today it opens to the public exposure of the collection at the Museum of fine arts Bellver 171 paintings and pieces of sacral art comprise the collection of art that Mariano Bellver has been meeting throughout his life. The Ministry of culture and the own benefactor has made a selection of major works that owns this in Seville from Bilbao, resident art lover. The sample will be held in room Murillo. The exhibition, which runs until summer, will have no catalog, but a small guide for visitors. Funds of nineteenth-century art that this bilbaino has are valued at slightly less than EUR 10 million and is considered, according to some experts, of more value than the Carmen Thyssen. Our hotels in Seville are very close to the Museum of fine arts, located in the plaza of the Museum. From receipt of our establishments can tell them how to get through a pleasant walk. In the sample you can see canvases by firms such as Jose Garcia Ramos, Jose and Valeriano Dominguez Becquer, Manuel Barron, Antonio Reyna, Salvador Sanchez Barbudo, Emilio Sanchez Perrier, Salvador Viniegra Lasso de la Vega, among others.

Quality, What It Really Matters

Quality, what it really matters? The secret of the profitability for the health professionals consists of creating an attendance that fulfills to the real necessities and desires of the patients, facilitating the access to this service, of a form that provides to value and satisfaction. The services of this type are created by means of the combination and dosage of marketing definitions, which we call mix marketing. The mix of marketing are a set of controlable instruments, tacticians and, who the professional must use to generate the result that she intends to obtain in its market-target, in the case the clinics and doctor’s offices. In the decade of 60, the mix of marketing were composed for four Ps, considered for Prof. Jerome McCarthy. They are: Product, Price, Point and Promotion. Philip Kotler, subsequent to its book Marketing for century XXI (1999), that still it was limited to the four Ps, contributed with an addition of more three Ps, thus finishing the formation of the mix of marketing for services.

The three last Ps is: Physical evidences (Physical Evidence), Processes and People. Product: it is the combination of services that the lender offers, with the objective to satisfy the necessities of its customers; Price: it consists of the addition in money that the customer must pay to receive definitive product. The open assembly time in the reception, the localization of the doctor’s office, the form fulfilling, among others things, everything is taken in account so that the patient analyzes the cost of this service; Point: this includes everything that the professional of the health makes to keep its clinic or doctor’s office to the disposal of the customers. Example: localization, reception, attendance, appearance, easinesses, differentials of attendance, etc.; Promotion: the referring activities to the communication of the service are all, that they aim at to convince the customers to use them.

ACE Cosmetic

Volume reduction and improvement of the appearance of the skin in a meaningful way ACE cosmetic, medical and surgical society dedicated to the beauty medicine for more than 20 years, is composed of professionals of recognized prestige, specializing in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. After years of proven and extremely results, ACE aesthetic bet decidedly on the liposuction by laser as collateral in the help to reduce body volume and significantly improve the appearance of skin. The accumulated fat in unwanted body sites can be removed now, more easily, which through the traditional lipo-sculpture. With laser-assisted liposuction are achieved results more effective and less invasive for the patient. The method consists of blending localized fat through a diode laser specific, which will subsequently be extracted, at the time that it is the deep layer of the skin. In addition to sculpt the figure, the most striking is that is It achieves a retraction of the tissues, visible effect perfectly over the course of the first three months. Another added advantage is that this method can be used to eliminate areas where the skin is very thin before were contraindicated, as the inner side of the arms and thighs, bottom of the buttocks, ankles, knees and also in the face for the neck and Chin areas.

This technique removes both deep fat as the surface and, thanks to technology, laser, skin is reaffirmed after the intervention, since overheating which coagulates blood vessels and accelerates the production of collagen. The patient only needs to carry a compression girdle between a week and 10 days. Dr. Alberto Jarque, director of ACE aesthetic clinic (, summarizes us the advantages of liposuction lipolaser against traditional liposuction or laser: LIPOSUCTION TRADITIONAL LIPOSUCTION LASER indication: patients with excess fat patients with excess fat and sagging areas: deep fat and thick oily skin deep and superficial post-operative: two weeks at least 48 hours are sufficient care: girdle compressor at least 1 month compressor strip between 1 week and 10 days Risks: Irregularities in the immediate and regular retraction of the skin skin is always recommended go to specialized and accredited by health medical centers. More information at: ACE Esteticaalonso Cano, 4 28010 Madrid Tel: 914484070 Fax: 914483052 Web: Email: about from ACE cosmetic medical and surgical society dedicated to medicine of beauty, with over 20 years of experience in the sector. ACE is composed of prestigious professionals specialized in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. We believe in the importance of health and image in today’s world and provide professional solutions that bring us closer to the beauty and provide well-being and balance. It differentiates us the wide range of surgical procedures of cosmetic surgery and treatments non-surgical cosmetic medicine, with a personalized service to our patients that guarantees accurate and detailed information in the most appropriate procedures for each case.

Lazarus The Stranger

There were so many men, in the meeting room and suddenly, the door opened wide, and appeared a man! On the threshold, who are you? – asked – Call Me Lazarus-responded – where do you come from? I’m a outsider Lords! I come from a distant land, how is called your land? – replicated – island of the horror! – told-, a lost desert islet between the letters – humming invaded the room – then all eyes turned to the unexpected outsider, is close here but away from men!, – all looked intrigued – El Forastero Continuo counting, there are abundant a few vultures who are often called Zopilotes!With very thin arms and legs, very swollen abdomen, yellowing eyes, calcined skin and disturbed mind,-the men in the room enmudecieron – before the story of Lazarus El Forastero!, eat almost anything – continued – little, nothing, almost little sleep get tired easily, living not only in the present future, are weeping, Aggressive, communicate acrimony, sleep in memories, between sheets of dreams and hopes, hoping that one day any year, the joy of a miracle reaches them, and they may not leak? – asked – the stranger looked up at the sky and wondered: to where could escape these Zopilotes?, if live chained to diets and restrictions! Tied to medicines, syrups and infusions! Surviving by care, and intimate clemency of their peers!, amidst the oblivion and indifference, and the miracle, in what consists? – asked the men to the outsider-is a divine Act! – told-, merciful,-men in the room enmudecieron – before the story of Lazarus El Forastero!, in which a friend in an act of generous, without that it know or he, you have known, DONA, among the shadows your organs and tissues, to which modern semi-gods, so-called doctors, as the doctors: Chaman, Padilla, Rondon, Anchante, Carrasco, Yeren Y Palomino which instruments of God using Talent and spirit, transform hands to the vulture in man! Through a transplant resurrecting gentlemen!, the world of the dead, where vultures live as one dead, alongside the dead waiting their turn, – put the men in the room are foot – and here I have – shouted Lazaro – risen! if risen! – shouted stronger – I have returned to life! I am man again! And ten, a hundred, and many more will come! -the men in the room ran and embraced him – they merged, as they melt are two supportive souls, they cried as cry two brothers who form partnerships, they laughed, as two men, who long ago did not do so, they laugh – the men’s room – told him: are no longer a stranger, you’re ours! See Lazarus, my brother and.! they were the world hand in hand! Original author and source of the article

5 Keys To Appear More Slim

Women as the actresses Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kate Winslet claimed his body full of curves and big sized women such as Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson are covers of fashion magazines and pictures of several houses in cosmetics. These women are real models for the others because they claim with her naturalness and good taste that they are happy to be in your skin. Some simple tricks to look thinner are: 1. maintain a good posture. If you walk upright and safe air clothes is you best.

Good posture is the key to almost everything, from playing sports to singing. 2 Prints, stripes and other floral motifs used in the thinnest part of your body. All these prints draw attention, there is where the eyes are fixed without realizing, it is why there is no abuse them and combine them with other smooth garment in a dark hue. 3 (Vertical) striped pants are a good ally to disguise the kilos because they give the impression that one is more slender. Furthermore, an added advantage is that they lengthen legs. The same system is You can apply to the skirts, we can choose one with several vertical stripes to get this slimming effect.

4 Avoid wide and bulky garments because instead of hiding, they highlight the extra kilos. Many times to try to disguise our overweight we opted for clothing type tunic. The only thing that we got is that we ask for the date of the birth of our baby we need to flee type tracksuit trousers or wide pants or baggy pants. Let garments you’re thin girls. 5 Get dressed with the colors that most you favor, those who make you feel good and when you take them do not stop to receive praise like: what beautiful you are today! What good face! You can dispense with those colors that make you look like tired, highlight your dark circles etc. Small details such as a handkerchief or any add-on displayed our good taste and will for the care of others to focus where we want. Although the best trick of all is to leave with a smile and met with the same, being aware that each have our value and we are unique original author and source of the article.

The Comparative

Beyond the mundividncias presented here, Dilthey argues concerning the mundividncia of the primitive Christian art, that in the generality, if it bases on the symbols that later they will go to serve of base for the formation of the Christianity and institutionalization of the Catolicismo, its essential arqutipos are Jesuses and Maria produced by the religious art. The vital references if convert into the possibility of emancipation of the images of the world, that after that if they accomplish in the limits of the conceptions of the catolicismo, of the art in the Renaissance, the protestant reform that the conscience of the sacerdotal hierarchy unfastens in part it inserts and it in the freedom for the work. In the movement of the Against-Reformation that she searchs to retake the domination of the image of the world through the ecclesiastical beddings of the religion and the church catholic. All these and other posterior manifestations of the human spirit lead the formation of a chained only structure of the mundividncias, constructed around the values and meanings of the mundividncias. However, the same ones lock up latent antagonisms, therefore all search to determine in permanent way the basic content of the life; but, arcabouo symbolic or conceptual of mundividncias appear conditional for the present situation of the conscience before history of the existence human being. In opposition to a static image of the world, she is necessary to think the human being while to devir of the spirit. However, Dilthey exception that the proper idea of development of the life applied for the comparative procedure of the mundividncias emanates contradictions, although not to unchain the logical exclusion them systems that if they base on the beginning of the contradiction. Not obstante, Dilthey points the following solution to surpass the contradiction: ' ' The life is plurality of aspects, transistion for the real opposites, fights of forces.