Bellver Jose

Today it opens to the public exposure of the collection at the Museum of fine arts Bellver 171 paintings and pieces of sacral art comprise the collection of art that Mariano Bellver has been meeting throughout his life. The Ministry of culture and the own benefactor has made a selection of major works that owns this in Seville from Bilbao, resident art lover. The sample will be held in room Murillo. The exhibition, which runs until summer, will have no catalog, but a small guide for visitors. Funds of nineteenth-century art that this bilbaino has are valued at slightly less than EUR 10 million and is considered, according to some experts, of more value than the Carmen Thyssen. Our hotels in Seville are very close to the Museum of fine arts, located in the plaza of the Museum. From receipt of our establishments can tell them how to get through a pleasant walk. In the sample you can see canvases by firms such as Jose Garcia Ramos, Jose and Valeriano Dominguez Becquer, Manuel Barron, Antonio Reyna, Salvador Sanchez Barbudo, Emilio Sanchez Perrier, Salvador Viniegra Lasso de la Vega, among others.