Methodology NNIS is a vantajosoreferencial with which indicating in hospital infections of outrospesquisadores used system can be comparados.17O to compute the infections is delegated the CCIH’ s, aiming at to the best applicability. We will tell to follow, the concept of the infections demaior density and that they possess criteria published for the ANVISA. Them they critriosencontram attached to this monografia.8 INFECTION RELATED To the ASSISTANCE To the SADE8.1 Infection of the SanguneA Chain infection of the sanguine chain is one of more important the related infections aosservios of health. Beyond its raised frequency emorbiletalidade, it causes difficulties how much to the exchange or maintenance of acessovascular, as much in critical patients as in those with neoplasias, in long use dedispositivos of permanncia.18Os catheters intravasculares are indispensable in the practical one of medicinamoderna, particularly in units of intensive therapy (UTIs) being, noentanto, important source of infection of the sanguineous chain. Approximately 150milhes of catheters are punched each year in the hospitals and clinics, being maisde 5 million venosos catheters centrais.19O risk of infection, related to the vascular access, are associated localizao of the access, infundida solution, experience of the professional who carries through oprocedimento, time of permanence, type and manipulation of the catheter, settling to docateter, among others, (NNISS/CDC). The settling of the catheter for the cutaneous flora is amaior cause of the infections of the sanguineous chain. The definition of two syndromes is important that present differentiated ecaractersticas disgnostic, being they: ) The primary infections of the chain sanguineous (IPCS), that they are aquelasinfeces of serious sistmicas consequences, bacteremia or sepse, without identifiable focoprimrio.

Primary Care

Keywords: Leadership, Nurse, Primary Care. RESUMEN You are important that los trabajadores woollen salud, especially enfermeras, is en form y capable to serve the los customers there the sight of sus problems y necesidades en substance of salud, adaptndose the wools demands del labor market before diverse wools technologies en substance of salud, in such a way light tan lasts there. As, we can detach el wool paper enfermeras en atencin there primary as un profesional emprendedor en el public woollen context salud, this. You are el bad calificado for posicin of liderazgo/direccin there reconocida for otros acadmico profesionales y for el For lo in such a way, we llegamos conclusin there of that wools enfermeras deben to tener conocimiento woollen administracin to be un buen manager, you are esencial there for unin woollen theory (conocimiento) con el day the there prctica day. For lo in such a way, controlling wools enfermeras of UBS to establecer joins relacin effective between el object y el intention of su proceso of trabajo, is to decir, wools sets in motion of gestin guided to satisfacer wools necesidades of salud woollen clientele. If it deals with joins literature, un exploratorio descriptivo studio y, carried through the traverse of joins encuesta of datos concerning enfermera as there leader en atencin there primary.

For there preparacin of this investigacin fue necesario to consult artculos los published en wools reviewed scientific the national level of transmisin the libros traverse of Internet y en that tratan on el subject. There to recopilar los datos if realiz publicaciones joins revisin bibliographical of wools on el well-taken care of woollen salud by means of consultation of scientific libros artculos y that incluyeron el subject en el period of April the August of 2011. Words clave: Primary Liderazgo, enfermera, atencin. INTRODUCTION In the present time, is notable how much the professional of the health area if has adjusted to the requirements of the market of work in view of some technologies in health, as much light how much the hard ones.

Quality, What It Really Matters

Quality, what it really matters? The secret of the profitability for the health professionals consists of creating an attendance that fulfills to the real necessities and desires of the patients, facilitating the access to this service, of a form that provides to value and satisfaction. The services of this type are created by means of the combination and dosage of marketing definitions, which we call mix marketing. The mix of marketing are a set of controlable instruments, tacticians and, who the professional must use to generate the result that she intends to obtain in its market-target, in the case the clinics and doctor’s offices. In the decade of 60, the mix of marketing were composed for four Ps, considered for Prof. Jerome McCarthy. They are: Product, Price, Point and Promotion. Philip Kotler, subsequent to its book Marketing for century XXI (1999), that still it was limited to the four Ps, contributed with an addition of more three Ps, thus finishing the formation of the mix of marketing for services.

The three last Ps is: Physical evidences (Physical Evidence), Processes and People. Product: it is the combination of services that the lender offers, with the objective to satisfy the necessities of its customers; Price: it consists of the addition in money that the customer must pay to receive definitive product. The open assembly time in the reception, the localization of the doctor’s office, the form fulfilling, among others things, everything is taken in account so that the patient analyzes the cost of this service; Point: this includes everything that the professional of the health makes to keep its clinic or doctor’s office to the disposal of the customers. Example: localization, reception, attendance, appearance, easinesses, differentials of attendance, etc.; Promotion: the referring activities to the communication of the service are all, that they aim at to convince the customers to use them.