Nikita Mikhalkov Vote

On Friday night hosted a live broadcast of the program 'NTVeshniki' on the same channel which was the guest of Nikita Mikhalkov. In the studio, asked various questions relevant to the accumulated Maitre cinematography. The burning question 'of special signals on the car' – to which Khrushchev responded that flashing lights would not withdraw only when there is a right to her (he is now a member of the Public Chamber of Russia in the Ministry of Defense, has the right), for the sake of envy, he will not do this. Added that does not use it for 'chic'. Verbatim quotation from the air transmission, "I ask myself: Nikita, you will give this emergency lights, and sit in the car Ebardey Gordeevich Kukushkin and will ride on it. These people will calm down? Yes, calm down, because it Ebardey Gordeevich okay, but not in Mikhalkov 'The issue of flashing lights on the car, which is used by Nikita Mikhalkov, has been widely discussed with admitted to install flashing lights on the car Mikhalkov illegal and even reported on the removal of the flashing beacon, but spetssignal has not been withdrawn. On the tricky question leading 'for whom he would vote in an election in 2012 when the post Presidential candidates put Putin and Medvedev? " Definitely answered for Mr. Putin. This was motivated by the fact that the prime minister is more oriented to improve the situation in agriculture is impossible without including diversification of the economy, avoiding dependence on raw materials. According to Mikhalkov's President is focused more on industrialization at the expense of research centers and forgets about the province.

German President Wulff

German President Wulff settles with image on a Wulff not only a problem of German President Christian Wulff has had a problem that stemmed from his time as Prime Minister in Lower Saxony until recently. At that time, the Federal President to rich and influential friends instead of the Sparkasse had turned to finance his house. That has a bad connotation, but probably, despite miserable public relations of his house and Guttenberg’scher Disclaimer-apologies of the President himself, not to his resignation have need to. Too much, a second from Angela Merkel would have damaged nominated President of the already hard-hit Government leaves office; It might not be. Rob Daley may also support this cause. The location could be, no should be for the President and his supporters now have changed.

German President Wulff messes with image because what already have emerged in the behavior of the current U.S. President during his time in Hanover, Germany, is now a certainty: Christian Wulff lacking political skills. How different it is to explain that he just messes on the Summit of a crisis, which at least theoretically can cost him the Office of the President, with the “image” newspaper? What do a politician in Germany, whether Federal President, Chancellor or simple MP, through the head of all newspapers precisely the enemy to make the highest-circulation? Especially when, as in case with Wulff, actually sympathetic (correct party, young, good looking woman, etc.). You don’t get around to the verdict of the political stupidity. Federal President, no statesman now is the President of no political “career objective”, rather a voluntary work.

The political stupidity of a U.S. President made this fact perhaps excusable? In Wulff case maybe just yet, it would have remained at the Hanover problem and a tight, open declaration, lacrimal gland and victims Act. For the Office of the President but, you interpret the basic law and the Constitutional reality correctly, there is, in addition to the minimum age and the German citizenship only a prerequisite: statesman must be one, or at least statesmanlike occur must the Federal President, who now once a power-packed position in the State occupies a symbolic, first and foremost. Respect for the Office is itself dismantled resignation if a President now personally (!) calls the image – editor in Chief, threatened him even on tape and in an embarrassing, selbstmitleidig offended media appearance after another, not he is one: A statesman. Then he would have rather kept quiet, then he’d stayed – perhaps – Federal President. But there is really only one way, when German President Wulff is serious about his talk of respect for the Office. Andreas Kellner…