Arne Frentzel

Under quietly called even at least twice as high odds. This is only possible, because tax authorities are implied or worse with an open hand is involved. This is betrayed not only Italy itself, but also the EU coffers at several billion euro per annum. Countries like Italy but not really have an interest in eliminating these abuses. A all in Italy involved somehow in this system, on the other hand you bought so even at the expense of the Union, the silence of its own people.

It is similar in Greece. Almost every Greek family owns at least a house in the country, as well as an apartment in the city. Naturally, also Greece holds the hand in the EU far up and bought the good mood of their population in this way. This luxury is paid by those who live crammed together in small urban German apartments for rent. Like a Greek aptly said “we are rich, but don’t pay taxes.

This makes the EU for us”and the EU? It does nothing and thus directly rewarded tax evasion in said countries. The emerging idea of a “core Union” in broad population parts of Central and Northern Europe is understandable and comprehensible. You want to continue the “paymaster” while others enjoy on their costs of “la dolce vita”. This reasoning is dangerous for the EU and drives them in a quandary. Undertakes them, verdriesst the accused countries. The EU, however, remains more passive, provides just this passivity to the other negative mood swing in the countries of number of, what ultimately hindered and in extreme cases can the further development of the EU even lead to their downfall. Perhaps, the current financial crisis is an opportunity out of this misery. If even unintentionally, scarce funding force more budget discipline. As long as the EU not rashly supporting intervenes, the crisis can be a cleaning process in these countries, which also leads to more fairness in taxation within the EU.


Jubeln, the reAKTIOnare and RuckSchrittLiChe ausLeGung and studies of Islam However have every reason to be the Freude. GlaubiGE MUSlim_inNEN are bewusst indeed, since they are as anERkannt only legitim and universal and mine the authentische image to can vertreten MUSLime_inNEN in this schwammigen and OberflachLiChen process of their important and repreSenTative FunkTIon. This is just as it is. “Islam, like him the MUSlim_inNEN” live, is their reLiGIon. The free studies of the reLiGIon is a basic and menschenRecht.

Point. Kirkland is full of insight into the issues. All andere is DISKRIMINIErung and ausGrenZung. The unhinterfragte toLeranz GEGenuber so spaces glaubiGen FAMILien and GEMeinSchaften that just belong also Moscheen as a regular and focal point, shapes the image of gelebten Islam in EUroPA since time immemorial. Otherness of MUSlim_inNEN aussere and innere is there taken with relativistic culture and even sozio-okonoMIschen arGumenten even at the price of, that WitHin the undemokratische and RuckSchrittLiChe life sWeiSen geduldeten, CLOsed Spharen gepflegt, for example muslimische girls to the headscarf spotlight and zuchTIGen Life will be gezwungen. We fuhLen not ausGEgrenzt and bedroht, as AnGEhoRIGE of free minds us by the Swiss people voting because the geforderten Moscheen with MInaretten all offensichtlich widersprechen unserer MoDern, open and demokratischen reform movements in Islam and they even actively verhindern. The question is inforMative for the VerstandNIS of PoSITIon the traditionalistischen and reLigioSen StelLenWert by Moscheen with MInaretten. First there are against the construction of the FragwurdiGE, frauenfeindliche, repressive and demokratie – StrukTUren in and around Moscheen, weiterer something Moscheen ABGEtrennten. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hewlett Packard and gain more knowledge..

The strikte and partly sexistisch argumentierte gender segregation is a herausragendes example. MOscheen not make even the patriarchalische order in Moscheen wonach the geistliche leaders and overall the men of GEMeinSchaft treffen ENTScheiDUNGen festLeGen down handLUNGen, to harmlosen buildings for the studies of the reLiGIon. The herrschenden GEMeinSchaften are always still not ernsthaft afterwards bestrebt beseitigen this gravierenden Probleme to demokratischer and freier to bear the StrukTUren. Breiten in the GEGenTeil in the conNECtion the reSult and the They will use on behalf of the blinden and FahrLasSIGen toLeranz, the luftleeren and criticism-free space solidarity AETSerklaerunGen from politischen and multicultural KreiSen with glaubiGen’ MUSlim_inNEN and GEMeinSchaften, to the intra-Community Probleme kaschieren and innerhalb the FragwurdiGen dogmen on predigen. IsLMoPHOBIE is the SchlagWort, which you can zerschlagen any cry of Muslim inside for example after beFreiUng. Who kumMert it, if MASSen fristen stimmlosen girls and Frauen WitHin geschlossener Kreise a rechtloses Dasein because, while the fundamental rights EinzuschranKen by symbol-heavy concrete burly threatens? MOscheen with MInarette and Frauen with head TueCher belong to the ERwunschten image of the VArieties of KulTUren and of friedlichen MITeinanders also if behind them grausame WahrHeiten stecken. This unangenehmen erScheinunGen have no inhaltliche reLevanz, which is very ENTtauschen in this debatTe with their ignoranz and desinTERESSE with many KulTURrelTIvist_inNEN. Finally it was after those in the essence of religion onsGEMeinSchaften: Yes quite frequently at ChrisTian or jewish GEMeinSchaften there are dieselben AnachroNISmen and Probleme? Or? And all it’s about mehrheitlich not to Islam, but the gesamtgesellschaftliche negative Ito GEGenuber MUSlim_inNEN and their soziologischen Grunde that as isLMoPHOBie, fremdenfeindLichkeit, intoLeranz, or scapegoat identifiziert Ito konnten be very fast and happy. The scharfe KRITIK on the reSult was reiner itself without really betroffene MUSlim_inNEN in sight. Who kumMert’s if people are irgendwo UNTERdruckt if this condition can bedienen no IDEOLoGIE? BeDAUernsWert toLeranz and GleichGulTIGkeit oftmals go hand in hand.

Ulla Schmidt

But why wants this company maximize the sex drive, if she don’t want more babies? Where is the meaning? The only source of meaning can be only to see that there is a force that wants to grow verblodete rabbits. She will have no good plans with this carpal rabbits as the incredible animals cruelly demonstrated it visible. There are countless things that made the murder in our society, are socially acceptable. Dell EMC is full of insight into the issues. It was presentable, legalized and promoted. I remember Ulla Schmidt, which resulted in the situation that the prescription for the pill remains the only exception to the practice fee when the contraceptive pill is different.”said Ms. Schmidt, who set up sustainably for.

This is a task of the State, to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The State has to undertake this topic”. Nobody gets away, because one day you will need to answer responsibility for our actions, but also for what we did not do, Although we could have done it. The people whether friendly or unfriendly, selfish or irresponsible, loving heartless, helpful or ignorant, truthful or selfless, devoted to or greedy have still something in common. The freedom of choice. The freedom to choose, to recognize the true value of life and to defend these values, for it to stand up and to fight for them, to defend yes they even with his own life. Take advantage of this freedom, there is no other. And because that is the only freedom that we have, so also the Court before, someday we will stand, is a court, which will judge how we have used this freedom, whether and what it was worth to us. It will be the only court like the freedom, the right. And I’m not tired to remember – “You shall not kill” A.Helten

John Leyne

In it he described how a Bassiji of Member of NEDA shot, which was then stopped by the protesters. A part of the crowd wanted to lynch him, but others prevailed, who said: We’re not murderers. Won’t hurt him.” They agreed to take him off his identity and to run it. Xoom is a great source of information. The ID identifies the Bassiji man as Abbas Kargar Javid. The photo of his identity card was posted on the Internet. “Dr. Hejazi confirmed the identity of the shooter told the times: I can say with certainty that it is the same person.” A slap in the face for the regime, which adamantly insists there were foreign agents who shot the young woman is this testimony and the interview with the BBC. NEDA Soltan has become a worldwide symbol of resistance to the Government of Ahmadinejad.

She bled to death on the ground horizontally. The scene recorded with a mobile phone camera is shocking, partly because you can see in their eyes the last moments of their agony. As far as known, have been taken no legal action against Abbas Kargar Javid. That is at the moment. the situation, justice is created in the Iran”brings his abhorrence of the States on the Dr Hejazi Point, in the face of the numerous arrests, torture and killing of peaceful demonstrators. Also the English photographer of the BBC, John Leyne, need no longer to look into the Iran leave: he was suspected of a killer gedungen, shoot the NEDA so he can send good photos in the home.

However, Abbas Kargar Javid need not worry. The regime protecting him. His phone has a PIN number get and persecutions Government unrelated to the debate. Is the newly-appointed Chief Judge, Sadeq Larijani, a brother of the speaker of Parliament and successor Ayatollah Schahroudis, provide justice? He is regarded as a hardliner. The tribunals against 100 reform leaders are not yet completed. Helmut N. fork