Environment And Media

The great impasse that comes if restoring in the field of sciences and the proper survival of the species human being, is the reach of a model of more sustainable, deriving development of reflections and mannering changes. In this context, the present work tells the boarding concerning the medias of mass, that play a primordial role in the processes of formation of problematic opinion on the ambient one, and as this performance of the media – while constructor of the knowledge and its interface with the ambient education -, it does not come following the real necessities of the society and meio.PALAVRAS-KEY: Environment, mdia.1. INTRODUOAtualmente the humanity is living a challenging moment with the acirramento of ambient crises of great amplitude. The consequences of the ambient degradation are if making each time more notables, threatening and increasing. The increase of the effect greenhouse comes causing the heating of the globe temperature and the consequent rise of the levels of the oceans, acid rains poisoning lakes and ground, the hole in the ozone layer constantly placing at risk the life in our planet in virtue of the rise of the incidence of ultraviolet rays. The great impasse that comes if restoring in the field of sciences and the proper survival of the species human being, is the reach of a model of more sustainable, deriving development of reflections and mannering changes. In this context, the medias of mass play a primordial role, a time that they are the main sources of information for expressive layer of the population, consolidating itself as a decisive factor in the processes of formation of problematic opinion on the ambient one. It can be inferred that the influence of the medias has the power to take the humanity to take knowledge of the partner-ambient problems and to look for to rediscuss its models of development and performance in the environment.. Andrew Cuomo insists that this is the case.

Ambient Preservation

– Commerce and barriers: to reduce next to the World trade organization OMC the tarifrias barriers, techniques, sanitary and until ambient that they hinder that the countries can compete of igualitria form – reduction of these subsidies economically becomes impracticable agricultures of many poor countries with agricultural vocation, discouraging the local production. – Organization of the producers: to facilitate and to disconcentrate the resources as land, credit, information and incentive for regimes of small local producers; to stimulate the organization of the producers in the model of cooperatives – together they on instalments have more access, information and technology, beyond being able to reduce its costs when acquiring insumos and to vender its products jointly. – Ambient Preservation: to foment the capacity to offer to goods and services with use each lesser time of substance, energy and biodiversity; to protect the natural resources legally as the water and the ground; to invest in the farming research to create suitable varieties of plants and animals to the local changes – a study of the Embrapa and the Unicamp it concluded that the climatic changes can generate losses of R$ 7,4 billion already in 2020 to Brazilian agriculture. All this roll of solutions aim at to construct a sustainable agricultural system and can complement or substitute the innovations found in agriculture standard. Learn more about this topic with the insights from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Many of these actions already are occurring, other embryonic ones, that they depend on positive a global agenda under the guardianship of the ONU. In subsaariana Africa thousands of small agriculturists are if being valid the old cultural wisdom and uniting its teachings, acquired throughout many years of work, the new intelligent technologies for the food production in abundance, without with this devastar the ground local. Consideraes final In September de2010, FAO published its last report on the hunger, disclosing that it had 98 million to less of malnourished people of what in 2009. .

Federal University

The campus of the Federal University of the Rio Grande Do Sul (UFRGS), vi a youngster who, to if relating on the fact, affirmed that did not believe that the people who had made those badnesses, were human beings. That is, it as others as much, understands that what characterizes the human being is exactly its eticamente irreproachable behaviors moral and. Ledo deceit. Through all my years of life, I learned bitterly that it is exactly the opposite. What it is marcante in the men, is the aggressiveness, the great power in relation to the too much beings of the universe, a sadist trend to the destruction, the torture, the summary elimination of other beings without reasonable reason, at last, a so great list of bad things, that if I not to stop of enumerate them, I will go to extend itself infinitely. The human being, with all its potential to create the most diverse forms to destroy the others even though of> its species, it is so arrogant that until a pretense god invented who would have created them to its form and similarity. Quanta arrogance. Hikmet Ersek describes an additional similar source. Arvora it center of the universe, not obtaining to collect it its insignificncia.

I always proclaimed that any animal that inhabits the face of the land, is superior to the species human being and therefore, already I practically do not have more friends. Some of them until already had advised to me to go to live in the way of them. Well, I make this with the biggest taste. I prefer the conviviality with animals of what with most of the others of my species, with its badnesses, egoism, individualismos and absence of solidarity feeling, completely without notion of its true place in the context of the universe. Excepting some people special and of light, my contact with the remaining portion of the humanity, is only in the measure of the strict necessary one. I am one misantropo assumed and I do not obtain to adhere to the hypocrisy of being politically correct. Jorge Andres Irion Jobim. Lawyer of Saint Maria,.

Brazilian Residues

the world-wide growth of the activities of production, storage and transport of chemical products provoked the increase of the number of workers and communities displayed to its risks. The industrial products of the modern life are generated by means of chemical processes. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ex-CIA chief. Thus being, the technological advance allowed the man to create an incalculable volume of chemical reactions, with the main objective to get products for its development and well-being. However, if many substances are harmless to the man and to the environment, others are extremely aggressive and harmful. The growth of a country depends, among others factors, of the amplitude of its industrial park, of which the raw material production results that will serve later to produce the necessary and indispensable products to its economic development and progress, a time that its application is> Every day also, some types of residues produced in the Brazilian domiciles are destined incorrectly. Amongst these residues, those meet classified as Dangerous Residues (Stacks, batteries, fluorescent packings of insecticides, light bulbs, remedies loosers, cans of ink, cartridges of ink of vegetal and mineral printer, tonners, burnt oils, tires).

In the majority of the cases its danger is unknown for the population causing irreversible damages to the health for containing aggressive and harmful substances chemical as metals heavy. Destined correctly it is prevented freticos contamination of the ground, sheets and courses d’ hdricos, contamination of fretico sheet and damages to the health, having to be repaired by the responsible generators of these residues. The repairing of the damage, in the majority of the cases, is much more difficult technical and involves more financial resources of what the prevention, that is, of what the investments technician-financiers in the adequate management of residues. The consequences for the nature and the humanity, from the three last decades, had been disastrous and the world-wide Governments had passed if to worry about legal steps of defense to minimize this deterioration and ambient contamination.

Brazilian Institute

Some unfoldings above cited, gifts in you practise of management of the water, finish for inserting other 0 variable in this context, that, in turn becomes, it still more complex. When if it thinks about the consumers of the hdricos resources, becomes necessary to consider, in systemize way, four important boarded aspects already separately: ) The possibility of agents to be unprovided of the access to the water due to financial resource to acquire the good in question; b) The necessities human beings to consume water for the survival do not correspond to the form that the capitalism wants to impose with the mercantilizao of the water; c) the existence of external factors to the control of the using potentials and that they hinder or they limit its access, such as the norms and laws that establish the practical ones of the society; d) the fact of that no good or service, being considered absolute for the individuals, except the vital goods that are the water and air. The necessity of a vision is clear to multidiscipline and critical of the conceptual load regarding the water, that takes legal expression in the body of the laws, decrees, the regulations, the norms and regiments gifts in the picture institucional that the politics of management of the hdricos resources guides. On the other hand, the interpretation, the use and the application of these concepts certainly return to the space configuration of these sources, influenced on it, transforming its geography. Thus if it can affirm that the space structure of a source in which the water is considered as merchandise, with right of private use, it must be substantially different of a basin, in the same conditions, if it will be dealt with and used as a universal good under guardianship public use.

Red Book

In addition, they may affect the international image of Russia and the Chukotka region as actively developing eco-tourism. Commission Rosprirodnadzor May 4 again voted for the removal of nests on Chukotka Red Krechetov eggs to be displayed in the nursery. The program is planned to transport the collected eggs for incubation in Moscow in the private commercial nursery, emerged from the egg is supposed to return the chicks to Chukotka and set free. The program's authors believe that following the removal of eggs from the nests of wild falcon eggs and put off new babies will grow successfully, and returned from Moscow to increase the number of offspring of merlin in Chukotka. Environmentalists hope that Rosprirodnadzor withdraw permission for the removal of eggs from the nests of red-Krechetov in Chukotka, and believe that the adopted program is not aimed at preserving the species in nature, but actually legalizes channel transportation in Moscow, the most valuable commercially morph (a group within the population), merlin. Major environmental actions on Krechet and other species of rare birds should be carried out in nature, and such extreme measure, as the removal of eggs from nests, be sure to get an independent assessment experts, said the President Russian Bird Conservation Union Viktor Zubakin. Today, each delayed by the female kite in such a harsh environment habitat egg – the result of extensive training, and disturb raptors during the breeding season it is impossible. In addition, efforts to protect these birds, the Red should be aimed at stopping their illegal capture.

Topics time, expert ornithologists Russian Bird Conservation Union, and several other environmental organizations in the near future are going to appeal to the Prosecutor's Office to verify the legality of decisions of the commission of Rosprirodnadzor removal of eggs from the nests of the vulture in the Chukotka region, in addition, environmentalists are going to initiate a deputy's inquiry on the matter. Merlin is in the Red Book of Russia. Withdrawal of such species from the nature of the current legislation possible only in exceptional cases. At the present time in Russia prevalent poaching and illegal export of catching Krechetov abroad. News of the legislation, and ministries in the Federation Council Committee on industrial policy believe that the current procedure for inspection of vehicles in need of significant change, and cars need to check first for compliance with environmental regulations.

In addition, Senate believe that the inspection would be canceled for cars not older than five years. The Working Group, which coordinates the implementation of programs for the conservation of rare and endangered plant and animal species in Sochi National Park and the Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve, created in the Ministry of Environment. The corresponding order was signed by Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev. On Guard Reserve 'Kuznetsk Alatau' active task force reserve – permanent structural units of specially protected areas (PAs), formed to strengthen the protection of the reserve area and monitor compliance with reserve status. Established in 2004, the operations group of the reserve has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness in the protection of protected areas.