Red Book

In addition, they may affect the international image of Russia and the Chukotka region as actively developing eco-tourism. Commission Rosprirodnadzor May 4 again voted for the removal of nests on Chukotka Red Krechetov eggs to be displayed in the nursery. The program is planned to transport the collected eggs for incubation in Moscow in the private commercial nursery, emerged from the egg is supposed to return the chicks to Chukotka and set free. The program's authors believe that following the removal of eggs from the nests of wild falcon eggs and put off new babies will grow successfully, and returned from Moscow to increase the number of offspring of merlin in Chukotka. Environmentalists hope that Rosprirodnadzor withdraw permission for the removal of eggs from the nests of red-Krechetov in Chukotka, and believe that the adopted program is not aimed at preserving the species in nature, but actually legalizes channel transportation in Moscow, the most valuable commercially morph (a group within the population), merlin. Major environmental actions on Krechet and other species of rare birds should be carried out in nature, and such extreme measure, as the removal of eggs from nests, be sure to get an independent assessment experts, said the President Russian Bird Conservation Union Viktor Zubakin. Today, each delayed by the female kite in such a harsh environment habitat egg – the result of extensive training, and disturb raptors during the breeding season it is impossible. In addition, efforts to protect these birds, the Red should be aimed at stopping their illegal capture.

Topics time, expert ornithologists Russian Bird Conservation Union, and several other environmental organizations in the near future are going to appeal to the Prosecutor's Office to verify the legality of decisions of the commission of Rosprirodnadzor removal of eggs from the nests of the vulture in the Chukotka region, in addition, environmentalists are going to initiate a deputy's inquiry on the matter. Merlin is in the Red Book of Russia. Withdrawal of such species from the nature of the current legislation possible only in exceptional cases. At the present time in Russia prevalent poaching and illegal export of catching Krechetov abroad. News of the legislation, and ministries in the Federation Council Committee on industrial policy believe that the current procedure for inspection of vehicles in need of significant change, and cars need to check first for compliance with environmental regulations.

In addition, Senate believe that the inspection would be canceled for cars not older than five years. The Working Group, which coordinates the implementation of programs for the conservation of rare and endangered plant and animal species in Sochi National Park and the Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve, created in the Ministry of Environment. The corresponding order was signed by Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev. On Guard Reserve 'Kuznetsk Alatau' active task force reserve – permanent structural units of specially protected areas (PAs), formed to strengthen the protection of the reserve area and monitor compliance with reserve status. Established in 2004, the operations group of the reserve has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness in the protection of protected areas.