European Union

' ' The American program of climatic research is magnificent, it is the optimum greater and of the world, and demonstrates to the linking between the global heating and the emission of gases greenhouse. I believe that the opposition of the American government elapses of some reasons – and, beyond the republicans, many democrats if they oppose to the treat one. They allege that scientific uncertainties how much to the impact of the emissions exist on the climate. But Science, also the produced one in U.S.A., has evidences of that the climate has moved and goes to continue moving in function of them. They also say that the execution of the protocol would be very expensive and would harm the economic growth of U.S.A. Official site: Thredup.

says despite the protocol is unjust, therefore is less rigorous with countries as the China, that also is a great sender. E, if China or India will not have obligations, great polluting plants goes to install themselves there, taking U.S.A. to lose important industries. But she is necessary to lead in account that China has 1,3 billion of inhabitants and its emissions per capita they are one eighth of the ones of U.S.A. the emissions per capita of the Americans are 20 bigger times that of the Indians. Therefore, this is also a justice question. We, of the World Bank, know that the future of the planet depends on the leadership of the countries industrialized in the ambient question. They are responsible for 80% of all the emissions of planeta' ' (WATSON, op.cit., p.2). In 2005, the Protocol of Kyoto congregated the main polluting agents global, as countries of the European Union, Russia and China, beyond Brazil, that adhered to the treat one in 1997, ratifying it in 2002. E, exactly with great American states, as California and New York, recognizing the gravity of the climatic changes and trying to reduce its emissions, on its as mandate, Bush insisted on also classifying the agreement as defective for the inexistence of obligator goals of reduction of the carbonic gas emissions for the developing countries.