Bank Details

The Java module UniBank bank account validity checks before errors occur no returns and incorrect entries. Correct bank details in electronic payments and everywhere where bank accounts are recorded, save costly and annoying waste of time. The latest test routines of the Deutsche Bundesbank from March 2013 are based on the test methods of UniBank. The examination for validity of a UniBank Bank connection is up to date. UniBank checks whether bank details are valid before direct debits and transfers are carried out.

UniBank validated existing bank accounts or checks the new input of database connections for purchasing and payment processing. The Bank data of the German Federal Bank are based on testing. All current test routines are included in the plausibility check. The most common cause for return debit notes are typos and deliberate wrong input. The module prevents trouble with accounting errors and reduces costs for Debits. UniBank saves time and effort at correction and search the correct bank details. In online shops at the telephone order acceptance, in call centres, billing and accounting systems provide correct bank details for trouble-free processing of payments. As a Java module, UniBank is integrated into any software environment. For more information, code samples, and download, see

Bank Guarantees

What happens if the beneficiary of a bank guarantee or other guarantee opts to run it against the non-payment of the debtor that has been declared in competition? He is this a fundamental issue not only for the beneficiary of the guarantee, but also for grantor of the same – in many cases, a financial institution.Neither should ignore the possible consequences that his debtor and endorsed, respectively, be declared in bankruptcy. For greater clarity of Exposition, throughout this article we’ll call to the guarantor or guarantor as the guarantor. For its part, will call the debtor in competition the guaranteed debtor. And the beneficiary of the guarantee, the lender with collateral. 1.

The general rule of article 87.6 of the bankruptcy law (LC) Act provision that credits in which creditor enjoyment of third party bail will be recognized by its amount without limitation and without prejudice to the replacement of the holder of the credit in the event of payment by the guarantor. This means that after the Declaration of insolvency, the guarantor will remain as a subject forced against the creditor with endorsement, benefited by the time remaining until the enforceability of its obligation. Yes, constant competition, such period elapses and the creditor with endorsement requires the guarantor the fulfilment of the obligation of warranty, this – the guarantor – will become, by the fact of the payment, owner of the credit against the guaranteed debtor, for whose demand may subrogate the place of the primitive creditor. The Royal Decree-Law 2/2009, on March 27, has added to the aforementioned article 87.6 the following mention: will always occur the subrogation by payment, in the qualification of these credits are opt resulting less burdensome for the contest between those corresponding to the creditor or to the guarantor. Suppose that, as a counter-guarantee of the guarantee, the guarantor was garment public document on certain assets of the guaranteed debtor (special privilege according to article 90 of the LC).

July Veterinary

Preparation and storage of donated blood spot granted at any time the best possible care in emergencies Ahlen, July 11, 2012 – injuries, accidents and operations, such as for example the use of an artificial hip joint in dogs can be rapidly life-threatening due to the large blood loss. For the best possible supply of dogs that require a blood transfusion, the Veterinary Clinic in Ahlen therefore operates a blood bank. By the blood bank site in the Veterinary Clinic we provide exactly the right blood cell and plasma preparations injured dogs on fastest way available. We are in the case not on general sound canned or inappropriate emergency donor dependent.”explains Dr. Gereon Viefhues, head of the Veterinary Clinic in Ahlen. Our laboratory is capable of, also in case of emergency and in the night by means of hematological examinations to choose the most appropriate blood product and by blood group determination the best compatible pouch of blood in our blood bank.” A cooled plasma centrifuge and a matching freezer taking care of the needs-based treatment of the blood in the animal hospital. In the so-called blood component preparation, the blood will be refined and thus prepared for the transfusion.

There are about 20 different blood group blood groups in the dog at the dog. But only DEA-1, DEA-2 and possibly even DEA-7 are important for a transfusion in dogs. Because, unlike humans, dogs have no innate antibodies to alien blood group. Requirements to each dog that is healthy and calm, donor dogs weighs at least 20 kg and is between an and nine years old, generally qualify as a blood donor. Potential donors should be regularly vaccinated and dewormed and taking no medication.

Before donating blood, a complete clinical examination of the dog as well as a detailed examination of the blood takes place. The donor receives for free in case of own emergency life-saving blood products. Serve as a basis for the operation of the blood bank at the animal clinic Ahlen the guidelines for the production, Storage, transportation and administration of blood and blood products in veterinary medicine. “The Veterinary Clinic Ahlen animal health in good hands” this claim Ahlen undertakes in the animal hospital a team of expert veterinarian with different focus for the health of the animals entrusted to us. As referral clinic, Veterinary Clinic, by animal owners and referring veterinarians far beyond the Westphalian region is estimated Ahlen particularly in complicated and rare cases or studies that require special technical or diagnostic equipment, until in the Dusseldorf area as animal clinic and Veterinary Centre of excellence. The Veterinary Clinic as a training site for veterinarians in six different training courses such as such as specialist vet for small animals on the subspecialty of surgery in the small animal or Ophthalmology and dermatology at the small and pet is approved on the basis of the high professional qualification.

Bank Details

The Java module UniBank bank account validity checks before errors occur no returns and incorrect entries. Incorrect bank details in electronic payments and everywhere where bank accounts are recorded, causing costly and annoying waste of time. The latest test routines of the German Federal Bank from June 2011 are based on the test methods of UniBank. The examination for validity of a UniBank Bank connection is up to date. UniBank checks whether bank details are valid before direct debits and transfers are carried out. UniBank validated existing bank accounts or checks the new input of database connections for purchasing and payment processing. The Bank data of the German Federal Bank are based on testing.

All current test routines of the German Federal Bank are included in the plausibility check. The most common cause for return debit notes are typos and deliberate wrong input. The module prevents trouble with incorrect entries and reduces costs for return debit notes. UniBank saves time and effort at correction and search the correct bank details. In online shops at the telephone order acceptance, in call centres, billing and accounting systems provide correct bank details for trouble-free processing of payments. As a Java module, UniBank is integrated into any software environment. For more information, code samples, and download, see about DB of Hercules Ltd. DB Hercules Ltd.

provides Java modules for developers. DB Hercules Ltd. marketed software modules that are used since 1995 when FABI’s, and since 2006 at SoftConDev. These modules are already employed successfully in various projects. Experienced Java developers take care of these professional modules. University Bank: Checks and searches the correct bank details, prevents incorrect entries and backs UniPost: address checks and postal codes by means of place and street names search. DB Wizard: define processing, data export, data import and reports across databases without Programming.


Is critical indicator casualties of workers in the company, with a total accumulated until closing of the 2007 year of 75 workers, and directly proportional to the previous result, the index fluctuation of labour force caused by the lower is from a 12.6% cumulative, index calculated only taking into account the record of casualties in the period, given that really with the incidence of transformations from the excessive entry of workers (a total of 177 employees in the period of the year 2007) to the company, the accumulated net fluctuation taking into account the rotation of workers is 38.2%, which doubles in terms of number of workers admitted with respect to the casualties causedThis indicates the instability of the labour force in this period at the company, greater contributions to this first occurrence caused by casualties are in the units of Holguin, Pinar del Rio, stores Mariel’s Base, the direction of process, and retail group and purchase of the company. The previous situation analyzed and described it is palpable and visible to make enormous efforts to train and technically trained personnel, providing opportunities for specialized overcoming covering equally and gradually to its specialists, expand your professional horizon and which contributes to increase the organizational culture of the Organization, which constitutes an element key in job stability. Given the characteristic of the company in advance sustained in it, will be a strength of the Organization assume the previous situation described regarding the situation of human resources in the company in the search for efficiency, creating in the new inserted workers developing, and with this increase the intensity of human capital, through training and training received by workers of greater experience or the hiring of trained personnel to handle the new technology to deal with. Checking article sources yields Rob Daley as a relevant resource throughout. This will have its counterpart in the analyzed variable salary, from the wage increase evident and, therefore, human capital, i.e., the desired effect, and if the company policy is the increase level of education average will have to increase the incentives to do so, thus increasing capital human, again the desired effect. In any case, an increase in the relative labor income will be reflecting greater workforce participation in the process of production, in the next section will analyse the current status of the information system in the company, from the assessments defined in the paragraph and the incidence in the fundamental problem of this research. New information technologies (ERP, CRM, tools of management knowledge, Internet, etc.) provide substantial improvements in the attraction, retention, and loyalty of the best professionals..


Written by Mr. Fernando Garcia What to do with the global crisis in Honduras Surely you have heard that before the crisis we must limit spending everything we have on a personal level, in companies reduce staff, Well you have seen what happened in Honduras, after the President Zelaya raised the minimum wage what happens is awful, businesses are closing, where there were 3 only 2, or to match the salary that has been necessary to eliminate jobs as well as the mess you make when hiring new employees and old jump by injustice that is starting and win earns the same as that already had many years of being in the business … resulting in restructuring the whole salary scale in the company because they automatically have to turn up to every employee’s salary (and level macro, in the long run, it triggers inflation or devaluation occurs). This is very dangerous because it is better to have underpaid employees that unemployed and that unemployment results in: Increased crime, prostitution, kidnappings, murders, burglaries, etc.., Ie we drop the “democratic” system that, while is certainly not perfect but in a way helps to maintain relative peace.

. Western Union shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Successfully His

Is Webinar series from 28 to 31 January career fit applications without end and still no job in sight? A scenario in which many people find themselves again. “The art of successfully to apply, wants to be learned, career expert and organiser of the women & work, Melanie Vogel, which offers four free webinars from 28 to 31 January, the the topic of application” in attack. Many job seekers send lots of letter – yet often wait invitations to job interviews. One has then got a job interview and is there not a good figure, you probably missed the chance of a lifetime. The webinar series to a total of four different application threads gives you valuable tips and tricks and makes job seekers career fit. A general Webinar makes the successful apply the beginning on January 28. The webinar participants learn how to stand out the competitors with its application on the variety and prepare specifically for the requirements of the application process.

On January 29, Melanie Vogel leads safely through the interview”. The participants get to know the most important stages of a job interview and get practical tips to prepare. “With the do BBs and dont BBs in the salary negotiations” it continues on January 30. Melanie Vogel shows which phases there is in the salary negotiation, how you can prepare the best and what pitfalls and goofed it is important to avoid. The theme of pitfalls in the employment contract”dedicated to the webinar from January 31. Notes, which lurk at the conclusion of a work contract and what you can do as an employee to check the contract before signing on the fine print give lawyer Maryam Machdi. All webinars take place from 18 h to 19 h and are sponsored by the DIS AG. The registration takes place by E-mail at stating name, email address, user name and event day. To participate in the webinars, participants need only a Web browser, Adobe Flash Player and a enabled speakers to your computer. Info & registration at

Existing Legislation

R.S. at the time of requiring compliance with the existing legislation, there are three types of workers: the gullible, the cautious and the Maverick. Four of every ten people do nothing when confronted with a legal problem at work. In a year, has doubled the number of people who faced a dismissal would sign the settlement without more. The gullible, the cautious and the Maverick are the three basic profiles of a worker Spanish attending your attitude dnder time their labour rights. This emerges from a sample of nearly 4,500 people drawn up by the insurer of ARAG legal dnsa. Thus we are. The gullible (33% of the population) relies totally on what tells the company where he works and even arose that the company may be doing something wrong.

They tend to be carefree, kindly people and little polemics, who tend not to seek confrontation in the work or in other aspects of his life. This type of worker occurs more frequently among young people aged 18 to 34 and with primary studies. The cautious (43%) Da, a priori, a vote of confidence in his company, though he advises and researches always to confirm that their rights are taking into account. People are previsorasy analytical, who like consulted several alternatives before taking decisionesy the consecuenciasde shuffling his acts for no surprises. Within this group are women, citizens aged between 50 and 64 years, and those who live as a couple and with children. The conformist (18%) By system question the actions of your company, just as it does in other facets of his life.

They are restless people, who believe that they are always right and that they don’t mind cause controversy. This profile is usually ladies among the young, people with University studies and without dependents (living withthe family source or a couple without children). Much passivity the vast majority of workers is difficult to assert their rights and believes that companies most safeguard their own interests than by its employees rights. According to the report by ARAG, 69% considered that is not correctly applied the legislation that defends the rights of workers. But despite this distrust in companies, four out of ten people does nothing when faced with a legal problem. And this is because you believe that Act would lead to a very long process (77%) and that it would cost them much time to end up getting very little (71%). High rates of unemployment have made those who preserved their work more conformist. They think that dnder their rights does not help, but even worse, explains Manuel Pimentel, the ARAG insured dnsor. Major labor problems irregularities causing more doubts to the worker are those related to their working conditions (changes in the salary schedule, in functions, etc.). Also concerned, although to a lesser extent, everything to do with the termination of the contract and benefits to those entitled. In fact, in just a year has doubled the number of people who faced a dismissal would sign the settlement without more: 24% It would opt for conformism versus 12% from a year ago. Source of the news: gullible, cautious or nonconformist: what type of employee are you?

Khumbu Day

We will have the first views of the impressive Ama Dablam and Everest. At the end of the day and after a long, steep climb we will arrive at the Buddhist monastery of Tyangboche. The Temple was built on top of a cliff, surrounded by pines, rhododendrons, azaleas, and many flowers, under the shadows of some of the world’s most imposing mountains: Tramsercu, Ama Dablam, Lhotse and Nupse, Everest. It is a magical atmosphere that invites meditation and peace. If the monks permit can enter inside the monastery to see the great Buddha which houses.

In the lodge of Tyangboche the sensation of cold is notable since it is very unprotected from the wind. More info: 4Moms. The next day is continuous until Dingboche along a path that delves into the world of the high mountains where the vegetation is disappearing little by little and gives way to the ice, snow and the great mountains. Dingboche 4,400 metres of altitude and at the foot of Ama Dablam usually spend another extra day to encourage the acclimatization. The next day the route leads us to Lobuche 4,930 meters above sea level. We ascend the Valley of Dingboche up to Dugla, where it begins to climb uphill to reach the final mouth of the Khumbu, Everest from glacier. Our goal today is to reaching the village of Lobuche.

Here the height is evident and the majority of people begins to notice its effects. Many of the lodges is the typical sign that says Don t die in the mountain and that warns of the dangers of evil of height and the serious consequences of not treat it with the respect that it deserves. From Lobuche we can rise up to Gorakshep and the Summit of Kala Pattar which with 5,580 meters is the best natural viewpoint of Everest, peaks and glaciers that surround it. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Pumori (7 161 m), Khumbutse (6 640 m), Lhotse (8 501 m), Everest (8 872 m), and others forming a majestic snowy horizon. We will sleep in the lodge of Gorakshep to lower the Kala Pattar. This will be one of the worst nights since the height will be noted as never before. The next day, if we are well you can ascend to the Base field of Everest to enjoy the special atmosphere that there is in this place, full of mountaineers coming from different corners of the planet and who yearn for that precious photo at the Summit. During the tour in addition to admire breathtaking landscapes, you can visit ancient monasteries, enjoy the culture and hospitality of the Sherpa people, and know the Buddhist religion. Colors prayer flags accompany the traveller while he runs along the trails of the region.

The Weekend

workout exercise weight lifting pilates treadmills workouts The weekend date weights in international football means the last work out dual match before the qualifying date of the next week to those cardio selected by Marcelo Bielsa. Arturo kickboxing Vidal was replaced in the 62nd minute of the victory over Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 Bochum in the fourth round of personal trainer the Bundesliga. The national team treadmill reached the summit of German football with 10 points. bodybuilding Claudio Bravo was the figure of Real Sociedad in their 1-1 draw six pack was a stranger to weight loss Las Palmas in the beginning of the exercise equipment Spanish second division tournament.

Expensive Extreme Monterrey

Monterrey is not only industry and economy in unstoppable growth, or a large city that boasts proud history, culture and technology in every corner, but is also the perfect starting point for fascinating sites of the State of Nuevo Leon with stunning natural beauty, which are ideal for the practice of outdoor or adventure tourism activities, healthy hobbies that so far are of a limited public taste. Fortunately, in our days filia by extreme sports is being contagious between a bulk of the Mexican population, who chooses to live a more healthy life. With just pick up the view, from the North Sultana can appreciate unique landforms of the Sierra Madre Oriental, like the Cerro de la Silla, the bishopric, or peculiar Cerro de La M, which are peaks and nature reserves, which apart from being unmistakable postcards again Leon, give the possibility to all those who enjoy, from a quiet walk through the forest to oxygenate the lungs and stimulate the heart rate, up to the more adventurous, who are fed with intense energy wastage with exciting activities like rappelling, rafting, climbing, caving, camping, rappelling and mountain biking. SYPartners has much experience in this field. Don’t worry if they are not relatives of some of these terms, but prepare yourself, because the use of these words will be more colloquial. The trails and lush landscapes of la Serrania attracts cyclists and hikers, both as to birdwatchers, campers and in general like to those who contemplate the harmony between forest and the multiple native animal species in this region features summits. Rivers, the rapids and waterfalls, challenging cliffs to scale, and even the exceptional natural slides carved over thousands of years by erosion, are generous gifts that mother nature has deposited to the wholesale at sites such as the Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey, la Sierra de Santiago or the ecological park of the Huasteca to delight those who enjoy releasing tensions with activities strenuous, the view of amazing landscapes from very high and extreme discharge of adrenaline.

Latin American Governments

Immigrants have played a key role in enhancing the economy of the European Union and many do jobs that locals don’t want to do. More than 8 million undocumented live in this block. A way to solve that problem is to regularize all (as you just made by Chile and before did Spain) which removes floor mafias, lowered crime and collect more taxes. Another avenue is wanting to expel everyone, for which the EU should invest billions in more detention centres, passages and police activity, and, what is more serious, it should be restricting human rights encourage racism, creating a massive clandestine underworld. Wednesday 18 the euro-parlamento approved follow the second path. Day in which Pacific and Atlantic South American classics ended up with zero goals, the EU got a thrashing all its immigrants. Learn more on the subject from Hikmet Ersek.

With the new laws that should enter rigor when starting the 2010 world it criminalizara to the irregular ones. Can stop them until 18 months and may deport minors, Although they were born in some European countries, and without that accompanied by relatives. A contradiction with the shape with which Latin America always opened its doors to Europeans escaping from crises, famines, wars and persecutions, the democratic example that wants to give it to the world EU and with its proposal to make free trade with the Andes (where a requirement is the free transit). The EU, who did much to wars against ethnic cleansing, will make one of those on its undocumented, they added both or more than the populations of nearly half of its 27 members. Latin America will suffer a catastrophe because it lost billions of euros in remittances and above will have to deal with human tragedies and with having to repatriate expelled what affect its labor market. When EU-LAC Summit gave the V in Lima London latinos did get a letter where encouraged about it. However, in the event the Latin American Governments did not give greater importance to risk approaching. Today there are already many protests delayed in the upper echelons. However, if you can and you should keep up the pressure, although the key to torpedo the measures is to enlist the support of European peoples themselves.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez

The allies will always have a better position and if to this we add available we will give us by well served because we will have teammates with mood vigorous support; but much care, the provision is necessary to earn it a pure pulse through a proper treatment and a constant attention to the needs of those around us. Hikmet Ersek can provide more clarity in the matter. Moreover, among the allies if so we consider the coequiperos, we will have the reserve soldiers i.e. people whose services we have not occupied but would be willing to attend our call for assistance if this is llagare to present. The coequiperos well motivated, stimulated by fair treatment, recognition of his valuable contributions and new challenges and challenges left in his charge struggle to the most cherished results by the Group and its leader. The coequiperos and the allies, sincere and true, allies are always near, an S.O.S of distance, to provide its contribution but to change, we insist, they will demand his reward in terms of recognition and assignment of new responsibilities. With the coequiperos, with the allies, sets very different relations of its own little attractive and inconvenient relationship jefe-subordinados dependencies a mutual confidence and a high degree of commitment.

To achieve a profitable and effective team work first thing is surround yourself and surround yourself with good not of subordinate or for classroom and passive companions if not faithful of you collaborating willing to paddle to our pace or of coequiperos interested in reaching the Summit with the momentum of the vital single that it gives us the joy of together we will achieve the aims we have set. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events. Get in touch with him through corrreo or call cell 300 8055526.

Cepalgo Administration

Limits of the Project This project limits it implantation of the management system the sight for statistical data of production in the Cepalgo Company Flexible Packings of form to identify and to analyze the productivity and to facilitate better the managemental analysis for future perspectives. 1.4. Objectives In accordance with Alfonso (2004), the objective is to delimit where you want to arrive. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hikmet Ersek. The objective must be determined even though when it means the proper discovery.

1.4.1. General objective To identify to the best form to implant the management system the sight for statistical data of production in the Cepalgo company Flexible packings. 1.4.2. Keith Yamashita may find this interesting as well. Specific objectives – To identify to the necessity of data and/or statistical information of the production of flexible plastic packings. – To identify the best form of it tabulate the information. – To identify next to responsible for the company which the best form to display the information, elaborating a plan of action for the execution of the project.

– To elaborate intervention proposals. II THEORETICAL RECITAL the theoretical recital is of utmost importance for the elaboration of a project scientific technician of research. The recital provides to the research has supported deed of division the formulated ideas and theories. Of form that can be demonstrated to the reference the authors and of authors, where it could be identified to the contextualizao and investigativa research of the project, demonstrating the credibility of the same. 2,1 Administrations of the Production For Machline (1990), the functions of the administration if summarize in planning, organization, direction, and have controlled. Still for the author above, she can yourself be verified that the beddings of the administration are essential also for the production. What she can conclude that the administration is the base for any study. In the same line of reasoning the author identifies that these actions are necessary so that if can establish the balance in the strategies of the administration.

Primary Care

Keywords: Leadership, Nurse, Primary Care. RESUMEN You are important that los trabajadores woollen salud, especially enfermeras, is en form y capable to serve the los customers there the sight of sus problems y necesidades en substance of salud, adaptndose the wools demands del labor market before diverse wools technologies en substance of salud, in such a way light tan lasts there. As, we can detach el wool paper enfermeras en atencin there primary as un profesional emprendedor en el public woollen context salud, this. You are el bad calificado for posicin of liderazgo/direccin there reconocida for otros acadmico profesionales y for el For lo in such a way, we llegamos conclusin there of that wools enfermeras deben to tener conocimiento woollen administracin to be un buen manager, you are esencial there for unin woollen theory (conocimiento) con el day the there prctica day. For lo in such a way, controlling wools enfermeras of UBS to establecer joins relacin effective between el object y el intention of su proceso of trabajo, is to decir, wools sets in motion of gestin guided to satisfacer wools necesidades of salud woollen clientele. If it deals with joins literature, un exploratorio descriptivo studio y, carried through the traverse of joins encuesta of datos concerning enfermera as there leader en atencin there primary.

For there preparacin of this investigacin fue necesario to consult artculos los published en wools reviewed scientific the national level of transmisin the libros traverse of Internet y en that tratan on el subject. There to recopilar los datos if realiz publicaciones joins revisin bibliographical of wools on el well-taken care of woollen salud by means of consultation of scientific libros artculos y that incluyeron el subject en el period of April the August of 2011. Words clave: Primary Liderazgo, enfermera, atencin. INTRODUCTION In the present time, is notable how much the professional of the health area if has adjusted to the requirements of the market of work in view of some technologies in health, as much light how much the hard ones.


For what purpose, indeed, does one need to promote a website. Before answering this question you need to understand that such promotion, promotion saytov. Web sites – is a series of actions aimed at improving the position of the site in search results (SAR) for a given query. The search engine – an online resource whose services are used by millions of people. The most common search engine in RuNet (a segment of the Russian Internet) is Yandex (, it accounts for around here 60Tak promotion aims to ensure that when the user is asked Yandex interesting you request, such as upholstered furniture , your site was on the first page, ie, in the top ten issue Yandex. Usually, the next page the user enters the issue is extremely rare. Thus, the definition of promotion, or promotion of a site sorted out now about importance of these events.

You have your corporate website, which should work. Nested finance the development, site pay off. So, promotion, promotion site aims to ensure that your real customer found is your site, and accordingly your company. Now, when you determine how many people you are looking for on a monthly basis, we can calculate the anticipated or lost profits. Of course, not all of these users will make a deal. Once a visitor came to your site, take other factors such as user-friendly website design, intuitive usability, quality of site content, response time to a query, etc., which depend on the company, which worked to develop the Internet site. But that’s another story. And most importantly, to you, dear owners of corporate web sites, understand that the Internet is the same market, which is investigating, you will add great impetus to its Off-line business.

Droughts Foods

This takes place in a moved economy in recent years on installments cheap to monetize consumption. But now, we will have in the horizon of average stated period the unreliability and the danger them consequences of an indebtedness of the population, especially for that they are moored to the consigned credits. 5 CONCLUSION All we know very well that while the world will be dependent of the oil, this history to invest total in less pollutant fuels we are alone one politics of the government for the future, using as he forgives the problem of the global heating. Because if the government really it would implant wanted it, therefore Brazil has potential and enough territorial extension for this. Western Union is the source for more interesting facts. What we are seeing is alone an initial kick, is played in the media of – sugar, or another plant less pollutant that is not food, leaving the other foods to kill the hunger of the people, since the government speaks in such a way in hunger zero? The result of this everything will be the high one of the prices of foods, the agriculturist will be stimulated to produce more the used products for the manufacture of biodesel, resulting the law of offers and the demand, what it interests for Brazil. To be leader in the exportation of alcohol and biodesel and to see its people to pass for food scarcity? The necessary government to weigh this with a well worked program well we can sufficiently join the useful one to pleasant, plantar foods for our consumption, exportation and manufacture of biocombustvel.

After all, the problem of the global heating is irreversible, can be brightened up not solved. Ahead of many facts to the long one since text, several are> factors that contribute for the crisis of the fuel and the increase of the price of foods. – The energy increase of the price of fuels and insumos, that affect all the production chain; – The speculation in the international market of commodities; – The increase of the production of biocombustveis in the world, that destines each time more land for fuel production, in detriment of foods; – The improvement in the quality of life of emergent countries of great population, as China and India; – Droughts in different parts of the world; – The fall of the quotation of the dollar in the international market, provoking an escape of investors in direction to the market of commodities; – The return of the inflation. Commodities: Products – it is a term of English language that, as its plural commodities, that it means merchandise, is used in the transactions commercialism products of primary origin in the commodity exchanges.

North Pole Shorts

The study of the RiskOffice it confirms the concentration of wallets. Some arrive to have ON and PN. She is necessary still to see if it has appositive limit for, therefore how much lesser this limit, minor the risk of losses. Exactly deep that they follow the similar strategies are not equal, alert Augustus Lange Vieira, responsible for the area of changeable income of the NEO Investments. ‘ ‘ Some buy the same amount of papers that vendem, others are a little more bought or more vendidos and this if it reflects in resultados’ ‘ it remembers that it has some types of long/shorts, since that more are alavancados until that market trends leave part of the wallet following.

According to Vieira, long/shorts has the advantage to count on more options of operations in the action market to find chances, what it does not happen in the fixed income and the exchange. But it remembers that he has risks. ' ' The managers make appositive relative, can make a mistake or make right and lose exactly that the market is in alta' ' , he says. The future index of the So Paulo stock exchange allows many strategies for long/shorts, explains Vieira. The deep one can buy more papers of a sector of the index that it finds that he goes to go up more and less of whom can fall or be steady. At the same time, vende the future index. Vieira says that, in Brazil, exactly deep the most aggressive ones do not arrive so to be alavancados.

This would reduce the possibility of the wallet to break, as rumors in U.S.A. this week. ' ' There it are, to surpass the interests, of 4% to the year, the deep if handspike two or three times, much more of what Credit Suisse, Striker Fame, Plural Factor, Fides, Total Pactual, North Pole and Ttica. ‘ ‘ The idea is to give to a vehicle investing it to buy of a time five or six gestores’ ‘ , it says Marcelo Xand Baptista, partner of the Verax. With this mixture, it is possible to join a deep one with volatilenesses that go of 2% to the day 0.80%, obtaining at the same time to reduce the risk and to get greater yield, explains. Xand admits that the deep one started in one bad month for long/shorts, with many wallets registering losses. ‘ ‘ April was good to test the operational part of the deep one, also of liquidez’ ‘ of 14 the 45 days. Therefore, the deep one of the Verax goes to increase the rescue lack, that today is of 14 for 30 days. In this month the deep one accumulates 164% of the CDI, but in the year, 33%.Xand recognizes that long/shorts would not have to follow the market, but says that some had lost with the arbitration enter the purchase of a wallet of papers and the sales of the future index. ' ' In April, with the strong exit of foreigners, some of these deep ones they had lost with the fall accented of determined papis' '. The wallet of the Verax counts on R$ 800 a thousand of patrimony and the minimum application is of R$ 25 a thousand. The administration tax is of 0,95% to ano.*Um of the partners of the RiskOffice, Marcelo Rabbat is also managing of the PR& , The Consultoria de Investimento specialized at risk of Credit and Risk of Market