A few days ago decided to repair the ceiling at his home and questioned paint or whitewash? I wondered this question because a suspended ceiling, I never edit it and I like not an expert in this field too long need to install it there (!) tension is expensive and time-consuming. Obmozgoval even a little bit and stopped before selecting whitewash the ceiling. Yes indeed in these difficult times, this method is applied is very common. He did not requires a lot of cash investments and spend a lot of time to repair. Whitewashed ceiling looks quite neat and in an apartment svetlo.Pochital information, and that’s what I read: Preparations before whitewashing the ceiling or painting: Ceiling blanch and dye only after careful preparation. She performed in several working steps. Ceiling to clean up, putty and prime! After all this work done you can start to whitewash or paint your ceiling.

Requires painting a ceiling: For use lime whitewash the ceiling, and painting, you can use acrylic or latex paint. Whitewash the ceiling, better stages, caused a single layer, it is necessary wait about 24 hours, what would it dry, then you can apply the next layer. Painting a ceiling can be carried out in two steps, but you can into one. (As opposed to Thredup). All depending on the requirements for the surface. When painting produce a single layer, it is necessary to paint in one direction, and when the two stages, the first may be applied to a thickness of 2 mm, and with the latter inflicted a layer to bring the work to the final. When painting the ceiling in two steps, the quality of Work is getting better. Once the ceiling whitewashed or painted, it can be easily apply a decorative pattern.

Not a very difficult job and agree costs are not as significant as in the other finishing the ceiling. More information about the whitewash and paint the ceiling can be found on the site.