For models with a fan requires more setup remote transformer to 24V (safety voltage) – 11400 euro / piece. ODlya connection ventilation – qsk ec. Decorative lattice: anodized aluminum (8), paint ral, tree (3) Marble (2) Granite (1). Grilles are made with a rubber gasket, with a rounded profile. The design of gratings allows you to change individual bars, has increased resistant to chemicals, moisture, can be washed in dishwashers. Execution standard: stainless steel, painted in dark gray (not shine through the bars). Lattice is not included, Protective cover included.

Execution of non-standard: length surcharge of 1 000 – 2760 rub. for m.pog.; oradius – 12 240 – 24 480 rubles. for m.pog., slices, contours of the columns; depth – no; ouglovye items – 5,520 – 14,520 rubles. per piece. oispolnenie for high blood pressure (16 bar) – 2,720 – 3,640 rubles. per piece. odiagonalnoe location bar grille; ofiksator lattice (to eliminate its unauthorized lifting); ousilennye support (for full load in walking); oustroystva for combining multiple convectors; ovstroenny tray for laying pipes or cables supply.

Dimensions: ovysota: min 90mm, max 190mm; oshirina: min 180mm, max 410mm; odlina: min 850mm, max 5 000mm. Management: oanalogovy regulator “Alpha” (several species) – 1720 – 6720 euro / piece. otsifrovoy (programmable) controller DS-1000 – 9600 euro / pcs. Application: for heating houses and low-rise buildings (working pressure 10 bar) – as standard. For heating high-rise buildings – performance on demand.