Refine intentions optimizer. Be sure not to find yourself hooked. Optimizers often provide some add-curated site, without which it may be unworkable. Does the contract opportunity to purchase your rights to use these add-ins? Must be signed, which stipulates what the result is satisfactory, as well as stipulated compensation in case of failure. Transparency and accountability for concern, when the optimizer hiding techniques that he is going to promote your site. You must provide detailed records of what, what methods will be applied in the optimization.

You do not have to dictate the terms ‘Or do like or do not work’, all requirements should be based and come in the form of recommendations, you must convince of the necessity of these actions. Specify how many employees will work on your site and how they will be at the same loaded other projects. Communicating With the correspondence, notice how you communicate, how does the optimizer. This must be it a business person, rather than Neanderthal slang. If you meet a scornful tone, probably the same will be taken to your website.

If you have a grasp at straws as the most likely, you caught sucking optimizer, disadvantaged clients. Optimizer must deal with you respectfully and not to beg you cooperation. Remember also that boasting is incompatible with professionalism. What is your advertising budget you offer? Undoubtedly, the proposal to fly to the stars for $ 300 sounds very tempting.