Social Capital

If metaphorically speaking start by defining the link between Social Capital and reading with the next set of words: Social Capital = * pantry reading = food I am showing symbolically and graphically the idea that nutria my reflection. According to my own experience not only as a writer but also as a ‘mediator’ between individuals within my communities (family, friends, work, writers, etc.), reading is something that can and should nourish us. When in one community, the people who comprise it are devoid of the ability to analyze everyday shape, symbols or metaphors that interact, society suffers, and communication begins to not be fluid. Hence the importance that this ‘pantry’ is the fullest possible Food. Provided, of course you are, reading has not been imposed or is mediated by any political or religious power. In both cases it is possible that our learning is not as fruitful for advancing and the translation of our concept of ‘fair society’ along with the game of words, we all know that a good food provides us with substances that make us stronger and more resistant to diseases; to leave them when we are in convalescence. They help us think better.

Even to dream of giving us a good night’s rest. That is what makes a good read. And when the word Buena employment don’t want to say more than ‘Beneficiosa a world where Social Capital will enjoy good health, would be one who had a large ‘pantry’ where all could bring new food and at the same time nurture us contributed by others. Somehow, these readings or food, must have the power of transformation and Exchange. In each barter knowledge would be expanded and the contribution that hiriamos doing would be substantially increased. It is the same thing that happens with the capital economic of a company.