Inter Organization

Participativa management the participativa management can be understood as a regular and significant form of envolvement of the employees, of an organization in its power to decide process. In the organizations democratically managed & ndash; also in the schools & ndash; the employees are involved in the establishment of goals and objectives, in the solution of problems, in the taking of decisions in the establishment and maintenance of performance standards and in the guarantee of that its organization is adequately taking care of to ace necessities of the customer. For assistance, try visiting Western Union. The concept of participativa management is associated with the work of people who act in set, that is, because the success of an organization depends on the joint constructive action of its components, for the associated work, by means of reciprocity that creates one ‘ ‘ todo’ ‘ guided for a collective will. In this context the participativa management goes beyond the murros of the school, therefore it involves parents, pupils and representatives of the community. In this direction it fits to stand out that the old traditional management, where the decisions only occurred in the vertical line already do not have more space, that is, the authoritarian management is one practical one that it does not fit more, therefore does not satisfy the requirements of a society that longs for the equality and social justice. According to Maranaldo (1989, P. 60), the Participativa Administration is the harmonic set of systems, organizacionais conditions and managemental behaviors that they provoke and they stimulate the participation of all in the process to manage. Aiming at through this participation, the comprometimento with the results (efficiency, effectiveness and quality) not leaving the organization to present disqualification. 2,1 Pertaining to school management and surrounding participativo is not one practical common in the schools to the participation in the dynamic direction of Inter support and integration between managers and professors..