To be leader is to show to security when exerting its professionalism without inside affecting its relationships of the organization. We believe that of the point of organizacional sight, this theory is the one that more was adjusted in what it says respect to the profile of leader and the necessities of the led ones. We more see a worried leader in guiding its led in the execution of its tasks, becoming the results most satisfactory for the organization. The leaders most efficient, therefore, make use of the mood with more freedom, exactly when in tension situations, sending positive messages that modify the latent emotional tone of the interaction. Although sharp words can mention barren details to it clauses of a contract, the business-oriented numbers of a plan -, the positive feeling that a laugh produces keeps pleased the relationships of the leader (GOLEMAN, P.35, 2002). IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE A FALSE LEADER? TO LEAVE OF THIS CONCEPTUALIZATION WE PRESENT TO FOLLOW ITS PROFILE. The leader is not somebody that is born to be leader, but that one that works so that all are changedded into leaders.

He has three types of false leaders: Ditatorial leader: it is what insurance all the power in its hands. It is who everything plans everything thinks, everything determines. Kohl’s recognizes the significance of this. Paternalista leader: as the ditatorial, it is who everything makes. But he is worse of what the ditatorial, therefore mooring cable the people itself for the affectivity. He is & ldquo; monitor bondoso& rdquo;.

It creates an infantile dependence of the patrol. Liberal leader: he is what & ldquo; everything leaves as it is for seeing as he is that fica& rdquo; AS TO BE a DEMOCRATIC LEADER She is the true leader. It is the young that is made use to sacrifice itself, to dedicate to its time the service of the others, so that they are free and citizens of its history.


To guarantee the positive image of its store before the customers, it is basic to consider all the factors, therefore each detail can negative influence positive or in the search of this objective. The expositors of show window they can contribute to attract more customers for its store, as well as, to produce the effect contrary. The importance of the expositors of show windows the disposal of the products in the expositors of show windows can be considered as one of the most important strategies of sales used in the market, where the differentials can be determinative for the success of the store. Therefore, to display the products of surprising, current, creative, modern, innovative, provocative and instigadora form by means of the show windows, is so important how much to invest in announcements in the varied types of media. By the way, the show window is one & ldquo; mdia& rdquo; , that it can influence the customers and possible purchasers, exploring concepts that go to add value to the product.

Adequate expositors of show window to the space and the store It is important to give attention in expositors for chosen show windows, as well as in the displayed products, therefore the necessary show window to be effectively calling the attention, show windows badly presented reflect in negative way the image of the store, making it difficult to attract and to keep the attention of the people. He looks for to organize the show windows, considering details as: available space, main points of visualization to assist in the strategical planning of the disponibilizao of the products, observing that diverse criteria can in accordance with be organized: more vendidos, more showy, that sends to the image of the store, that they call the attention for promotions, chosen expositors, and so on. Another factor to be considered is if the products are in tune with the market, being really what the white public is looking for. Therefore it is basic that the people know that the store offers everything who need and that they will go to find advantages in relation to the competitors. Where to find expositors of show windows the Store of Expositors, virtual store of the Projeloja, company appraised in the market of expositors for store, it offers a variety of expositors for show windows as masculine expositors for stock market, jewels, dummies, feminine dummies, inside of a catalogue with about 3 a thousand available products, produced inside of the standards of quality and durability The expositors of show window of lined up quality and good taste with the offered products are the elements that form and complete the visual communication of the vitrinismo. With all these elements in sincronia, the increase of the sales will be a natural consequncia.

Practise Good Ideas

In way to the dispute incited for space in the market of products and services, who to possess a good vision of market can take advantages and prominence before its competitors. However she is necessary to analyze the involved factors in the process, what to make? Pra who to make? How to make? The social classroom with purchasing power extended due the increase of the population, and migration of classrooms D for classrooms C and B. In sight of these data, she is necessary to make possible new chances, and also to customizar practical already existing in a business. With this thought, to exert with excellency the activities and to use to advantage new chances are synonymous for attainment of the success. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Thredup. Statistical data can demonstrate the most varied market chances. In the civil construction, for example, stimulated for strong incentive of the government for the social program, my house, my life, it opened space for exploration of markets such as of construction, or of aggregate services to the housing, you move, architecture, decoration, welfare.

In industry of motorcycles we are surprised by new assembly plants, that produce and vendem new models for the most differentiated styles and necessities of the customers. The traffic in the great metropolises is chaotic, a time that the number of automobiles is extremely superior to the space of the ways publishes, which is the same ones has decades. In turn, the motion, the main option of the consumers in the escape of the congestions. This takes in to perceive them an impulse of demand of maintenance services, replacement of parts, boutique and accessories, customizao. The companies who to give these services, derived from the two wheels, will have profitability, a time that can offer its customers, potentially young demanding, products and services with quality, adding still distinguishing, such as accessibility to the customer, easiness of access and payment, offers varied of costs, service of tele searchs, and agility in the service and of after sales through revisions programmed of exchange item periodic, fidelizando the clientele. Brazil is in full development, what in them it brings optimism for the future. It is necessary courage on the part of the entrepreneurs finding chances in the market, that to leave of the good ideas, together with strategical planning of the actions, can become next the way to the professional success, as well as the full perfectioning the trends of the market.

Mauricio Sirotsky Nephew

The authors affirm that the organic model would be more adjusted the companies with the turbulent environment, an organization more adjusted to the current and innovative parameters and the mechanical model if would less adaptaria the brought up to date companies with the environment most steady. finally, was developed the model of the active organization that constructs and influences its environment and businesses. This model & ldquo; (…) it takes in account the aspects politicians of the organization and its relations with the environment. & rdquo; (MOTTA and VASCONCELLOS, 2004, p.289), it has for objective to verify which is the instituted mechanisms that regulate the perception that the actors have of the problems of this sector, and that they influence in its action and reorganization of the sector. (POWEL and DIMAGGIO, 1991; FRIEDBERG, 1993) apud (MOTTA and VASCONCELLOS, 2004, p.291). The environment for this vision, is fruit of the interaction and negotiation of the diverse organizacionais groups and to guide the studies of this work this model of the active organization that constructs and influences its environment and businesses it is what it will be considered. Robert Henry Srour, in its book & ldquo; To be able, Culture, Ethics in the Organizaes& rdquo; it defines the organizations as & ldquo; collectives specialized in the production of one determined or servio.& well; rdquo; (1998, P. 107) and it believes that we do not have to confuse the organization with institution.

1.1.1 Group RBS TV South the Brazil Net of Televiso (RBS) is part of the clipping explored for the agreement of the management of the institucional actions in the organizacional context. The importance of the case deflagrado for the sender exceeds the characteristics of the vehicle and reaches the organizacional level that foments the quarrel of what it is value of notice, of what is control of information and of as the communicative process passes for the organizacional bolter. These questionings had pointed that necessary communicative organization RBS to be understood in the social context that makes it articuladora of institucional actions with organizacionais ends, as we will see throughout this study. The importance of this organization for the society gaucho and Brazilian is that it justifies its presence in this academic work. The RBS, established in 31 of August of 1957, for Mauricio Sirotsky Nephew, oldest is affiliated of the Net Globe. It produces, (by means of its nets of television, radio, periodical, digital vestibules of the Internet and ways) and distributes journalistic information, of entertainment and services. With more than six a thousand collaborators he is as the bigger employer of journalists in the country. 1.


To reduce costs means that the side that makes bigger concession receives something in exchange, so that still it can carry through definitive objectives that perhaps could have most been effected before making the concessions during the negotiation. Although similar to one it changes, this strategy emphasizes the reduction or elimination of costs of one of the sides while the other reaches its objectives. The work is structuralized of the following form: ) Chapter I & ndash; It deals with the theoretical referencial, methods and forms of expenditure, analyzed under the optics of the Accounting of Costs, moreover, it deals with cooperativismo and associativismo, productive chain of milk, scenes, ITSELF, agricultural and managemental accounting and finally, flows of box and countable profit, through governmental incentives. b) Chapter II & ndash; Of the methodology applied to the research. c) Chapter III & ndash; Characterization of the productive process, the structure of costs in two properties is mentioned to it, beyond the cooperative, it also presents as they are the systems of information and as they act in benefit of the producer and the result of the interview with the milk producers in a partner-economic and financial relation. Finally, one has the last consideraes in which if it concludes so that it serves the SI& rsquo; s and which the system of information and method of costs that better if adapta to the universe in question. It will be perceived in elapsing of the work, the importance of the Systems of Information, as well as the essencialidade in the structure of costs, the direction to give necessary information to one coherent and trustworthy management. 2. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL In elapsing of this chapter it is commented regarding the theoretical referencial, in what it says respect to all the aspects and elements that can serve of scientific form to the boarded subject that is the Analysis of the System of Information in the Association of Milk Producers of Quic (APLEQ), in the district of Quic, city of Gentleman of the Bonfim, Bahia.

October Paulo

Since the sprouting one searchs to satisfy the consumers, with quality, of products and services. As KOTLER (1998) the term quality can be defined as the totality of the characteristics of an entity that confers to it the capacity to satisfy explicit and implicit necessities of the customers. Inside of the same line, total quality assigns to an excellent state of efficiency and effectiveness in the action of all the elements that constitute the existence of the company. Thredup might disagree with that approach. For this optics, we search pointers of the degree of satisfaction of the customers of the Lig So Paulo Esfiha. Certainly, its founder, Francisco Rasp of the Birth, did not have the dimension of that the market niche, in which tamed, would have as much success, therefore when exploring the Arab food, then newness for the caririenses, accustomed with the culinria fort northeastern, revealed efficient to captivate a great cellophane of customers. But as the Lig So Paulo Esfiha it obtained well-to be occurred in this context, since a risk of the Arab merchandise to be synonymous of food of rich exists? The key for this was to adapt the Arab culinria to the taste of the Cariri, with typical temperos of the hinterland, beyond the attendance more being humanizado, next to the consumers, as well as possessing odd localization, in commercial heart of the city of Juazeiro of the North, beyond possessing accessible prices.

3. Materials and methods. To analyze the degree of satisfaction of the customers of the Lig So Paulo Esfiha, it made use of quantitative research, & ldquo; quantitative research is a method of social research that uses statistical techniques. Normally it implies the construction of inquiries for questionrio& rdquo; IT COMES & WADA (2004), enters days 25 the 30 of October of 2011, in the store, located in the Street Is Peter, Center of Juazeiro of the North, Cear.

Generate Conflicts

LEADERSHIP AND COMMANDS & ndash; TO BE ABLE THAT THEY CAN DISAGGREGATE AND GENERATE CONFLICTS SUMMARY The ability to influence subordinated and colleagues by means of the control of the organizacionais resources are what it distinguishes the position from leadership. An able and successful leader uses the power to influence the others efficiently. The controlling accept responsibilities and the power necessary to carry through activities, and will have the final responsibility for the way as the power is used. They, the controlling, acquire to be able inside of the organizations in some ways. These powers can be: legitimate, of it rewards, coercitive, of specialization, reference, information or still a combination of these forms of being able. Leadership, therefore is the process to lead a group of people, transforming it into a team that generates resulted, also having abilities to motivate and to influence the led ones, of ethical and positive form, so that they contribute voluntarily with enthusiasm to reach the objectives of the team and the organization. Thus, the leader differentiates itself of the head. Head is that in charge person for a task or activity of an organization and that, for such, she commands a group of people, having authority to order and to demand obedience.

In all and any definition of leadership, that to use, will have one or two vocbulos that they will express the concept of tack and comprometimento of the employee to the company, to belong to a grouping that makes the difference. The words that move, and all give the direction of the leadership, differently of the simple management – it is to connect, to act and to work as proprietors, to make with that the others have will to make, to battle for shared aspirations, and used engaged. From this understanding and of the agreement of these premises it can be said, therefore that To lead it is the act to commit itself of ethical form managing people for one alone objective: the victory of all. .

Inter Organization

Participativa management the participativa management can be understood as a regular and significant form of envolvement of the employees, of an organization in its power to decide process. In the organizations democratically managed & ndash; also in the schools & ndash; the employees are involved in the establishment of goals and objectives, in the solution of problems, in the taking of decisions in the establishment and maintenance of performance standards and in the guarantee of that its organization is adequately taking care of to ace necessities of the customer. For assistance, try visiting Western Union. The concept of participativa management is associated with the work of people who act in set, that is, because the success of an organization depends on the joint constructive action of its components, for the associated work, by means of reciprocity that creates one ‘ ‘ todo’ ‘ guided for a collective will. In this context the participativa management goes beyond the murros of the school, therefore it involves parents, pupils and representatives of the community. In this direction it fits to stand out that the old traditional management, where the decisions only occurred in the vertical line already do not have more space, that is, the authoritarian management is one practical one that it does not fit more, therefore does not satisfy the requirements of a society that longs for the equality and social justice. According to Maranaldo (1989, P. 60), the Participativa Administration is the harmonic set of systems, organizacionais conditions and managemental behaviors that they provoke and they stimulate the participation of all in the process to manage. Aiming at through this participation, the comprometimento with the results (efficiency, effectiveness and quality) not leaving the organization to present disqualification. 2,1 Pertaining to school management and surrounding participativo is not one practical common in the schools to the participation in the dynamic direction of Inter support and integration between managers and professors..

Vibration Analysis

The technique of Analysis of Vibration consists of analyzing possible problems in machines and equipment, is analysis detects variations in the intensity of vibrations of systems, the importance of this technique this in monitoring anomalies in dynamic systems to prevent the occurrence of imperfections. This method is very useful for monitorao of rotating equipment as fans, compressors, bombs, in the detention of imperfections in rolamentos, the analysis of badly functioning of machines and diverse types of equipment. The use of this method provides to greater confidence for installations and use of machines, and foresees the ideal moment for disconnection of the equipment, before a irreversible problem, identifying the moment of substitution of parts. A problem found in the use of this method is the interpretation of the analysis of vibrations, that exactly necessarily located can present error in the analysis, therefore can occur the identification of an equipment imperfection but for presented sensitivity. If you are not convinced, visit Governor Cuomo. Therefore it is important to use necessary sensory equipment and for this analysis.


The reality of the market evidences the competitiveness that the companies are inserted. In this direction, the satisfaction of the public-target gained greater importance in the context of the management, since it makes possible the conquest and fidelizao of the customers. The untiring search of the companies for the immediate return and the profitability of its products and services, would be being one of the reasons that take the companies have not to focarem its customers as main part, leaving of side the work of retention and fidelizao, thus becoming its unsatisfied customers. Click Thredup to learn more. This study it approached the satisfaction of the customer, a time that, the subject in focus became a tool of the relationship marketing. Ahead of the displayed one, the present work has as objective generality to identify to the level of satisfaction of the customer of the Falx company Jeans. Having as objective specific to identify the main factors of satisfaction how much to the attendance; to know the main reason/reason of acquisition of the product; to identify the socioeconmico profile of the consumers; To identify to which the reason (s) that makes the customer to return the store.

It looked for to appraise through famous authors: satisfaction of the customer, quality, customer, retail, marketing of relationship and fidelizao and retention of customers. It is a research whose methodology is classified as: exploratria, descriptive, quantitative and study of field. The research was applied the users of a commercial company of jeans, located in the city of Maranguape, in the State of the Cear, the sample of the research was constituted by one hundred interviewed, looking for to know of them: the profile of the user, if these are satisfied with the quality, attendance, and the reasons that make with that the customers come back to buy in the company and to become the company expert of its points weak and strong. Getting the following results: that the majority of the interviewed ones is women, who acquire the products and services; the degree of satisfaction in relation to the qualified employee and the product quality, the interviewed ones in its majority are satisfied. As well as the majority the ambientao, hygiene and cleanness are satisfied how much. How much the promotions and varieties of models, were evident that necessary of improvements, causing insatisfao to the interviewed ones. In the general evaluation it can be observed that the result was very satisfactory. One concludes that to if investing regularly in research of satisfaction of the customer, it is fortified the marketing of relationship and the consequent improvement of the attendance in the search of the satisfaction and fidelizao of the customers. Words keys: Satisfaction of the customer. Marketing of relationship. Attendance.

Brazilian Accounting

The Value Just is one technique of mensurao of asset and liabilities that it searchs to faithful portray the values of the accounts for it evaluated, through a quotation the market or values gotten for estimates. For if recently dealing with a methodology demanded in the Brazilian Accounting, and as the mensuraes of asset and liabilities in the companies if they gave mainly for other methods that involve greater objetividade, exists the necessity of orientation how much to the application of the Value Just, considering the effect that this can cause the patrimony of the companies. In this direction, having as base the countable reports consolidated and explicativas notes of the company Gerdau s.a. of the period of 30.06.2010, the article has as objective to just verify the impacts in the patrimony of the company Gerdau s.a. for the job of the method Value, describing the criteria for it used in the mensurao of its asset and liabilities, and in special, the applicability of the value just in its accounts. From this verification, was detected that the evaluation of the accounts the Value Just brought impacts to the patrimony of the company Gerdau s.a.; through losses that had modified its final result. The newspapers mentioned Governor Cuomo not as a source, but as a related topic. Word-key: Mensurao. Value Just.

Impacts. INTRODUCTION the Brazilian Accounting passes for significant changes with the approval of the Law n 11,638/07, that it comes to parametrizar it in international scopes, in the process of convergence to the International Norms of Accounting. Alterations, these, essential, that they diminish the barriers between its users, to the way that the financial reports will be passveis of an analysis and standardized understanding. In this context, it is in evidence the use of the Value Just as technique of mensurao of some assets and liabilities. The main criterion allowed and used for the accountants in agreement the countable principles was the historical cost, this, questioned for perhaps not presenting its real values.

Same Security

Small hydraulical monkeys – Two types Exist: with wheels or without wheels. Both function in the same way and are seemed the monkeys type shears and the elevating monkeys weighed. . Great hydraulical monkeys – you go to need when the front will have the necessity of raising all or all the part of trs of its car. Some consideraes on the important systems of security. Governor Cuomo may also support this cause. All elevating for automobile it has security mechanisms, what it prevents accidents and damages.

They possess an ample base that stabilizes the monkey, possess handles special (or they are manufactured in way that you can use a removable tool for levant it), and also possess one stop, thus you ser capable not to raise it beyond its capacity. I am certain of that you know the benefits of a pneumatic monkey, but will explain one more time. This will help you in the road very, in emergency situations, when it will have to change a tire. Frankly, if you not to want to call the assistance and to pay heavy taxes, to use a pneumatic elevator you will be its only option. Learn more on the subject from Thredup. The same thing valley for the exchange of banks, belts and oil in its garage.

Certainly it will have that to take some precautions, this because it will be working with an expensive object heavy and, that is its vehicle, and any care is little (in best of the hypotheses the car it can have some defect). Some measures of security that you must have in mind: . it locates the monkey in a plain surface, a vertical position. it places the monkey in the place made for this end, underneath of the car, not on another place where not h firmness. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Hikmet Ersek. it always uses security equipment. the elevator reads the manual intently before use. to apply the brake of hand before raising the car. its vehicle raised for an entire night (or any long period without its supervision) For bigger information on measures of security and for an ample option of hydraulical, pneumatic monkeys never leaves for automobiles or for vehicles weighed, favor visits the site.

Footwear Azalea

This capacity of forecast is on directly the decentralization of decisions. The power to decide process, even so is at the hands of an administrative direction, very functions better to allow to ample participation of all the levels of the company. Nobody knows the machine better to make shoes, for example, of what its operator, and so on, each one representing its department contributes for the general development of the company and directs the ways for the necessary Social actions for damages for that community. For more information see Governor Cuomo. The examples to follow are article parts selected of the magazine EXAMINATION, (2006) and present the common journalistic interpretation to this type of literature, however they show speeches of companies who adopt strategies of differentiation through the social actions. For even more details, read what Hikmet Ersek says on the issue. 3M 3M is an American company who manufactures a line of approximately 60,000 item, between them substrata, coverings and adhesives. In the subsidiary Brazilian, about 80% of used its 2,600 they are involved in projects focados in the attendance of devoid people and formation of young, which adds 86 institutions of social assistance.

The biggest contributions of the company to the third sector are related to the time, the managemental ability and the operational capacity of the employees. On the other hand, each employee dedicates, on average, 16 monthly hours of its work to the voluntariado one, receiving as if he was working normally. Ecological projects, related to the preservation of the environment and the selective garbage collection also are sponsored by the company, reaching about 5.500 students of 10 public schools in the region of Campinas & ndash; SP. 3M understands that the voluntariado activity of is closely on to the increment of the creativity, that, in turn, is source of all organizacional innovation. It offers competitive wages, attractive benefits, training, possibility of career and, mainly, freedom to create. Footwear Azalea the Azalea is a company who if detaches in the national scene for being the biggest manufacturer of feminine and esportivos footwear of the country.

Identification And Development Of Leaders In The Organizations

PRESENTATION the development of the communication technologies, associate to the globalization process, generated an expressive increase of information in a short space of time. These new technologies and the speed of transmission of the information had provoked significant changes in the interpersonal relationships and the form to exert the enterprise management throughout the years. The increase of the competition brought a requirement of if establishing strategical partnerships between companies, forming more competitive nets. In this context, the organizations need to have greater flexibility and capacity of innovation. All these organizacionais changes had generated a demand of capable leaderships of if adapting to the fast and increasing changes. For this, they need to be innovative, creative and to have sensitivity to the trends and requirements of the market. A leader must use its sensitivity to construct a culture of respect between the people, making them to grow and to produce.

That is, the companies need people who beyond knowledge has ability of & ldquo; to create a set of conditions that allows to develop the capital intelectual& rdquo; (SAINTS, 2004). The leader directly influences the form of work and the organizacional culture, therefore she collaborates to develop mannering systems of values, principles and codes. However, one searches carried through for IBM and divulged in October of 2010 it discloses that we live a critical moment of scarcity of leaders, chemical preparations to face the complex current business-oriented challenges. This lack is consequence of the aging of the world-wide population and the reduction of young entering in the market of work in result of the reduction in the natality tax. To aggravate this situation still more, the effect of the globalization promote changes fast, what it makes with that the companies need each time more than new leaders prepared for the future. PROBLEM the leadership if in accordance with detaches the influence that a person exerts in its relationships inside of one determined social structure and organizations each time more are despertando for the importance of this ability of its professionals.

Public Relations

The used methodologies are the study of case, interviews structuralized with closed questions and interviews half-structuralized with open questions. It is concluded with this work, the necessity of that the half academic carries through research and studies of case in relation to the existing phenomena of communication and that the organizations need the management of the institucional communication and the institucional actions for professionals of Public Relations. Word-key: institucional communication, Public Relations, institucional actions, Think Green, RBS TV. ABSTRACT This conclusion of course work aims you analyze the performance of professional Public relation in the management of institutional communication, like the institutional actions performed in contemporary organizations and you perform it marries study of & ldquo; Verde&amp thinks; rdquo; project from RBS TV Saint Maria. Has the specifics objectives, demonstrate the similarities and differences between organizations and institutions, based on theories of organizations, communication and sociological theories about institutions and institutionalization, check is realized the approach of public in these actions and the categories that ploughs used will be this and finally show what the professional performance of the public relations in the management of these actions. The methodologies used ploughs the marries study, structured interviews with closed questions and adds structured interviews with open questions. It concludes with this work the necessity will be the academic conduct academic research and marries studies in relation you the phenomena of existing communication and that organizations need management of institutional communication and institutional actions by public relations professionals. Keywords: institutional communication, public relations, institutional actions, Thinks Green, RBS TV. SUMMARY Consideraes Initial.

United States

Importing of the United States the United States they are losing its economic domination for China? We go to look at for the impact that the importation of products of the United States is having in the world in relation to other nations and to see the tests for we ourselves. Go to Anne Lauvergeon for more information. The number of import countries of products of the United States continues strong. It is a common mistake to think that the United States are losing its advantage for a competitor in the global economy. Although it can be truth that, the United States now are importing more products of what it exports, the fact of the substance are that the economy of U.S.A., with its global reach, supplies a great variety of vital exportation to take care of to the demand of the consumers. Let us take, for example, Canada, neighbor of the United States to the north. Canada is the biggest customer of the United States, and imports a great amount of products of the United States. Moreover, when you look at for the products in the global market, you it goes to find a great percentage of them really came of the States Joined. Let us take for example things as chemical, txteis feeding, animals, drinks, tobacco, materials in rude, ores, oils, products, machines and equipment and transport.

You go to discover that the number of consuming countries that import merchandises of the United States, and the amount of these imported goods in fact this increasing, and not diminishing. When saying that the global economy also is increasing. The perception of that the United States are losing its dominant position as a world-wide leader is very relative. Although it is truth that the economies of many other great nations as China, Brazil and India is trying a fast growth, this expansion must a significant part of its growth to the increase of the demand in the whole world.

South Africa

They did not make nothing. He does not have great subject that he is not treated by the president. When I caught depto of marketing of the club had a damage of 4 million/year. With marketing here, my shirt was valid 1/6 of what it valley when I contracted without marketing. To if limiting in action to collect mounts of money, the club little invests in other modalities esportivas and do not create products and services that add to its mark. Currently, the Athletical one invests only in the Futsal. Prompt actions and without planning can harm image of the club in the esportivo scene. Race was the case of the winners of 83 of Is Silvestre in 2007 that the club paid quenianos athletes to go up to the pdio with the flag of the club, being that the same it does not invest in athlete of this esportiva modality.

As positive aspects of its management, it can be cited the category of base of the team, current champion of the Match Future Champions Gauteng in the South Africa (Youthful) and its center of training, elect optimum of Brazil for the SporTV canal. The club in recent years presents improvements in its management, but of shy and limited form. Cruise The Italy Lecture was a materialize dream of the Italian colony to create a esportiva team represented that it in the year of 1920, with the presence of the Italian consul in Belo Horizonte. Its first name was Societ Sportiva Italy Lecture. 22 years later, the team modifies its name for Cruise. Amongst the conquered headings, if they detach two editions of the Liberators (1976/1997), Brazilian bichampionship (1966/2003) and 36 editions of the Mining Championship. Its perpetual dolos are Piazza and Procpio. The direction of the club is composed for Zez Perrela (president), Dimas Fonseca (managing of soccer) and Guillermo Mendes (managing of communication).


The load can be disentangled, in the destination where is informed in the DTA, being that in some regimes special the merchandise can be in the warehouse waiting the necessity of the importer and disentangled being as the necessity of the company, having one dates of foreseen validity. (SOUZA, 2003 p.108) 2.3.5 License of importaoEm function of its characteristic and particularitities, one determined merchandise can be obliged to satisfy to a series of requirements, subjecting it a regimen of previous control, that obeys the predetermined criteria. These importations, therefore, depend on the emission of an electronic document that proves the attendance to these rules – the importation license (I READ) – that necessarily must be gotten with priority to the register of the DI in SISCOMEX (FARO; FARO, 2010 p.51). In accordance with Souza (2003, P. 117) ' ' the proper importer or its customs broker, with fulcrum in the corresponding documentation to the importation process? license of importation (I READ), and if applicable, bill of landing and commercial invoice will provide the elaboration of the declaration of importation (DI) in the SISCOMEX' ' .2.3.6 Declaration of ImportaoO registers of the declaration of importation is the main process at the moment of the customs clearance. It is the register made in the system of the federal prescription where are registered all the processes of the importation, the item, the taxes of nationalization and closing of exchange. In accordance with Light (2010, p.74), ' ' the register of the DI is effected way SISCOMEX and consists of its numeration. The importer, when he gets the password of access to the system, can use it to request the licensing of the importations and register declaration of importao' '. Light (2010, p, 74 still detach that ' ' the licensing is part of the administrative control, while the DI is the document base of the control aduaneiro' '.


A pyramid was created then where the necessities consist human beings and its implications. As Robbins, DeCenzo (2001, p.168, 169) the necessities of each individual is internal, therefore they exist since its birth, these are called primary necessities, but with passing of the time with the growth and development of the individual they appear the secondary necessities. For Chiavenato (2005, p.247) it is possible to define necessities in levels: – Level 1: Physiological necessities: they are who guarantee the survival of the individual (to eat, to drink, to sleep, to live, protection). – Level 2: Necessities if Security: also they are related the survival of the individual, protection against external and ambient threats. – Level 3: Social necessities: Other people are associates with the life of the individual together with, involve friendship, love, affection, to be part of the society. Secondary necessities: – Level 4: Necessities of Esteem: If they relate with the way as the person if it sees, proper if she evaluates involving auto confidence, recognition, auto appreciation and status. – Level 5: Necessities of Auto Accomplishment: the human being aims at these higher necessities as maximizing its potential aptitudes and capacities, professional success and personal growth.

The figure below identifies each one of the mentioned necessities previously. Figure 2: Pyramid of Maslow Source: Consuming Behavior, 2009 When if it enriches the carried through tasks is possible to notice one better performance and greater satisfaction in the work. SURVEY OF the DATA For the production of data had been elaborated classified interviews as exploratrias, nature of data had as the qualitative form and the interviews had directly occurred in the company object of this study. The same one has the purpose to offer ampler vision with better clarification of the ideas beyond defining better the facts, participating of the opinions of the employees in relation the motivation thus being able to verify if the attractive motivacionais that are offered, really are perceived by the collaborators.

Inserting Extrinsical

The extrinsical motivation has the same line of reasoning that as Bowditch and Buono describe: The extrinsical motivation is mentioned essentially to a type of relation between ways and ends, that is, we adopt certain behaviors to receive (or to prevent) certain incentives (or punishment) external to a certain task. Thus, we are motivated to carry through the task (half) rewards to receive it desired (ends). (1992, p.53) In accordance with this citation the person is motivated being for its ambitions in order rewards, or to prevent punishment for its imperfection in function of the carried through tasks. 4.2 – It rewards and intrinsic motivation You reward them intrinsic have much to see with the personal side of the individual, with its auto-accomplishment, that is, the person this involved one with what it likes to make exerting a work for its proper will, nor therefore leaving to think about you reward extrinsical, but having passion for its work and its functions. The intrinsic motivation is the pleasure for exerting the function liking what it makes, it is the motivation for the work in itself. 5.0 – Inserting a motivacional model To the measure that if observes the necessity to apply a motivacional model, the best way must be studied to effect this procedure, knowing that the motivacional area is ample exists some studies and research related to the subject, diverse different situations had been boarded, also existing, situations where the individual already this motivated for its work in itself.