Vibration Analysis

The technique of Analysis of Vibration consists of analyzing possible problems in machines and equipment, is analysis detects variations in the intensity of vibrations of systems, the importance of this technique this in monitoring anomalies in dynamic systems to prevent the occurrence of imperfections. This method is very useful for monitorao of rotating equipment as fans, compressors, bombs, in the detention of imperfections in rolamentos, the analysis of badly functioning of machines and diverse types of equipment. The use of this method provides to greater confidence for installations and use of machines, and foresees the ideal moment for disconnection of the equipment, before a irreversible problem, identifying the moment of substitution of parts. A problem found in the use of this method is the interpretation of the analysis of vibrations, that exactly necessarily located can present error in the analysis, therefore can occur the identification of an equipment imperfection but for presented sensitivity. If you are not convinced, visit Governor Cuomo. Therefore it is important to use necessary sensory equipment and for this analysis.