The Position Of David Beckham And His Positioning

Beckham is a controversial footballer who, despite its unquestionable quality, is almost better known by other club activities. Even so, it has a track record that is not within the reach of many. David Beckham is a midfielder of great quality. Even his detractors admit that, with respect to the quality of their passes and his ball stopped launching precision, has few rivals. In addition, is a player, despite appearances, very professional, as his teammate Milan Gatusso has recently defined.

Its natural position in the field is the right band, either in the center of the field as an organizer, or even average tip. Therefore, we could say that he has some versatility, but always within an order. Football example serves to introduce the importance of a correct definition of positions within the company, and how it is important that each worker characteristics conform to the post and to the idiosyncrasy of the company. Although Beckham can play in several positions, hardly life as a striker, will win although insurance that would be any coach by head (remember when Clemente took goalkeeper Molina as left inside, in a match for the Spanish national team, and almost scored a goal). And what is more secure is that as a goalkeeper it would not very far. Thus in the company every employee must play in the post that corresponds, collaborating with the team, and no better equipped for some jobs and others will be more prepared for others, which explains why many times a worker who had done a brilliant job and it’s shifted, happens to play a mediocre work (for examplethe classic case of the seller who is promoted to director of marketing, since that is neither trained nor fits him to him personally). On the other hand, it would be the subject of positioning. In other words, is product Beckham how perceived.

Beckham is a player of great quality, professional and with an enviable track record: 100 times international, single player English that has marked three World Championships, winner of several Premier League in England, the Champions League, Intercontinental Cup, and part of key in the League won by the Real Madrid of Capello, after spending half a season on the bench by technical decision (which demonstrates your professionalism). Despite this, many football fans see how dominant his other facets of the advertising icon, married Victoria Adams, Posh Spice with which the football part goes into the background by a poor positioning, i.e., Beckham has failed position itself clearly as a footballer, he has not clearly established in the minds of consumers is the basic product (footballer) benefit. Although in reality, in this case, perhaps influenced by his wife, more correct to say that he did not know it would say that he didn’t is likely (since the economic benefits obtained by advertising and the sale of their lives have been far superior to products derived from its facet of football, despite having cache of) Star of the sport). Original author and source of the article.

Americans Kristen Burrall

A series of doubts about the study of environmental impact (EIA) of HidroAysen threw the results of the field work that developed in the Region of Aysen five engineers studying postgraduate courses at the Instituto Tecnologico de Massachusetts (MIT), during the month of January, 2009, and who marched through the area in order to answer complex questions such as what would be the contribution to GHG greenhouse (GHG) in five plants of HidroAysen?, do it is possible to make more efficient the dams that already exist in the SIC and avoid the intervention of the Patagonia?, is feasible to prevent the emptying of glacial lakes? or there is a risk of collapse of dams by these leaks, putting at risk at locations downstream as Caleta Tortel? After walking on glacial scarps, down the mighty Baker, participate in an international scientific seminar, interview with authorities and social leaders, visit Coyhaique, Cochrane, Caleta Tortel and Chile Chico researched technical information, and a work of Cabinet of several months, the Americans Kristen Burrall, Leandro Gianna and Laura sea, together with Italian Elisabetta Natale and Flavia Tauro, under the leadership of the researcher Wendy Pabich (Ph.d. MIT), delivered their reports with possible answers. His goal, in addition to the contribution of technical and scientific discussion, to obtain the master’s degree in engineering from the prestigious research centre, whose classrooms have passed through 63 Awards Nobel in the most varied areas of exact sciences. So that the final report of the group, which delivered results decision-makers was issued in September 2009. THE UNCOMFORTABLE conclusions of the thesis research MIT included various aspects, including environmental impacts, safety and possible alternatives for power generation through the optimization of already existing in the Biobio River dams and advancement in renewable non-conventional. In addition, its relationship with global warming. In environmental terms, research they determined that product of sedimentation in the projected reservoir Baker 1, reservoir and erosion downstream would imply a major impact on banks, vegetation and fauna.

The Opposition

For some sectors of the opposition there is only the media, subliminal dosage, is their absolute truth, its calming medicine. The permanent threat of destabilization of the country by the decoupled opposition remains concerned before the perverse message context which is posesionan. The defeats suffered in the electoral field and ideas, reflect an advanced process of deterioration in their interpersonal relationships, creating a problem of public health to the nation’s irreversible amounts, notably affecting the family environment of these people who succumb to adversity product of infection media which have been the victims. They are not owners of their lives, their world only rotates depending on the insanidad of which they are victims. The elitism of the opposition, the progressive promises of the fall of the regime, access to miracle solutions, constitute one of the major causes of collective indulgence in the oppositional sector, there is no reason, there is only the trap colonized in its maximum expression by the media at the head of Globovision predators. Permanent control, the lie, the harassment as a tactic, actions that are routed by the slaves who are responsible for promoting them, palangristas desmemoriados at the service of the lowest interests against the motherland and the Bolivarian revolution. Globovision, as Manager logical of these lies, is responsible for direct process of destabilization that today seek to impose on the country, propaganda procedures which are closed in themselves, created and developed by wickedness.

There is no spiritual reasoning, love vanished from their hearts, while their souls are not peace of the moral serenity to them It trasferira the desired emotional happiness. Zombies of bodies wandering and cold is the fundamental feature in that maleficent dissociation process to those who are exposed part of the oppositional sector. Frequently the barely veiled aim is the realization and formation of automatons that only reflect trends in submission and immediate availability (action and reaction) to premises which are exposed by the gurus of the oligarchy and the joints.

Eliminate Fat Abdominal Rapidly

If you are still worrying because summer is coming, and you have not yet achieved these abdominal markings which you would have let feel so. To reach them quickly you have to devise a plan that will allow you to burn the fat accumulated around your waist, get it look closer and reaffirm the entire area. Regulate and balance your intake of foods to eliminate belly fat is the first and fundamental step to start the process, and at least in the first four weeks if your state of health is good, you can try these tips. -Start by the water. The human being is water, and we forget it almost always. Try to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day. -Try to do without all the sugars.

Not just refined sugar or that is present in sweets. Flour, rice, pasta and other carbohydrates are dispensable in this time, at least then you will be able to introduce some. It borders fruit citrus and apples; It is best to consume isolated, not dessert fruit. This point is which will make a difference in your abdominal perimeter, so it is important. -Vegetables, legumes, and vegetables are the magic wand of your plan. Not only are digestive and satiety, but it provides amounts of vitamins equivalent to fruit, vegetable protein and more fiber than any whole grain cereal.

All this with some infinitesimal caloric contributions in comparison with the rest of the nutritional scheme. It is difficult to know why this group is so unpopular when it is the most delicious and colourful. -Limit your servings of fats and cooking with olive oil. It seeks to reduce a bit your ration of protein, but if you spend needless hunger, the first two points are much more important. Do not abandon eggs or fat dairy products. -To conclude, during those four weeks, in addition to eating foods to eliminate belly fat, start walking every day, to then go up the intensity of the exercise. You must burn the fat in your abdomen, but preserve the muscles. And you’ll see results, they will encourage you to continue! I’ve found a program to develop an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think it is possible. You can learn more by clicking here. Original author and source of the article.


What is asset to what is passive are relations, already powers active and passive, already of the acts of these powers. Follow, Anaximenes looming in their cosmology a perspective that constitutes an approach to physics. Whose objects it is inquiry and discovery of matter and not its measurement. As such, Anaximenes wondered in a metaphysical way by being of things. Example: which is matter and that it happens in the search for an original principle? Anaximenes held air which is the element base that produces life and their movements.He argued philosophical disagreements with Anaximander, on the problem of the movement and its principles.

For Anaximenes movement can depart mixed things but do not generate them as Anaximander believed. Our modern tell us that air is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that forms the atmosphere is It is composed of 70, 08% nitrogen, 20, 95% of oxygen, 0, 93% argon and 0.04% for approximate other gases. As carbon dioxide, hydrogen, neon, helium, and krypton contains in addition a variable proportion of water vapor. At sea level the pressure 1.0338 on a square cm. kg. Anaximenes held that movement can depart mixed things but do not generate them. Young people this judgment seems to me difficult to understand. Because if we look at the reality a little, we will give account we possess an awareness of what moves.

Because that is what does not move? things of the universe move, if things do not move shouldn’t transformations, thinking moves, be it moving, because? because it exists. Some say that you cannot conceive of something without moving and however exists. If in fact there should be such things in the universe, but until my days the atoms are moved, and they compose the matter. The same consciousness perceives motion, if nothing moves that it could perceive? only those opponents would remain, it is as if everything was paralyzed forever, if this happens everything it would end.

The Confessional As A Source Of Inspiration Matrimonial

It is certainly curious to imagine that the confessional will serve as a source of information to enter a marriage morals and ethics on the family. Is not difficult to imagine what listening to a priest in a confessional: a husband confesses to having misled his wife with another woman; then the wife tells her that he is fighting with her husband; i.e. the confessional become a receptacle of marital sinners and their pathologies, but little about a marriage alive, healthy and happy, which should be based on their positive experiences, give an example of married life to follow. Is an adequate source of inspiration therefore the confessional theologians develop their ethics? However the question on this topic which is most heard on the street is: what can you tell a priest in a confessional to a man overwhelmed because it has done something evil, who probably does not know how to solve the problems in his marriage? What will it take to House this poor man or this poor woman? It is true that part of the dispute revolves around whether the priests they can give marriage counseling or not, that seen from a critical perspective, would be comparable to as if a single doctor would read about diseases but had never treated a patient. Yes we have the example of a married man for 40 years, has raised to 2 or 3 children and known experiences and everyday struggles in the couple, and as a parent, we will recognize that this is not learnt in any school, nor in any book about early childhood education. Each child is unique, and with his wife he will have lived hundreds of different situations of that learning. How can priests who do not know these problems the least daring to provide help in this difficult matter? At least could give as guidelines the ten commandments and the Sermon on the mount, saying the person who goes to them: returns home and thinks if you’re doing agrees with the Sermon on the mount.

But no they should absolutely carry out marriage advice. There is no that No wonder that matrimonial morals of the Catholic Church has been too long something oppressive, if you think only on the prohibition of the contraceptive pill and the condom, or all the precepts that arrived even up to the bedroom of the spouses. The ecclesial helplessness in such a matter, is expressed among other things, that flees toward general considerations. Recently have seen him again in an unintelligible statement of the Pope, who said the following regarding the relationship between the man and the woman in all seriousness: ‘the man-woman relationship, with its uniqueness, reciprocity and complementarity, is without doubt a main point of the anthropological issue, which is so decisive for contemporary culture’. Once more the Church gives samples that farther away is an issue, as many more phrases and words without meaning employs, it only tries to hide a deep ignorance of it. Original author and source of the article.

The Person

WORKING inside the sense of belonging is the very essence of the human being, the connection with our ancestors, people who surround us and the entire universe. When it loses this sense of belonging, as a result of the experiences negative at any stage of life, but especially in childhood the person moves away from its true I, until the moment in which seeks this essences of his being by different means. The recovery of the sense of belonging is the achievement of integration with our past, our family and friends and our ecological environment. Personally I feel that many years I was living in a State where felt that non-membership, I not I felt any place, expect emotionally, alone and without direction in my life. To attend the first seminaries of education holistic felt that it would be a true light to find the path that would lead me to find the truth, my truth, and I’m not wrong because once you enter master teacher Ramon, peers, readings, but also the elaboration of different products were changing my feelings about lifestarting with the spiritual biography that I would like to delve into the depths of my being and recalling situations that allowed bringing me back to my true essence as a spiritual being. The key to self-control is self-awareness, to carry us as we wish in life, so it is important to do a review of the way as our existence has reached the current state of order or disorder. The universe governed by natural laws and humanity must hold us to them most people always seek out of us to who we can respect and admire. Now I realize that to find within me and in this way I could find more beautiful people, equipped with, exceptional, but mostly people intact that I would have never imagined I know due to lack of compression people fall into a tumult of negative circumstances, and the majority of people are fighting desperation to survive and not to live in fullnessIs that myself I have the ability to change my life, I have to take a self-control and the key is awareness of myself to stop me, and watch what happens in the world, I realize as the circumstances in We live is an uncontrollable situation of chaos, and to accept things as they are, what happened to me in the past causes fall into despair, restlessness towards the personal life and the world situation in general, but in our hearts a growing hope there the intimate conviction that we all have the capacity to improve the quality of our lives and one of the best tools I’ve found in my life has been meditation.

The Unit

Unity is our currency. We must unite the soldier and the official environment with its neighbours suffering from blackouts, inflation and shortages. We must unite together to the officer that goes to the restaurant and feels observed with people who are at the other tables and so regain the Venezuelan identity. The unit is the essential condition for success. Without unity there is no output. Without unity, there will be no change.

The Unit is as water, amalgamada drops, joint in mole, essential to life. Unit can return us the existence, replace us the light off, repair the turbines of Guri, patiently, with constancy, with parsimonious task of reconstruction. You must first open the floodgates, baste in a single bundle of forces to those who protest. We must weave linkages, the understandings, the understandings among all sectors that walk each one by his side and they have not seen the unit. We must unite the cheated with the disillusioned and disappointed new.

The unit is the priority. The unit must be adopted. The unit cannot go there, area, dressed in clothing frayed, disappointed. We must unite to brainy economists who point us contraction deflation, loss of employment, with the scarce pulpers who survive here and there. Urgently need unity among the classes that still allow the marriage, first communion and birthday with a good party with young people in neighborhoods that decanted beer unemployed in one corner and exposed to some drug distributors acribillen them. The Unit looks at us languid, exhausted, to our waiting. We must respond to the unit. It is urgent to give an answer to the unit. Output will be heard when the unit we embrace. The unit will be demonstrated so she was the panacea. When all embrace the unit we will again be a social body. When all make us one with the unit we will be unbeatable.

The Premilianismo

Reading Finally, revelation, topics of judgment are re-enlanzan through seals, the trumpets and the ira cups, and therefore, the according to the Amilenial view is not simply chronological. Although the most natural reading of Revelation 19: 11-20: 10 is sequential no unit break, combining all the above evidence, it can be more persuaded by an argument of the recapitulation. On this basis, it could be said that the story of Juan de visions does not indicate historical tie between them, but simply the order as Juan received them. Number of resurrections in the projection Amilenial the first resurrection is spiritual, second body. In the premilenialismo both resurrections are tangible.

The Premilianismo on the basis of 1 Corinthians 15: 51-52, teaches 2 bodily resurrections the essential argument is that the first stage is the resurrection deCristo (v 23), followed by the resurrection of believers in Christ at his second coming (v23), Millennium, followed by the second resurrection of the believers in the end. After (24 v) is in the sequential sense after that. In context, however, the resurrection of Christ (the firstfruits) has secured a bodily resurrection for all who die in Christ. Christ by his resurreccioninauguro the hope of the future bodily resurrection of the believer. A single resurrection is in the vision, the order perceived in this text is logical, not sequential. The bodily resurrection in the Parousia is based on the resurrection of Christ, and this Parousia will see Christ to give his Kingdom to the God the father. Indications fingers there chronologically separate resurrections. If Pablo wanted to teach two resurrections, he would say it clearly. In addition, Daniel 12: 2 clearly indicates that there will be a bodily resurrection of the righteous and the wicked, with no indication of 1000 years between the resurrection of the two. Similarly, in acts 24: 15 does not It asserts no distinction between the two bodily resurrections.