The Opposition

For some sectors of the opposition there is only the media, subliminal dosage, is their absolute truth, its calming medicine. The permanent threat of destabilization of the country by the decoupled opposition remains concerned before the perverse message context which is posesionan. The defeats suffered in the electoral field and ideas, reflect an advanced process of deterioration in their interpersonal relationships, creating a problem of public health to the nation’s irreversible amounts, notably affecting the family environment of these people who succumb to adversity product of infection media which have been the victims. They are not owners of their lives, their world only rotates depending on the insanidad of which they are victims. The elitism of the opposition, the progressive promises of the fall of the regime, access to miracle solutions, constitute one of the major causes of collective indulgence in the oppositional sector, there is no reason, there is only the trap colonized in its maximum expression by the media at the head of Globovision predators. Permanent control, the lie, the harassment as a tactic, actions that are routed by the slaves who are responsible for promoting them, palangristas desmemoriados at the service of the lowest interests against the motherland and the Bolivarian revolution. Globovision, as Manager logical of these lies, is responsible for direct process of destabilization that today seek to impose on the country, propaganda procedures which are closed in themselves, created and developed by wickedness.

There is no spiritual reasoning, love vanished from their hearts, while their souls are not peace of the moral serenity to them It trasferira the desired emotional happiness. Zombies of bodies wandering and cold is the fundamental feature in that maleficent dissociation process to those who are exposed part of the oppositional sector. Frequently the barely veiled aim is the realization and formation of automatons that only reflect trends in submission and immediate availability (action and reaction) to premises which are exposed by the gurus of the oligarchy and the joints.