The Media

Thus, the media works so that its production of images arrives at the individual thus it not only legitimizes and it affirms the consumption, but also the ways of sociability in inserted them. The media teaches what, where, when and as to consume. In recent months, Thredup has been very successful. More: it teaches as we must be. By means of its representations, the citizen can be recognized as main personage of the images, espelhando itself in the presented models, making of the image something to be copied. For Castilho & Martins (2005, P. 22), the medias had more specialized each time in constructing perfect, possible, desirable, probable worlds, and in such a way others in which if the citizens and its addressees espelham. All these creations are pautadas in strategies narratives, discursivas and same in the ones of textualizao that generate such effect of sensible of world constructions, which subjaz, always, of illusion of that determined product, publicizado for the medias, it is absolutely necessary, desirable, beloved, basic, essential for its possible consumers.

It is known that, in a general way, the advertising chooses the seduction instead of the information, prefers the emotional one the rational, appeals the intensive techniques of persuasion that if confuse with the manipulation, changes to the situations real human beings for esteretipos, abuses the sexual exploration of the body, at last, reduces the public to a mass of not pensantes consumers. It is born then, the society of ‘ ‘ he seems ser’ ‘ , in which the media forms identity standards that they are established by the way as the individual interacts with the images. As Hall (2000) affirms is by means of the communicative interactions that the identities are constructed. When seeing the images, the spectator goes to take it as representation of its daily e, consequently, as a to be followed example. In this dynamics, the images if had become onipresentes and important ways for the diffusion of signs, symbols and information; more: we consumers, we start to be mere miditicas merchandises.