The Age

Diverse authors had called the study of the marketing as the persistence in elaborating research, studying forms of sales, ways of distribution, to develop aggregate promotions and too much services to the process, searching, also, ways to produce more and, to carry more and with bigger rapidity, to distribute, through intermediate, for canals concentrated in great warehouses and capilarizados in warehouses, having as objective primordial to take care of the markets of mass consumption. This concept well is explained by Seitz (2005): ‘ ‘ The origin of the term remote strategy to the Greek, ‘ ‘ stratega’ ‘ , applied to the planning and execution of military operations, with definitive sight to reach objetivos’ ‘. The agencies of promocional marketing appear to supply the necessities of the companies in placing in practical the strategy to divulge some product or service, mark or even though to re-position one definitive public to its product and for this offer services that can go since the financial, operational planning, to the creation of a campaign, space and time for this execution, beyond the human material and technological tools to generate a waited result or until surpassing expectations of the customer. From there the indispensable canal of distribution that later if would become the main one half known as market or supermarket or simply retail. As well as Mello at al (2006) explains: ‘ ‘ the recognition of business-oriented chances can widely be divided in three conglomerates: identification, evaluation and search of chance of mercado’ ‘.