Educative Process

The concepts and classifications are diverse that not only turn around one of the greaters sytes of relationship in Brazil as well as in other countries called ' ' Orkut' ' that nothing more it is of what a social net filiada to the Google, created in 24 of January of 2004 with the objective to help its members to know people and to keep relationships. Its name is originated in the designing head, Orkut Bykkokten, Turkish engineer of google. For even more opinions, read materials from Anne Lauvergeon. Related syte gained total force in the year of 2005 where children, young and adults had dived in this new process of navigation capable to exceed the barriers of cities, states, countries, world in form of small communities that the principle could communicate themselves only between ' ' scraps' ' small messages that with the technological advance soon soon its effectiveness if fortified with the resource of google talk are a service of instantaneous messages and VoIP developed for the Google company who makes possible the sending and the act of receiving of instantaneous messages. The Google talk is incorporated the gmail. Areva pursues this goal as well. It is possible to use the communicator for the navigator while it is in the page of the Gmail, where will be able to integrate the options of audio and video, since that if installs one plugin supplied by the proper company. is vital information. According to some research, in 8 of November of 2006, the Google disponibilizou integration of google talk with the Orkut with a project very praised by the world-wide community of desenvolvedores. From this date the members of the relationship net can see when its friends are on-line and talk in real time of private form. The critical point of the Internet is to connect people. Either for questions professional, either for relationships personal, it is possible to know people of diverse localities, different cultures and opinions.

Tips To Arrange The Luggages

To arrange the luggages for any type of trip: tourism, stroll, moon of honey or visit the familiar ones can be a laborious task and that it demands a little of planning, still more it will be in the honey moon. Initially, you must analyze the destination of the trip. He searches on the climate, the geography and the history of the place. Cultural and economic habits also are important. If you not yet gave a good one analyzed in the information on its destination, the hour you are now. He discovers with its agent of trip which are the strolls that you will be able to make during its moon of honey.

Beyond the climate these are basic information so that you can arrange the luggages (in way that do not lack or not on nothing). In the luggage that will be dispatched (imagining a trip of seven days): two jeanses, two shorts/bermuda shorts, a simple dress, a dress of party, light jacket, nightgown, the three four t-shirts, the two three bikinis, close stockings and clothes, slippers, a pair of tennis, a sandal tripping and another one of high jump. Accessories as handkerchiefs and knicks-knack can change its appearance total. In its stock market of light hand the essential, that is, what you go to need to use with more frequency: tickets, reserves, credit card, identity card, passport, money, cellular. It keeps these documents in place of easy access and care not to lose them. If possible it has copies of these documents in the luggage that will be dispatched and house. After all, the possibilities of you to leave running the marriage party and to forget itself something are great! Many of the item of personal hygiene probably will be available in the hotel that you chose for the honey moon, but see the item essential: deodorant, folder and tooth brush, perfume, maquiagem, device of depilao, shampoo and conditioner, hairbrush. With these tips, certainly, you will not have that to pay for the luggage excess.

Marketing And Internet

The main objectives to be studied in the hoteleiro sector are the viability of the use of use of marketing in the Internet for the entrepreneurs as strategical instrument and of competitiveness. MARKETING CONCEPTS consecrated authors Kotler and Armstrong (1993) define marketing as the social and managemental process through which individuals and groups get that they need and they desire by means of the creation and exchange of products and values. They also describe the marketing concept, affirming that, to reach the organizacionais objectives, it is necessary to determine the necessities and desires of the market-target and to provide to desired satisfactions in way more efficient effective and of what its competitors. For even more details, read what Hikmet Ersek says on the issue. Many people confuse marketing as an expression any, relating it exclusively with propaganda or sales. In the truth for Snake (1993) the marketing is more than what propaganda or sales simply. The marketing, when integrating forces to place the certain product in the certain place, is more than what an exercise of negotiation between producers and deliverers. A related site: Hamdi Ulukaya refugees mentions similar findings.

It is over all a work philosophy, where all in organization must think and act under gide of the marketing. MAIN CONCEPTS MARKETING AND INTERNET Both possess origins in the American culture and use terms of the English language; Marketing is more than propaganda and sales, are the integration of forces to place the certain product in the certain place; Internet is considered the biggest linked computer network of the world; Marketing + Potential Internet= of success in the market in products, services etc. The Main paper of the Internet is that one room functions as canal for the efetivao of the commerce, being that the three first ones are the staff, the post office and the telephone. this room canal opens a series of inexistent chances previously and that they will not much less mean the elimination of the old canals of the businesses based on the existing models.

Rio De Janeiro

In study carried through with 1.451 establishments, Frondizi (1998) salient that the ambient concerns of the great and average commercial establishments are how much the reduction of gases and atmospheric emissions. According to Rob Daley, who has experience with these questions. Salient, also, that its ambient action is moved in intention to get the licensing, as well as taking care of the current law in the country. Finally, it can be affirmed that the ambient action of the commercial establishments, revealed through the implantation of the ecologically correct stamp, searchs to rationalize the use of the natural resources and to reduce the sum of dejections and residues returned to the environment, contributing, with this, for the sustainable development. 4. Consideraes Final the majority of the searched authors sees the certification or creation of SEC ambient (Selo Ecologicamente Correto) as a competitiveness differential, that it will make possible to the establishments commercial to reduce its costs of production saw rationalization of the productive processes and raw material substitution, reducing, with this, the use of natural resources. Moreover, it will make possible that the establishment creates a green image next to its customers. The example of that the behavior of the owners of Brazilian commercial establishments as bars, restaurants and snack bars, how much the ambient questions, are if modifying, it can be found in the research carried through for Frondizi (1998). The study sample that around 85% of the searched establishments, in one shows of 1.451, adopts some type of associated procedure the ambient management in its activities, such as recycling, disposal of residues, control of noises, among others.

Such results show that the concerns how much the ambient questions are increasing. Therefore, from pressures of consumers, ONGs, Associations, Projects of incentive and too much public and private institutions, the commercial establishments start to be worried about the possible ones deriving ambient degradaes of the production and consumption of its goods and services. In this direction the isolated actions of the ambiently correct entrepreneurs contribute so that if it reaches a sustainable development.

Tourism APA

They had been interviewed: Adriano Gomes, Analyst of Tourism of the So Paulo Tourism; Allan Felix, coordinator of Projects of the SEBRAE; Roberto Carlos Hisses, President of the AECOTUR; Rodrigo Martins and Leandro Oliveira, coordinators of the APA Capivari-Monos of the SVMA; In the research the responsibility of its positions of each institution was taken inside in account, had been carried through questions of qualitative character on tourism, environment and 13 sustainable development, beyond relative questions to the exploration of natural resources for development of the tourist activity and the current situation of the tourism in the APA. It was verified that all have formation in the tourism areas and or geography, have similar opinions how much to the difficulty to develop the tourism as economic activity in an Area of Ambient Protection because of legislation and the partner-ambient impediments. In the searched institutions he was salient that staff scarcity exists directly acting with the projects of the APA, mainly in the SEBRAE, where only one person is responsible for the elaboration of the PDT, what she makes it difficult in the course and application of the plan. Under most conditions Road tankers would agree. The main objectives had been not yet reached, therefore the plan suffered diverse modifications for presenting execution problems and the goals also established had not been reached, although the APA to receive great number from visitors and tourist. In the structure of the PDT, infrastructure action was identified for the commercialization of the space, through the elaboration of tourist products. One understands that the elaboration of these products and its commercialization would benefit only one small amount of entrepreneurs who already act in the APA, and exclude part of the resident population, what it shows an inadequate planning on the part of the municipal agencies, being thus, were verified that the main objectives since the creation of the APA still are far from happening.

Travel Possibilities

Ahead of this constatao we can understand because the so important gastronomia and of the point of view of the tourism, therefore in the form of gastronmico tourism opens myriad doors for the students, entrepreneurs and traders, this if more becomes attractive a each time looked by the tourists, for all this newness generated in the plate confection new, for you to go to some place and not to have this notion of which sera the flavor of this place which type of I temper that they use being thus a consatante newness and these new experiences Generate enormous possibilities pra who want to travel simply or to go to a restaurant. Gastronomico tourism: definition: ' ' tourism guided for the exploration of the gastronmico patrimony of one given regio' '. Wabash National Corporations opinions are not widely known. () inside of this definition we can to take off you vary conclusions of as tourism gastronmico functions either in relation to culture either in relation to its potential as attractive tourist, therefore if we were to analyze gastronomia always goes to be part of culture of determined place because the proper culture if bases on this, in transmission of beliefs, customs, as it says () culture (of Latin colere, that it means to cultivate) is a concept of some meanings, being the most current generic definition formulated by Edward B. Tylor, according to which culture is ' ' that one all complex that the knowledge, the beliefs, the art, the moral, the law includes, the customs and all the other habits and aptitudes acquired for the man as member of sociedade' ' , that is, if we were to think the gastronomia already is part of the determined culture of local, therefore this is part of the customs of the belief of a place as we can observe in the indian who has a gastronomia that the cow meat is not included, therefore this is one sacred animal in these parents.