Blutooth Device

Blusnarfing carried out in order to steal information from a mobile phone – the Address Book, received sms, the list of outgoing calls. Blyukreking aims to track user's movement Mobile gadget. The pairing of this technology is breaking with gprs navigation provides excellent opportunities for surveillance. Serious blow to the security of Bluetooth is device was done after attackers began to use different amplifiers antennas and software, which enables a result to make access protocol Blutooth through the walls of buildings and at large distances. Most vzlomoopasny device during the exchange of information. As times in these moments included Bluetooth is a protocol actively sharing proprietary information and is available for an attacker. Bluetoth technology, according to the documentation, allows data transfer at a distance of no more than 15 meters. Rick Caruso: the source for more info.

Course this is not enough for a cracker – is problematic to run after the object of breaking and on the go to work. This corrected the flaw hackers very quickly – the creative elaboration of antenna devices and bluetooth-rifle operates up to 1,5 kilometers. Such power Bluetooth-rifle creates the real conditions of an attacker to monitor the victim from a safe distance. Blutooth-snipers have organized their movements on the Internet, where the share hacking techniques. Customers on materials from the permanent memory of mobile phones a lot. Very much it would be helpful to read a list of phone memory of politicians, big businessmen and even competitors in business.

How to prevent hacking bluetooth in your gadget? Of course, if you do not always Blutooth-Blutooth headset or other devices that require constant inclusion Bluetoth, then simply shut down immediately after the data exchange Bluetooth-enabled device. This is the most well-known bug – after an exchange of data the user just in a hurry does not turn off bluetooth on the device and as a result may become a victim of burglary. Continuously update the patches for their mobile gadgets – at least finding the developers try to eliminate the most dangerous bugs. Do not accept connections from the suspicious devices, however tempting they are not offered. What can be said, summing up the line in this small review? Not worth keeping on your mobile phone information which may harm themselves or others – a hole in the protocol Bluetooth is more proof of that.