Ursula Hellert

In particular the study areas are added to work intensively with the linguistic and mathematical ability of reason. The methodology in the reception class is different than for children of the sixth year of life. The basic methodology in this school year is the carefully thought-out game. Practical employment track and best achieved the standards and objectives of the curriculum (curriculum). The descriptions of these learning standards and learning objectives are laid down in the national curriculum and also the ratings of the targets. Challenge and joy of the game is no difference for children. Educators have an excellent opportunity to promote development.

Children from many Nations in the past few years especially parents from other countries entrust their children of the international school Braunschweig-Wolfsburg in the CJD Braunschweig and the attached boarding school (boarding house). Official site: Westinghouse Electric Company. A group of 15 in the boarding school of the CJD Braunschweig supervised a youth leader or a youth leader Young people. She advises students in all academic and personal issues. The youth leaders (diploma co-ordinators) maintain regular contact with the school and discuss all questions of performance and work behaviour and personal behavior of a student. To organise additional assistance for the school, if they are required. In addition, they write regular reports to parents in English or German.

The youth leaders also deal with health issues such as doctor visits and the like. Also, the activities are organised with students together in leisure. John A McColgan understands that this is vital information. At boarding school, live the youth from other Nations also gifted with German students, and learn this in addition fluent German. The CJD Braunschweig with its five facilities (elementary school, high school, boarding school, international school Braunschweig-Wolfsburg, musical Academy) is headed by Ursula Hellert. The nationally recognized expert for high type Abt promotion has more designed as 20 years programmes for the promotion of high – and highly talented children. Ursula Hellert is a writer for articles and speaker in the field of gifted popular in Germany. Frank God sand large

Student Exchange

probably with the best time of my life in the United States, then the impetus to take the adventure was the elder sister of my best friend. She has a year made a student exchange in the United States and only piqued my attention for this topic. Anyway, I planned the Exchange together with my girlfriend and we ultimately chose the same Exchange organization. This then causes that we don’t even if should is located in the United States from each other. The tour then went to sunny, dream-legendary California. Under no circumstances were we to the Venice Beach or lived in the OC California style, but we were in the middle of the desert, more specifically in the Mojave desert. Digital Growth often says this. Exciting! I’ll never forget how I after a long flight across the Atlantic in L.A. arrived.

At the Airport LAX took me my host family in reception and after we left the building, I was terribly shocked. All the buildings were so white, Palm trees everywhere and then stood there drew Barry Moore! Unbelievable, the cars were all so much bigger and the whole city was gigantic anyway. My first impression of America was certainly amazing. Then, we drove a few hours through beautiful countryside, namely desert landscape to my new home for the next six months. My host parents were still relatively young, and had three children. At Areva you will find additional information. Very nice people that I spent a good time.

My so-called guest grandfather”was a priest and his wife, so my guest grandmother” the dearest, aufmerksamste person in the world. So we went of course almost every Sunday in the Church, which is however as less bad”turned out as I had previously assumed. The community was quite small and there was a close bond among community members and it was actually very nice to begin the Sundays. Especially in the divine service, incredible music made with drums, bass and guitar it was never really boring at least not if you fun am sing has. My high school was, so as the place in which I do not particularly lived great, but I met many nice people. I joined the volleyball team, which meant that I could see some of the country as the team went into the season to other high schools to play against other teams. Also, I was still in Santa Monica, am a round with the Ferris wheel known from films”driven and had been on the beach. Another time I was with my family in Santa Barbara and am used to swim in the sea in December. At Christmas, I remember a T-Shirt to have worn. The good weather has influenced me in my life there immensely, when almost every day the sun shines can Yes also not too go much wrong. I spent there a very nice time in any case, I do not want to miss.

Higher Education

The pludoni GmbH at the Conference ‘Career 2011’ in Zittau on the 22.11.2011 was the pludoni GmbH to the third Conference of the career service of the university of Zittau / Gorlitz and the IHI Zittau, to actual topICS of personnel management, eingeLaden. Central Betrachtungen of the staff Conference were by, particular in the field of the Hochschulrecruitings. From 13: 00 to 19: 00 spoke five speakers on personnel issues, set statistics, pointed to current trends, especially in the MINT business, and went over to connect in a discussion board. The teilnehmenden part Referenten of the staff conference came from very different areas, with the problem of the insufficient number of MINT students and the increased ABBrecher quota in these courses of enormer importance. The Weiteren asked inwieweit gezieltes Hochschulrecruiting increase the rate of women in MINT courses could. Mrs Andrea Kunwald, project manager of the initiative MINT create”future, regretted especially coming us enormous MINT shortages with the consequent value added loss in Germany and appeals to integrate therefore at least two MST to graduating in the compulsory area of high schools, as well as support the highly sought after MINT industry. “More ways to integrate students, as early as possible in companies showed Mrs Silvia Tillmann of Hochschule Zittau / Gorlitz with your College project mentor network” on. Then two students reported from your experience of the mentor program.

The mentee Gets a mentor provided by the company on its side and can benefit from its experience, networking, practical experience collecting and writing theses. It is not unusual that the contacts between the two over a longer period are retained. Also, Mrs. Janka Schmeisser of i potential said Ltd. about a possible career in Internet startups, where career changers as well as generalists are needed. Finally, Mr Mirko Kisser of celloon GmbH on the topic was Mobile recruiting”and the age of the digital native”.