Learn Play

Describe in your journal how you felt while watching the movie and how you feel, when you just start crying. Step D: Begin to do something to make positive feelings every day. Explore the world or your life in general. Acknowledge that something good about it every day. Feel the positive sensation produced by this ‘good thing’ to add it to your sensual vocabulary in your journal. Step E: Write a fantasy story in your journal, describe how you feel, at least ten different positive feelings.

Step F: Relax and imagine yourself experiencing / her a positive feeling. Enjoy those visualized feeling. Once you’ve mastered the visualized sense, plan activities, to make it feel real to you. Write about your experience in your journal. 3: Learn to play the following tips can help you learn how to play: Step A. Release any guilt you may have when you get yourself a ‘game’.

Reconsider the role of ‘play’ in your life. Restructure your life and turn some time for the game. Step B. Identify some ‘acceptable’ gaming activities that you would be willing to experiment in next year. Step C. Be spontaneous and let go of the need to ‘hardness’ in how you play. Macy’s Inc. can provide more clarity in the matter. Let your ‘child’ appear during the game and act like he / she wants. Step D. Do not stifle your ‘sincere’ response ‘Game’. Loosen and release the need to be “mature.” Step E. Do not worry about your ‘public image’ if you or anyone do no harm. Bring the game your deepest feelings. Step F. Learn to be your own best another. Step G. Be playful and having fun without the use of artificial stimulants (drugs, alcohol, etc.). Step H. You may find Chobani Logo to be a useful source of information. Send your ‘responsible adult mind’ for the holidays. Practice looking at life from the perspective child. Imagine how a child would see the game. Feel the wonder, excitement, imagination, pretend, and dominance and expand creativity. Step I. Laughter is therapeutic and essential if the game should to be fun. Learn how to properly pohohotat. Step J. The game requires the use of imagination. Let your fantasy life to emerge and grow. Use your imagination and visual images to enhance the possibilities and limits your ‘game. ” Step K. Take a risk and set the game time for your ‘inner child’ in family or similar to her situation, where you can play outdoors with children, for example, have a dogfight with food water … etc. Step L. Arrange a children’s party. Invite your friends to have their ‘inner child’ to a party where you play children’s games, for example, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, etc. Or other children’s games.

The Universe

But it does not help the sailors scrubbing the deck, do not follow the way the engineer checks the engine. The captain has a very important work – mental, not distracted by various little things that can make and ordinary workers. Just built and people. We only ask the route, say we want to get this and that, as our subconscious already handles this information, analyzes it, compares with those beliefs and values, which you practice. Subconscious access to all the laws of the universe, so it does not deliver the work to organize all the way to "accidentally" walking in the street you are greeted his old friend, who will help you achieve your goal. Sometimes you feel that you dream about something and forgotten. But your subconscious mind has not forgotten. It was a clear indication, and will work on its implementation, so as not to happened.

Even when you sleep or relax, the subconscious mind analyzes all environmental information and calculates the options for your desire. You can compare a person with a computer, where the memory – it is our consciousness. The processor and hard drive – the subconscious. Internet – The Universe. RAM does not necessarily know how the processor. And in order to not overheat the brains, the size of our memory is limited. The hard disk drive (Unconscious) stored a lot more information but it is only that information which is related to us. And now the Internet if you want you can find all necessary information.

So when you thinks of a certain desire or set ourselves a goal, you do not need to know how you will achieve it. Of course, you need to take any steps that (as we recall, the number of steps depends on the sincerity of our desire), but most of all you should listen to their inner feelings, because they convey the necessary information from the consciousness of the unconscious. Are several main conditions of the realization of your desires easy: 1.Iskrennost and desires and purity of thoughts. 2.Vera in the fact that you're sure to get it. Lack of experiences and negative experiences related to this goal. 3.Neobhodimo constantly listen to yourself, to your feelings, your intuition and follow their guidelines. 4.Byt open to all new and take feasible steps to achieve your goals. 5.I most importantly – no obsession on your desire. This is only a desire – and nothing else. Of course, you can plan your route to achieve your goals, plan to paint every day. There is nothing wrong with that. But it must be very flexible and sensitive to change and not be dependent on your plan. If something is not it turns out, somewhere there was a barrier, relax, do some other things so far and think about how you can go the other way. If you trust your feelings and external events, the subconscious mind in tandem with the universe will you to your destination much shorter and more comfortable way than the one you drew for yourself. Especially because the subconscious is much better to know exactly what you need. It was only after reaching a particular desire, you can realize, "Oh, yes! After all, in fact this is what I wanted. " Believe in yourself, your inner feeling, not in a hurry and do not worry, do not get hung up and not condemn, and you will soon get exactly what so long dreamed. A possible even better.