The Spleen

In rare severe cases, marked rezchayshaya headache, loss of consciousness, delusions, agitation, rigidity neck, Kernig and Brudzinskogo symptoms, increased reflexes, swallowing disorders, speech. There are fibrillar twitching of facial muscles, tremor of limbs, ankle clonus, dyspnea, dysuria, etc. All this can be characterized as meningo-encephalitis typhous. In most patients, even mild forms characterized by changes in the cardiovascular system in the form of lowering blood pressure voiceless heart sounds, rapid pulse, frequent – extrasystole. Sometimes defined by expanding the boundaries of the heart, muscle noise at all auscultatory points. In patients with typhus decreased appetite, coated tongue is dry and dirty-gray bloom, often cracked, with protruding shaking, sometimes, "stumbling" on the teeth, bends (sign language – sign Govorova-Godelier). Often there constipation, and by the end of the disease is often observed without diarrhea pathological impurities.

The spleen and liver are usually enlarged with a 3-4th day of illness, they have a soft texture, increase their first determined percussion, then the 5-6th day of the liver and spleen disease begin to appear of the hypochondrium. Quite often, throughout the disease observed in patients with dry cough (diffuse bronchitis). In difficult cases, a leaking urine retention with dilation of the bladder (ishuira paradoxa). Blood picture at and peripheral nervous system is very relaxed, skin rash rather scanty, and often neobilnaya limited rozeoleznaya elements. Hectic period with milder forms of truncated to 06/08/10 days, the number of white blood cell count is often normal, sometimes marked leukopenia, but in all cases characterized by neutrophilia with a shift to the left. Typhus can be repeated in these cases due to reinfection develops only; for disease very similar to the primary typhus, and in most cases it is the identity. Mortality rates for typhus, due to effective adjuvant therapy, can be reduced to almost zero, especially when the use of tetracycline antibiotics. Complications.


Menstruation – this is a very important process that occurs in the body of every woman. Ignorance often causes us to worry over trifles, or not pay attention to serious problems. Articles published in This section of the site, will answer all questions relating to “critical days”. In each of the ovaries since birth, each girl has about 100-150 thousands of immature eggs. When the ovary receives hormonal signals, one of egg begins to ripen.

The egg is inside a special sac (follicle), which is evolving, growing in size and as it protrudes to the surface of the ovary. From approximately the 8th to the 15th day of the menstrual cycle ovulation occurs: the follicle bursts, and ripened ovule safely falls into the fallopian tube. Time of ovulation (ie, fully ripe follicle and release of mature eggs) each woman individually. Calculate it can only be approximate since this process is influenced by various factors. These include diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems, liver, kidney, etc. Stress and emotional distress, too may cause rapid or slow development of the egg. Egg cell – is the largest cell in the human body, although to the naked eye to see it hard. Its diameter is 0.2 mm.

After ovulation ripened ovule, through the movement bahromok that cover the inner walls of the fallopian tube, moves to the uterus. While the egg matures the follicle under the influence of the already mentioned hormones in parallel had read the preparation of the mucous membrane of the uterus. Its thickness increases from 1 to 10 mm, it creates a large amount of new blood and lymph vessels, it becomes a juicy, soft, and is nothing like potential bed for the conception of substance. If as a result of sexual intercourse ripened egg into the fallopian tube meets the male sex cell (sperm), the egg and sperm unite, and there is fertilization (conception). Days after ovulation are the most propitious for conception. If fertilization does not occur, then the mixture into the uterine cavity box is unnecessary, juicy, pachymenia torn away and menstruation begins. This cycle is repeated for women who have reached puberty, each month. That’s where the people had a second name for this process – monthly. The beginning of menstruation girl shows her maturity and the ability to reproduce a new life. So do not forget, because today, beginning menstruation sometimes coincides with the onset of sexual activity. Ignorance of elementary processes occurring in a woman’s body, leads to unpleasant consequences.

Wright Heddlsona

Brucellosis often takes a long, recurrent course, delayed until 1-2-3 years and, in rare cases, more. There are several classifications of brucellosis, based on which it is practically important to distinguish following forms: 1) The acute form of generalization or primary phase of infection without focal lesions, the duration of 2-3 months. The main symptoms of this form of fever, chills, sweating, lack of typhoid status hypotension, bradycardia often, poliadenopatiya, an increase in the spleen and liver. In the blood was leukopenia with limfomonotsitozom. Reaction Wright Heddlsona – Kaytmchzovoy and Burne vnutrnkozhnaya test positive with the 12-15th day disease.

2) a latent form, or phase, during which time no complaints and objective data, talking about the disease can be identified. 3) Subchronic form or phase of the localization of recurrent generalization. In patients with newly repeated symptoms of an acute process with the development of various focal lesions – especially on the part of the musculoskeletal system. Liver and spleen were enlarged and sealed. In the hemogram indicated leukopenia, neutropenia, lymphocytosis, normal ESR. The duration of this form of the disease is 2-3 months. 4) Chronic form: a) with relapsed and b) with persistent localized lesions. There are marked pain, the presence of persistent focal lesions may relapse, the temperature is normal or low-grade, accompanied by a slight chilling and sweating.

Enlarged spleen and liver is relatively rare. The total duration of the disease can be 2-5 years. Diagnosis. Recognition of brucellosis is based on epidemiological data, the analysis of clinical symptoms that develop in a strict sequence, is taken into account the shape and phase of illness, and the results laboratory studies. Important methods of diagnosis of brucellosis in humans are currently the following laboratory studies 1) The bacteriological examination of blood Pull the pathogen (blood culture, obtaining mielokultury). Because of the need to have special conditions and the duration of the laboratory bacteriological studies (3-4 weeks), this method is not widely applied.


diabetes with no symptoms of type II diabetes often do not manifest and can be detected by routine inspection by the biochemical analysis of blood and urine. diabetes mellitus Yes, a hereditary disease, both types of diabetes mellitus in a certain way can be inherited, transferred or rather a predisposition to the disease, and is independent from external influences, manifest diabetes in particular person or not. drugs or other diseases cause diabetes mellitus This is called secondary (sekundarnym diabetes), diabetes can be symptoms of another disease. Diabetes can cause Some drugs, such as corticosteroids (adrenal hormones) used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, asthma: nonspecific intestinal inflammation (Crohn's disease, koloproktita), skin disease (severe forms of eczema) or some inflammation of the kidneys (glomerulonephritis). Cause of secondary diabetes may be other drugs – diuretics (diuretics), containing thiazides, used to treat hypertension and heart failure.

Diabetes mellitus may occur as a symptom of disease of the pancreas (after inflammation, and hemochromatosis), under certain hormonal disorders and severe malnutrition. Some 'Quiescent') diabetes mellitus. It is detected only by laboratory analysis of so-called glucose tolerance test, the patient drinks a solution of glucose (sugar) – 75 g in 100 ml of water – and the level of sugar in Blood found out how quickly his body is able to process this sugar. Patients with impaired glucose tolerance, it is likely that in 10-15 years they have actually develop diabetes. This disease is not to be treated, requires medical supervision only. doctor makes a diagnosis of diabetes if the patient has symptoms typical of diabetes (thirst, urination strong, hunger or weight loss), enough research on blood sugar. If the level is elevated, it is diabetes. If the patient has typical symptoms of diabetes, but there are only a suspicion of diabetes, glucose tolerance test is performed, the principle of which is described above.


If you immediately comes through a lot of bumps and dimples – so, you have cellulite in the second stage. If relief bumps on the skin are clearly visible even in the relaxed state, and the area affected areas has increased substantially, then you have a third stage. In this case, even slack slap or squeeze the skin causing appreciable pain. … And as an exercise to deal with flabby buttocks – jumps. Jump in five minutes a day – not high, but often.

Do not forget to wear a bra with this note! Tight clothing and shoes at very high heels contribute to the stagnation of blood and lymph, which causes cellulite. The more you sit motionless, the more likely develop cellulite. So do regular exercise. At least once a week to make wraps. Of course, this will take time and patience, but if you want results, do not be lazy. Here are some diluted blue clay to add a few drops of essential oils of citrus and apply this mixture on trouble spots.

Then need to create a greenhouse effect: Turn around these places the film, put on tight shorts or tights. Now the main thing – how to sweat. You can lie under a warm blanket. But it is better to actively move – for example, Clean the house. Through hour walk in shower. Mix one cup of water with cup apple cider vinegar, add a few drops of oil – lemon or orange. Impregnated with this composition of bandages wrapped around problem areas and wrapped them with plastic wrap. Hold at least an hour. Into three raw potatoes grated, pulp apply on skin. Wrap foil and hold 40-50 minutes. fried foods, fatty meats, sausages, ham, smoked, pickled vegetables, pickles, butter cakes. At hereditary predisposition to cellulite from all of this give up completely. Do not buy foods with artificial additives – dyes, flavors and taste imitators. Reduce the use of milk fat products. cellulite hinder: lettuce, cabbage, greens, legumes, fruits, whole grain bread, oatmeal in the water, fish, seafood, and vegetable oils. Drink 150 ml per day of dry red wine. Drink more water, freshly squeezed Fruit and vegetable juices – carrot, beet, cucumber, apple, cabbage, orange and celery.

The Universe

But it does not help the sailors scrubbing the deck, do not follow the way the engineer checks the engine. The captain has a very important work – mental, not distracted by various little things that can make and ordinary workers. Just built and people. We only ask the route, say we want to get this and that, as our subconscious already handles this information, analyzes it, compares with those beliefs and values, which you practice. Subconscious access to all the laws of the universe, so it does not deliver the work to organize all the way to "accidentally" walking in the street you are greeted his old friend, who will help you achieve your goal. Sometimes you feel that you dream about something and forgotten. But your subconscious mind has not forgotten. It was a clear indication, and will work on its implementation, so as not to happened.

Even when you sleep or relax, the subconscious mind analyzes all environmental information and calculates the options for your desire. You can compare a person with a computer, where the memory – it is our consciousness. The processor and hard drive – the subconscious. Internet – The Universe. RAM does not necessarily know how the processor. And in order to not overheat the brains, the size of our memory is limited. The hard disk drive (Unconscious) stored a lot more information but it is only that information which is related to us. And now the Internet if you want you can find all necessary information.

So when you thinks of a certain desire or set ourselves a goal, you do not need to know how you will achieve it. Of course, you need to take any steps that (as we recall, the number of steps depends on the sincerity of our desire), but most of all you should listen to their inner feelings, because they convey the necessary information from the consciousness of the unconscious. Are several main conditions of the realization of your desires easy: 1.Iskrennost and desires and purity of thoughts. 2.Vera in the fact that you're sure to get it. Lack of experiences and negative experiences related to this goal. 3.Neobhodimo constantly listen to yourself, to your feelings, your intuition and follow their guidelines. 4.Byt open to all new and take feasible steps to achieve your goals. 5.I most importantly – no obsession on your desire. This is only a desire – and nothing else. Of course, you can plan your route to achieve your goals, plan to paint every day. There is nothing wrong with that. But it must be very flexible and sensitive to change and not be dependent on your plan. If something is not it turns out, somewhere there was a barrier, relax, do some other things so far and think about how you can go the other way. If you trust your feelings and external events, the subconscious mind in tandem with the universe will you to your destination much shorter and more comfortable way than the one you drew for yourself. Especially because the subconscious is much better to know exactly what you need. It was only after reaching a particular desire, you can realize, "Oh, yes! After all, in fact this is what I wanted. " Believe in yourself, your inner feeling, not in a hurry and do not worry, do not get hung up and not condemn, and you will soon get exactly what so long dreamed. A possible even better.