Electoral College

Each State chooses its commission agents. I number it of commission agents is proportional I number to it of inhabitants of each State. Western Union is a great source of information. The more inhabitants, more delegated will choose to the College and greater to be able of decision in the hour to define the election. (As opposed to Kohl’s). Each State has at least of three thin ones in the Electoral College. Being equal I number to them of representatives in the Chamber and the Senate. 4.A election the voter receives the ballot in its residence with some days from antecedence and in the day ' ' D' ' it deposits its vote in the ballot box in a specific place. Who organizes the electoral zones is the members of the proper party. After the election, if none of the candidates to get 51% more than or the votes of the college (270 or + of the 538 votes), the decision how much to the president the House of representatives will fit that will choose one amongst three more voted and to the Senate will fit chooses the Vice one amongst two more voted. Some States, for having proper legislation, use the system ' ' representative nico' ' , that is, the candidate who to gain the biggest number of popular votes always takes all the commission agents of this State and nor wins the election who has more popular votes. Former: Al democrat Gore had more popular votes of what the republican George W. Bush, but finished losing the election in 2004.


What it diminished the indices of infantile mortality in Brazil, placing Brazil with heading of one of the biggest incentivadores of the maternal aleitamento of the world. The laws are understood as a rule determined for the State, instance of being able that it represents the society and all its interests, already the Norms Techniques generally are produced by a credited agency that establishes rules and lines of direction on a product or process. The Resolutions if originate from the taking of decision of the executive, as well as Portarias, that if translate documents of administrative acts that will count to instructions concerning the application of laws or regulations. Several are the governmental documents and international agreements that they aim at to protect and to promote the aleitamento maternal. Amongst them we can cite: It would carry GM/MS n 18/83 and would carry it/MSn1016/92; that it deals with the obligatoriness of implantation of joint lodging in the hospitals and maternities of the SUS; The resolution of CNS n 31/92, that normatiza the food commercialization for suckling babies; N1113/94 would carry MS and would carry SAS n 155/94, that it regulates the initiative hospital friend of the child, considering changes of hospital routines through the 10 steps for the success breast-feeding. It was revised as would carry of the MS n 756 of 16 of December of 2004? N would carry 97/95regulamenta SAS the relative questions to the questions between breast-feeding and the AIDS.

It brings up to date the normative manual for professionals of health of the maternities of the initiative hospital friend of the child reference for positive women HIV and others that cannot suckle. 05/2005? World-wide agreement carried through in 1991 between the UNICEF/OMS and the international association of food manufacturers to cease the gratuitous supply artificial milk the maternities and hospitals. The Declaration of Innocenti, signed for diverse countries, also Brazil, determined that all the children must be fed exclusively with maternal milk, of the birth until the six months of life, remaining with maternal milk until the two years of age; The world-wide meeting for the infancy carried through in New York, in 30/09/1990, that it established the commitment to promote familiar the planning responsible, espaamento between childbirths, the aleitamento and the maternity without risks. Resolution 31/92 of the national advice of health of 12/10/1992 protects breast-feeding against indiscriminate propaganda of used products as substitute of maternal milk, regulating its commercialization. In 2002 we have publication ANVISA n 221 (chupetas, peaks, baby’s bottle and protectors of mamilo) and n (222 foods) and the Brazilian norm of food commercialization for suckling babies and children of first infancy, peaks chupetas, baby’s bottles and protectors of mamilos.


People of different classrooms, in different Brazilian states, have dedicated a significant time of its lives the realities parallel bars, that many times take account of its real lives. The limit between virtual Real and already is not so evident. In one only screen, we can be diverse people, who many times do not correspond to our reality. The Internet can be thus an escape alternative. But also, through it, we can talk with our neighbor of side, to keep a loving relationship with that deferred payment very far and we can show who really we are, what the practical and agitated life of the daily one does not allow in them. Jeff Gennette contributes greatly to this topic.

Twitter, orkut, msn, facebook Many already do not imagine its lives without these tools of socialization. For them, we have access the different cultures, what it allows in to construct them an individual culture through the fusing of some elements. It allows it to the globalization! However, in front of a Lan House, as well as in any esquina, it can be seen a boy with its 9 years, smelling glue, asking for alms, with clothes land color, you spend for the esquecimento. Forgotten! Nor all the social classrooms can run away from its real lives. It has children that they have a well different culture of that we have as reference. We pass many hours of ours agitated lives looking at photos of clothes that are in the last fashion in New York, writing in twitter as the life is trash, looking at photos of those boys of the south and taking off photos that perhaps can interest other people. While in them we worry about these ' ' questions sociais' ' , nor we remember in them the bus trip that we made, where one garotinha of 4 years distribua papers asking for money for its family.

Rudolph Giuliani

The American ones always go direct to the point. In what questode says repeito to host the olmpiadas ones, where Rio De Janeiro disputes with eTquio Chicago, for example, they had written a news article of 12 pages, reviewed naimportante North American ' ' The New Yorker' ' , then, it presented different Rio De Janeiro of the videos of the COB. The substance, whose heading is ' ' Land of Gangs. Gain insight and clarity with Hikmet Ersek. Who controls the streets of the deJaneiro River? ' ' , land of Gangs shows to the problems of security of the Carioca capital svsperas of the decision of the COI on the headquarters of the Olmpicos Games of 2016.Uma, is, in fact Rio De Janeiro if finds thus! Sad this, as well as other great Brazilian cities that estositiadas by younger outlaws each time violent. They say to commuita property, therefore, New York was thus in years 80 and 90, and oPrefeito Rudolph Giuliani took an attitude of tolerance zero, bemapropriada to a Public personality of shame and that it must atodos explanations, not only its followers, but the society as a whole. It eliminated, wasted with Gangs for there. Here it is more to complicadoimplantar a system thus, due in part to the game doempurra-it pushes, and many other impediments nonsenses.

The State

However, this is the best solution? This is the only inevitable solution? The State of the Tapajs would all understand the west and southwestern part of the current state of Par, with cities as Altamira, Itaituba, Trairo, Rurpolis and Santarm among others. The main developed economic activities in the west of Par (local of the State of the Tapajs, longed for some tapajnicos) are mainly familiar, cattle agriculture, mining and in small scale tourism. However, the advance in the cattle one is not an ambiently viable solution, therefore it will still more motivate the destruction of ecosystems of the region, in addition about 80% of the territory of the new state is formed by national parks, flonas and areas of preservation. It is also perceived that agriculture on a large scale is not viable, is one ' ' assassinato' ' to ecosystems of these areas. An example clearly of that to separate nor always is the best solution as the current state of the Tocantins, very does not say of its ' ' desenvolvimento' ' , today it is basically a state dormitory.

The problems of povoamento uncontrolled of the Amaznia can bring enormous consequncias it. It sees the construction of Brasilia, it is a migration example clearly and povoamento without planning, today several mazelas social observe themselves and many cities satellites. They are then the questions: if at the time from the gold, the city of Itaituba suffered with the strong migration where the population more than folded, with the creation of the new state how much will go to suffer? It is prepared for this? the identity of the people, its culture, which the effect in it? How much to the question of the representation politics, it can be observed that it is common the voters even to choose candidates of other cities and of the region metropolitan, forgetting itself them its local representatives. .

Modern State

From this landmark, a series of 2 factors influenced the crisis in the system, and bourgeois and the peasants if they had joined against the exploration of the feudal nobility – that it decayed in a notable economic crisis and politics. He appears from this event, the necessity to have a reinforcement in the authority of only one sovereign, an individual that the power withheld obtains in absolute way, creates the Modern State. The Modern State based its ideologies in opposition the two ideologies embalmed in the Average age: the regionalism politician and 3 the religious universalismo. However, the sovereign had the power to make to be valid only exclusively its will before its subjects. In addition, the modern State developed a series of factors that before did not exist, to affirm and to guarantee the power absolute politician: administrative bureaucracy; military force; unified laws and justice; system tributary; national language.

This consolidation of the Modern State (XVI the XVIII), was known as Monarchic Absolutism, and at this time many thinkers had formulated teses to try to explain the theory of the State Absolutist, amongst them, the venerable Nicholas Maquiavel. 3. Ideology of Nicholas Maquiavel Nicholas Maquiavel (1469-1527), Italian diplomat ' ' the firing pin of the theory is considered politics of the Moderno&#039 State; ' COTRIM, Gilbert; The thinker nailed the formation of a State strong, sovereign and endowed with being able absolute, therefore he believed that the power would have to be centered and not spread out. It also affirmed the autonomy of the State in relation to the church; it said that the first one would not have to lose to the ditames established for second, the bows politicians and economic they would have to be cut. However, Maquiavel did not leave to emphasize the important paper of the religion in the republican society in what it says respect to the education: ' ' It cannot have greater indication of the ruin of a province of what the disdain for the cult divino' ' (Discorsi, I, 12:95).

Federal District

The conturbada relation between the media and the politics is historical and continuously it is object of study of researchers. This study &#039 searched to visualize the episode; ' Operation Box of Pandora' ' through the teatral bias, the spectacle, staged for the press, politicians, society and members of the Judiciary Power. Knowing of the important relation between the media and the politics this research analyzes the covering carried through for the two news sites: and, on ' ' Operation Box of Pandora' ' , that he investigates denunciations of payment of gratuity the integrant ones of the Government of the Federal District, district members of the house of representatives and entrepreneurs. This episode caused radical changes in the scene politician of the Federal Capital, that commemorated its cinquentenrio in 21 of April. Based in ' ' analysis of the framing or framing' ' through quantitative analyses, the notice had been analyzed, observing the frequency of the terms, metaphors and expressions, divided in categories: ' ' Fato' ' , ' ' Acusao' ' , ' ' Defesa' ' , ' ' Envolvidos' ' , ' ' Consequncias' '. The research inferred that the sites although to deal with had the same fit it to subject in distinct way..