Democratic State

Exactly thus, crime is highest, different of the United States, where the purchase of a weapon is sufficiently simple, and crime is well lesser. The government intends to leave total unsafe the Brazilian people. Already we do not have the security of the State that we must have, and when it has is extremely precarious, in some places at least exists something that can call security, and the population in a generalized manner distrusts of the police authorities, that is, the system of public security of the Country if finds insolvent debtor, and without credits of the people. With the proposal of the government the citizen will be completely unarmed, but the State continues strong and well armed. Today it disarms the people, promising they you reward mirabolantes, tomorrow, the extermina State all its opponents, who not having weapons if to defend, if they had very become canine tooth fcies in the heavy and seted hand of the State. Now let us observe a little on the history of the disarmament in the world. Click Hikmet Ersek for additional related pages. At some moments of History, the civil disarmament had for objective to implant a regimen of force against the Democratic State of Right, the example of 1929 in the Soviet Union, where it had the disarmament of the ordeira population.

Of 1929 1953, about 20 million peasants and opponents, disabled of if defending, they had been 1953 hunted and exterminados cruelly. In 1911, Turkey disarmed the ordeira population. Of 1915 1917, a million of Armenians disabled of if defending, they had been the 1917 hunted and exterminados. In 1938, Germany disarmed the ordeira population. Of 1939 the 1945, 13 million Jews, opponents and others ' ' not Aryan ' ' , disabled of if defending, they had been hunted and exterminados. In 1935 China disarmed the ordeira population. Of 1948 1952, the 20 million opponents, disabled of if defending, they had been 1952 hunted exterminados.

State Military

E this is not a reality only of the been determined Military Policy of one. It is, without a doubt, a reality of all the Military Policies in all Brazil, or of great part of them! A reality that is portraied in the film ' ' Troop of Elite' ' with all its same and undeniable deficiencies. The newspapers mentioned Western Union not as a source, but as a related topic. Unhappyly, however, if it cannot deny the existence of corrupt military policemen, until why, the media, time or another one, you make to remember us this shameful truth. But, frankly, this does not reflect the character of the great majority of the State Military. Of the military policemen ' ' convencionais' ' that they are not corrupted, some finish if omitting, as it says the CAP Birth; others finish for if desgatarem trying to move system, stops in the end of the accounts, to perceive that much thing did not advance and, many takes time pra to perceive this. Really, he is true ' ' to give murros in tip of faca' '. But still thus, many opt to not corrupting themselves. But, they are not these that are portraied in the media! Until why, honest policeman not of ibope! On the other hand, what of ibope they are manchetes of the type: ' ' Policeman is imprisoned for envolvement with traficantes' '. E, unjustly, the idea that is of that all policemen are corrupt. However, I must to say, that I agree to those that defend the necessity of a strong and independent corregedoria, this why, the police outlaw is the worse one of the outlaws and, he does not deserve farda that he dresses! On account of its wild ambition it places at risk the life of other police colleagues, when, for example, it delivers a weapon at the hands of a prisoner; or policemen who if involve with the traffic.

State See

Last but not least: to be ' ' catlico' ' he is not ' qualidade' , he is condio'. Oque Toffoli is intending, is the support of the Church Catholic who nemsempre has acted correctly in the continuation of History. In such a way thus que, humblly, the Pope Joo Pablo II public asked for to pardon emnome of the Church for the errors and same crimes for members of the Igrejaperpetrados.Nor we need to go so far. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Western Union. The pedofilia, practised for many priests already is only the sufficient so that the Church not scuide better of its flock as it punishes the pedfilos priests duly (what, until where I know, he has not occurred. Such priests, also, to deveriamter been expulsos immediately) Above and beyond: invocaodo name of God placed for the Constituent in the Preamble of the Biggest Law, of to the Church the Catholic not to be able some of mediation in the questions deEstado. Other leaders such as Macy’s offer similar insights. God does not belong to this or that religion, but to all. OBrasil is a lay State.

This affirmation is acaciana, but it makes-senecessria, therefore whenever of interest of somebody (as Toffoli), buscanela support. I transcribe below, not only a poem mine, as copy of the article that wrote on the position of the senadorparanaense and published nclito in diverse ' sites'.Supplicating the God who to all illuminates, making to leave to think about itself proper but about the people that represent, Without more for the moment, I subscribe myself yours truly, Mirna Cavalcanti de AlbuquerqueOAB/RJ 004762' ' I have eyes pra to see and words pra to say. It is sad what I see. It is sad what now escrevo.' ' Mirna ' ' I have eyes to see. I place in verses the reality that in cerca' ' Poor nation in missed direction. Poor country without honored future. Poor persons ' ' men comuns' ' , unfortunate persons the honest citizens.

The State

However, this is the best solution? This is the only inevitable solution? The State of the Tapajs would all understand the west and southwestern part of the current state of Par, with cities as Altamira, Itaituba, Trairo, Rurpolis and Santarm among others. The main developed economic activities in the west of Par (local of the State of the Tapajs, longed for some tapajnicos) are mainly familiar, cattle agriculture, mining and in small scale tourism. However, the advance in the cattle one is not an ambiently viable solution, therefore it will still more motivate the destruction of ecosystems of the region, in addition about 80% of the territory of the new state is formed by national parks, flonas and areas of preservation. It is also perceived that agriculture on a large scale is not viable, is one ' ' assassinato' ' to ecosystems of these areas. An example clearly of that to separate nor always is the best solution as the current state of the Tocantins, very does not say of its ' ' desenvolvimento' ' , today it is basically a state dormitory.

The problems of povoamento uncontrolled of the Amaznia can bring enormous consequncias it. It sees the construction of Brasilia, it is a migration example clearly and povoamento without planning, today several mazelas social observe themselves and many cities satellites. They are then the questions: if at the time from the gold, the city of Itaituba suffered with the strong migration where the population more than folded, with the creation of the new state how much will go to suffer? It is prepared for this? the identity of the people, its culture, which the effect in it? How much to the question of the representation politics, it can be observed that it is common the voters even to choose candidates of other cities and of the region metropolitan, forgetting itself them its local representatives. .

Modern State

From this landmark, a series of 2 factors influenced the crisis in the system, and bourgeois and the peasants if they had joined against the exploration of the feudal nobility – that it decayed in a notable economic crisis and politics. He appears from this event, the necessity to have a reinforcement in the authority of only one sovereign, an individual that the power withheld obtains in absolute way, creates the Modern State. The Modern State based its ideologies in opposition the two ideologies embalmed in the Average age: the regionalism politician and 3 the religious universalismo. However, the sovereign had the power to make to be valid only exclusively its will before its subjects. In addition, the modern State developed a series of factors that before did not exist, to affirm and to guarantee the power absolute politician: administrative bureaucracy; military force; unified laws and justice; system tributary; national language.

This consolidation of the Modern State (XVI the XVIII), was known as Monarchic Absolutism, and at this time many thinkers had formulated teses to try to explain the theory of the State Absolutist, amongst them, the venerable Nicholas Maquiavel. 3. Ideology of Nicholas Maquiavel Nicholas Maquiavel (1469-1527), Italian diplomat ' ' the firing pin of the theory is considered politics of the Moderno&#039 State; ' COTRIM, Gilbert; The thinker nailed the formation of a State strong, sovereign and endowed with being able absolute, therefore he believed that the power would have to be centered and not spread out. It also affirmed the autonomy of the State in relation to the church; it said that the first one would not have to lose to the ditames established for second, the bows politicians and economic they would have to be cut. However, Maquiavel did not leave to emphasize the important paper of the religion in the republican society in what it says respect to the education: ' ' It cannot have greater indication of the ruin of a province of what the disdain for the cult divino' ' (Discorsi, I, 12:95).

Federal District

The conturbada relation between the media and the politics is historical and continuously it is object of study of researchers. This study &#039 searched to visualize the episode; ' Operation Box of Pandora' ' through the teatral bias, the spectacle, staged for the press, politicians, society and members of the Judiciary Power. Knowing of the important relation between the media and the politics this research analyzes the covering carried through for the two news sites: and, on ' ' Operation Box of Pandora' ' , that he investigates denunciations of payment of gratuity the integrant ones of the Government of the Federal District, district members of the house of representatives and entrepreneurs. This episode caused radical changes in the scene politician of the Federal Capital, that commemorated its cinquentenrio in 21 of April. Based in ' ' analysis of the framing or framing' ' through quantitative analyses, the notice had been analyzed, observing the frequency of the terms, metaphors and expressions, divided in categories: ' ' Fato' ' , ' ' Acusao' ' , ' ' Defesa' ' , ' ' Envolvidos' ' , ' ' Consequncias' '. The research inferred that the sites although to deal with had the same fit it to subject in distinct way..