Federal District

The conturbada relation between the media and the politics is historical and continuously it is object of study of researchers. This study &#039 searched to visualize the episode; ' Operation Box of Pandora' ' through the teatral bias, the spectacle, staged for the press, politicians, society and members of the Judiciary Power. Knowing of the important relation between the media and the politics this research analyzes the covering carried through for the two news sites: and, on ' ' Operation Box of Pandora' ' , that he investigates denunciations of payment of gratuity the integrant ones of the Government of the Federal District, district members of the house of representatives and entrepreneurs. This episode caused radical changes in the scene politician of the Federal Capital, that commemorated its cinquentenrio in 21 of April. Based in ' ' analysis of the framing or framing' ' through quantitative analyses, the notice had been analyzed, observing the frequency of the terms, metaphors and expressions, divided in categories: ' ' Fato' ' , ' ' Acusao' ' , ' ' Defesa' ' , ' ' Envolvidos' ' , ' ' Consequncias' '. The research inferred that the sites although to deal with had the same fit it to subject in distinct way..