Long Tradition

The origin ranging from Rhine in flames back in the 1930s. For the inhabitants of the Rhine the Rhine’s big summer event a very long tradition in flames already has, because erstrahlte already in the 1930s sky which between Bonn and St. Goar under the lights of fireworks. Caused by the war and there the consequences of course breaks, but nevertheless the event in some sections was carried back annually since the 1980s without interruption and has enjoyed since the steadily growing in popularity. Of the Rhine in flames it comes, that until after St. Goar huge Fireworks take place, which each serve as an occasion for a big Festival, which every year now several hundred thousand people appear annually between May and September at different dates by Bonn, personally to unwind in relaxed mood. The atmosphere is mostly doing breathtaking and when the Fireworks goes off, the best places on one of the ships, while driving across the Rhine, as she are offer incredible perspective to the events. For more specific information, check out Steffan Lehnhoff.

Rhine in flames is one of the greatest spectacles of its kind and for the entire Rhine party atmosphere means pure. However, there is in this area in the year 2008 even more highlights in terms of parties and events not to be missed. This includes the Landesgartenschau Bingen, this time with all sorts of attractions knows how to inspire and attract lots of people with security anyway. The exhibition space is enormous with 24 hectares and is available on the 2.7-kilometre area very much. As you can see, the region on the Rhine is always something going on and it will never get boring. Involves whether to Carnival, Rhine in flames or to the State Garden Show in Bingen, the inhabitants of this region are great hosts who make for a great holiday and an unforgettable time. Who would have so much fun so once in their own home country, should visit 2008 the Middle Rhine in any case.