Publishing Races

At that time the Land was inhabited for ‘ ‘ Primate hominus’ ‘ , living I indent of caves, using instruments of slex and for its aspect if they approached sufficiently to ‘ ‘ Pithecantropus erectus’ ‘. They had been then, the entities spirituals that taking in consideration the necessity of evolution of the planet, had printed a new factor of organization to the races first-born, endowing them with new biological combinations, aiming at the perfectioning of the organism human being. When this transforming operation if consummated outside of the Land, in the planetary astral or in some neighboring world, the race was created human being, with all the initial characteristics and attributes, the FIRST RAA-ME, that the tradition eastern spiritual defined as: ‘ ‘ still unconscious espritos, inhabiting fludicos bodies, little consistentes’ ‘. (Extracted of the book ‘ ‘ The Exiled ones of the Capela’ ‘ , Edgar Armond, Publishing company Alliance.) Another intriguing data and that also she is a stranger coincidence are that in years 90, DNA examinations had even so proved that the Neanderthal is a separate ramification of the species human being, either evidently an evolution of the primitive smios. ‘ ‘ Thus, therefore, relating to us the banishment to it of the emigrants of the Chapel, we must clarify that, in this occasion, already the primate hominis if found arregimentado in numerous tribes.

After great experiences, he was that the migrations of the Pamir if had spread for orbe, obeying the sacred scripts, delineated in the Heights. How much to fact of if verifying the reincarnation of Espritos so advanced in knowledge, in bodies of primignias races, do not have to cause repugnance to the agreement. Let us remember to us of that a pure metal, as the gold, for example, is not modified for the circumstance of if presenting in dirty vase, or disforme.