Peruvian Cuisine Satisfies

The kitchen in the Peru is almost a symbol of identity of Peru as are the Andes mountains or the Machu Picchu – Peruvian food is finding its place in dishes from around the world From the vigorous ceviche to the succulent chicken to the grill, as well as the merger of the Peruvian cuisine (chifa) China until the Aji de gallina, stew of chicken with a spicy sauce to cheese base, Peruvian cuisine is leaving satisfied the appetite of Americans and Europeans. The gourmet boom has been promoted by some figures and some coincidences that have made that Peruvian food becomes something remarkable, said Raul Vargas, a Peruvian food gastronomic and conductor of the radio program La Divina food critic. In general, globalization of taste and gastronomic snobbery occur, today more people available that pleasure to seek and find different food. And there you have entered to carve our food. But, what is what makes particular to Peruvian food? Our kitchen in its base in its essence – it is great poverty, as well as being an act of family community management, said Vargas. And as increased wealth in the country, has given rise to the start of the sophistication of the food.

The Peruvian cuisine has reflected the evolution of the country as an industrial power. Our diversity in potatoes has allowed us to play with dishes with where you submit 20 varieties of potatoes and, obviously, each must have his seasoning in particular and different cheese and on top of that, chili, eat for survival sauce returned us skilled chefs. That’s the basic idea. Peruvian cuisine is not limited only to the Incan roots. It is fused with the Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Afro-Peruvian cuisine with its basic ingredients to create tasty dishes that stand out in the international food market. Today, only to think of fish and seafood, an explosion occurs multicultural, because our food has Italian, Japanese more touch Peruvian this has given us an extraordinary cuisine. Raul Vargas refers to rich in rice and seafood dishes, including ceviche, a dish consisting of raw fish with citrus juice and sprinkled pepper.

Also is the chifa Ti Pa Kay boiled chicken in spicy tomato sauce and Peruvian spices Chi Jau Kay chicken or pork covered in Oyster ychaufa sauce, a mixture of fried rice, meat, green onions seasoned with Peruvian spices. And of course, the most popular rotisserie chicken with French fries, a basic dish in many restaurants peru. The Peruvian has no prejudices in relation to any food, where it comes. You have an innate curiosity to try something new, different kitchens. The difference is that as soon as you do, you’re already thinking how merge it, copy it and adapt it to your taste. The key to the popularity of Peruvian cuisine is its ability to merge with food from other countries.