He planted seeds and waited for it to give its fruit. And it was thus harvesting seeds that his father had so lovingly given him before leaving his pilgrimage. His brothers, meanwhile, laughed at him and thought It was an effort in vain. His father had only asked them to return him that had given them. They were also wealthy and did not need to work. His father’s advice had been very clear. He would leave his inheritance to whom better protect the seeds. After three years, when the father returned, the first son opened his safe deposit box.

All dead seeds were clearly, stank, and the father said to him: what! Are these seeds that I gave you? You had the possibility to make them grow and germinate, and now they are rotten. These are not my seed!. It was then when the second son went to the market to buy new seeds. He returned to the House and ran to his father. The father said: these are not seeds that I gave you. Your idea is a little better than your brother; However, you do not have the qualities that I wanted for my successor. Your behavior is that of a greedy calculator. The King approached her last child with great hope and fear.

And you, son, what have you do with the seeds which you ordered?. The third son asked his father to accompany him to see the fields that had been planted year after year since its start. And said to him: father, the seeds have given me are in these fields. When you pick up the harvest I will return you them. These fields have expanded your fortune and have served to feed your employees. Peasants who had no work have done the work, and have thus been able to protect their families. I thought that it was wiser to sow to save some seeds until you come back. And the father replied: you are my heir. This is how we should act all with seeds that life offers us, as well as the knowledge that shared it will always bear many more fruit.