IPhone phone users are happy because they had a multi-tasking. Nokia users will also have to do it, albeit with certain restrictions. Managing too many concurrent problem leads to an error 'insufficient memory'. Owners of previously purchased Nokia N97 and N96 are aware of this. Is it enough to 256MB of ram, smartphone Nokia N8 to provide multitasking? I raise this question after seeing the recently video to demonstrate pre-release Nokia N8. In this video, you can see that error, "Memory exhausted. Close applications and try again.

" A window appeared when Rapporteur Nokia tried to play a video clip. Almost immediately after the occurrence of messages, she pressed the menu button, display the running tasks. These were the application of social network, gallery, photo editor, setting up WiFi, the application menu, the browser. Before we will condemn too strictly, it should be borne in mind that the phone is not ruled latest version. For example, I have not seen such a message during a brief test Nokia N8.

Let's compare: the Nokia N97 on board 128 mb ram, while the Nokia N900 was 256 mb. When released in selling , it added a 512 mb. IPhone 4, which according to some techno geeks, does not provide 'true multitasking', the bot is on 512 mb of ram. The emergence of Nokia N8 expected in the third quarter of this year, and she was stuck at 256 mb of ram. Why Nokia does not put more memory? You may think that I'm looking for a reason to nit-picking, but I truly wonder. I am interested in Nokia N8, but I really hope that we will not see a message that the 'memory full' when the device available for sale.