Honorary Award

There are no sanctions that would lowers your status. In a marketing plan laid gifts, and expensive gifts – cars bmw, yachts, airplanes, houses. Honorary Award, which allocates 5 percent of world trade and that distributors are often referred to as 'pension', given for lifetime and handed down. And this is neither more nor less, from 7 to 30 thousand dollars per quarter. Governor Cuomo is likely to agree. In addition to income, which will bring you to your distribution network.

That enough? Well, all fees are paid by the depth of the structure. According to Jeff Gennette, who has experience with these questions. Branch distributors who are on the same level career ladder with you, do not separate and not lost. Your status in the Company is your property, ie you can donate, sell, transfer by inheritance. And all of these conditions continue to improve. Not accidentally called a trendsetter in the network marketing. And yet – the company for the lazy, because people are working here without urging. But more often – a company of the future.

Tell you that "network marketing does not offer " entrenched in some desk in 10, maybe 20 000 rubles per month, how many kinds of income you receive? Salary. Maybe the prize. Sometimes a Christmas bonus. Some go the length of service. All of them? Business Company allows you to have 7 kinds of income. It's the difference between wholesale and retail prices – 25%. Direct remuneration: 5-43% (calculated on the turnover of personal as well as turnover invited personally by you people.) Network fees: 4-38% (calculated on the turnover of all the people in your frame for current month). Award for his leadership. Honorary Award, which I have already spoken. Valuable gifts, which also said. Finally, the interest on the shares given as a gift by the Company. The result of this path is to obtain residual income. It is the income from building your organization, which continues to flow continuously, year after year, even after you may have already stopped working. This is somewhat similar to a pension, which is obtained pensioners, but orders of magnitude greater. World's top economists have come to the conclusion that the HH1 century will have three characteristics – speed, changes and crises. With one of them, the largest in the last century the crisis we have today face. And there will be three industries that receive the greatest development. It is the Internet, online shopping and online marketing. Where will you be in this century? And they say: rich build networks, the poor – looking for work. Are you among whom? Those who building? Or those who are looking for?