Mirage Culture

In the analysis of the relevance and role of the consumer culture, it is important to bear in mind that Enrique Ortiz (monografia.com), CITES that the satisfaction of needs from the acquisition of products, reflected in the everyday reality of the various markets, new paradigms of consumption associated with multiple patterns of conduct that must be observed and carried to the plane of the debate. It is necessary, in the context of marketing as a discipline that relates economic sciences with social sciences, questioned the directions and trends that have drawn the present consumer profile, and will be important also, contribute with sustainable models that may be useful to those who decide the future strategy of the markets, just at the door of the hiper modernity. ES important when trying to understand the reach and impact of consumer culture, take into account some aspects that can contribute to the importance of the topic to know: the consumer culture expression tries to stress that the world of goods and its structuring principles are fundamental to understand contemporary society. Connect with other leaders such as Hikmet Ersek here. This implies focus on two points: first, in the cultural dimension of the economy, in the symbolization and the use of property as communicators, and not only as utilities; and the second, in the economy of cultural property, in market principles of supply, demand, communication, capital, competition and monopolization which operates within the sphere of styles, goods and cultural goods. The main elements to be tested are the seconds, where the consumer brands, as elements that make up the law of supply and demand, marketing communication, and which ultimately have marked the pace for new styles of life that are referred they are generated in this type of societies, as well as goods and goods that are its own. Thus it is said, to speak of societies of consumption, is not only refer to a commercial activity as soon as such, but that such commercial activity exerts an influence in the cultural environment, and this cultural environment causes lifestyles, which are specific to the analysis of sociology, as well as the styles of goods and services that people consume, and which are taken up by specialists of marketing to promote their products in a more effective manner.(Raul Arturo Sanchez Irabu) Consumer culture, revives the competitive spirit up to maximum effort, causing subjective attributes of achievement, which reinforce the competitiveness at the level of personal pride: a sort of self-centeredness in search of power and greatness, which is effect of Mirage that the individual becomes myth.