Media Air

The directors of Cencosud, claimed in a statement regarding the latest acquisition: it is expected that this new acquisition has a favourable in the consolidated results of Cencosud effect, without that to this date they can quantify with precision. Another Chilean, Falabella (IPSA:FALABELLA), which operates in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile, is waiting for the crisis left behind to venture into the Brazilian consumer market. Liliana Solari, President of Bethia conglomerate, which controls Falabella and other companies, claimed at the end of last year: we always talked of Brazil and Mexico, but for the moment we have to wait to pass the crisis. Given the relative smallness of Cencosud and Falabella, Brazil offers them a more than interesting opportunity for growth and expansion. In a market shown with great prospects of continuing its upward dynamics, risks of investing in this economy are really limited. In addition, macroeconomic stability and clear and stable rules that are part of State policies that Brazil has adopted, guarantee that there will be no unpleasant surprises in this bet. The dynamism that is anticipated in the consumption of Brazilian families is generating strong investments in various economic sectors linked.

It is also doing it in the banking sector that feeds this virtuous circle that enhances the Brazilian economic growth at the same time. Already in a previous article, it spoke to them about the plans of expansion of Santander (IBEX35:san; NYSE:STD) in Brazil, specifically in the segment of credit cards. For years, the Brazilian banking sector will undergo a strong competition against the growing demand for banking products by Brazilian consumers. The struggle to capture the consumer Brazilian has initiated on several fronts but looks to focus on large stores of consumption. For years, the Brazilian family will become one of the main engines of economic growth in Brazil, an economy that is proving that it can grow at a very good pace without having to fall into a double-digit inflation rate, applying transparent and predictable economic policies. Horacio Pozzo investments on WALL STREET – yesterday we wrote about a company of Chinese advertising, Media Air (NASDAQ:AMCN), which will strongly grow in price by a greater enrichment of china’s population, the proximity of the mega global event which will be the Expo of Shanghai and its record profits. Air Media rose 3% after our recommendation yesterday in the daily value newseletter and is one of our favorite of the portfolio of the world value report.