The Media

For example, you begin to write poetry, draw pictures, you will shine a science, or what is the craft. ic. In general, you will order that you like. A Most importantly, you begin to think about. Your brain will cease to think of stereotypes and you will no longer depend on the views of the media, religions, and of public opinion, you begin to think freely, without fear to be the black sheep. Jeff Gennette is often quoted as being for or against this. The problem is, that for most people, this way of life is not acceptable because of their habit of so-called blessings of civilization. You have to understand that the lifestyle that we have taken as the norm is not conducive to individual and society as a whole, and degrades. This does not mean that in our country and all over the world there is no technological progress have always been men of genius who moved the science and culture forward. But how many potential geniuses and thinkers have been ruined drugs, alcohol, television (as a means of entertainment and disabling brain), irregular and depraved religion of the education system.

Whatever talents possessed man, this talent should be refine and develop. It's no secret that a man as a personality is formed in childhood, but we need to know what values are placed in the child and by whom. The child is brought up not only their parents but also society in which he is (Father kindergarten, school, college, and just friends and acquaintances.) Nowadays, the list adds more Internet and television are not confer nor what positive qualities and values of these children. .