Caribbean Online

I free generate in real time of the games mmorpg strategic (RTS according to abbreviations in English), this divided in two very different styles of game to each other. In a corner, the games focused to the combat, games like the Pirates of the Caribbean Online and the Grand estan Imagination, in which you construct a base with buildings. In the other corner those games directed to the generation of resources like principle and to the war estan soon, taking like example OGame and Travian in which the buildings estan directed to the investigation of the new technologies, management of resources and development of the base, or in the Earth or the space. Ikariam is a game of navigator located in Old Greece. The war and the management of resources estan mixed. The game takes both directions and the puntaje of the player includes aspects both.

At the beginning of the game, everything is to construct, to investigate and to generate work for the unemployed ones. The game is very simple for which just they begin. You would begin with a colony located in a small island that compartiras with other players. Being that the first a to develop sera your colony, you would need to assign your few inhabitants in the sawmill to obtain wood. Resource necessary to construct. With the obtained wood, seguiras by the Academy assigning or reasignando workers so that they study the new technologies, that they estan divided in 4 sections: Navigation, economy, science and war. According to the branch that you choose to investigate, podras successively to increase the variety of your buildings, or to update them. Your following step seran the cabins, that you permitira to train troops for the defense of your colony.

A port to deal and other buildings with objectives several would continue in the line of construction. With your first colony in construction, deberas to establish the type of relation that you wish with they accompany that you in the same island. Perhaps you wish a pacific relation, or you would look for to conquer them, to rob resources to them or simply to massacre them. The election is yours, nevertheless, are several the days and nights that requeriras to be able to go to the war. Ikariam is player totally in real time, nevertheless, the interesting thing is that you do not require to be connected permanently like so many other games mmorpg free, but just by 5 minutes daily is sufficient so that reasignes your workers according to the tasks that you wish.