23 Prayer

Jesus said: but you, when you pray, go to your room, and closed the door, pray to thy father which is in secret (Mt. 6: 6). This statement is very important for the correct sentence. It is true that a sentence can arise out of a sincere desire of the heart and mean that in the corner of the busiest street in the city centre. But Jesus wished we knew the importance of take a few moments to move away, being alone somewhere and close the door of the mind to all the distractions of the world.

It is then that we can quiet our minds, closing the door of negative thoughts and be immersed in the spirit. Your father who sees in secret will reward you in public (Mt. 6: 6). Here it clearly states that prayer brings results when we become aware of the spirit who dwells in us. In doing so, we receive inspiration, guide, strength and vision that are necessary for shaping our lives according to the father’s plan again. Use not vain repetitions, as the Gentiles (M. 6: 7).

Jesus taught diligence in prayer, which we should pray quite often to make a change in consciousness. While step Jesus in prayer in the desert, his visit to Gethsemane to pray and his parable of the man to whom a request was granted at midnight because of its persistence in asking, everything indicates the fact that Jesus knew that God is ready and willing to give, but we must continue praying to the point of being ready and eager to to receive. However, we cannot just speak empty words, because words must be accompanied by the feeling and backed by faith. It is good to repeat statements, but they should be repeated with concentration, and as we do so, we must direct all the strength of our desires to the meaning of the spoken words then comes the wonderful promise that should give us the necessary security: your father knows of what you need, before you ask it (6.8 m) Jesus spoke of a great principle of truth here because I explained that our prayers do not create greater good, and we do not think more of God. In addition, we try not to change your mind. The true nature of God is everything that is good, because God is peace, love, strength, power, substance and compression. All this exists already and is present everywhere. Therefore, the answer to every need is already provided-perhaps ask: if it is true that all our desires are provided, why we must pray?, we must pray because it is due to our prayers that we change our consciousness. We set the negative of any appearance of lack or need. True prayer raises our vision to the divine level and enables us to visualize how the conditions can be when we are in perfect harmony with God.(continue) Silent Unity Autor original source and source of the article