Small Business

The potential of the Internet is huge and increasingly more people realize this truth. Unfortunately, the mortality rate of start-ups is very high, 95% in the first year of life, due to several factors. The good news is that, if you don’t know something, because the technical things are very important in running a business online, you can ask for help specialized and highly skilled. This is the subject of the article leadership and work in team Director and Sweeper A La time quarter, posted 01.03.2011, on the web page, go there! Start with the web page, you have to make it yourself, you have to find a cheap or free autoresponder, build your only blog, sales page, learn how to upload everything to your server, know just enough HTML programming, TFP, PEARL, etc., know how to handle all the programs needed, use a hosting (hosting) free, make you a unique product, or if not, sell affiliate products, etc., and all this learning takes time, you have to be aware that you have to invest time, long time, without being paid even if your business is not assembled and does not produce, don’t have customers and therefore, have no benefits, you have nothing of profits. As always, I respect your decision, the final decision has to be yours, but I can say that mathematics is not wrong: you can do a simple calculation, for example Ponte a gain medium, minimum of $ 300 (to say the $ 500 a month or $ 1,000 a month), and say you’re gonna take 2 years to build your business on the internet, to a simple calculation you lose 24 X 300 = 7.$ 200Let’s say $ 500 for not investing, and build your business in 3 months or 6 months at most, if you’ve not abandoned. And you can always say that I I’ve done everything, from A to Z, to my I have had to learn to base of sticks, and you will have the honour and the advantage of being an expert, nobody can tell you anything, you’ll be the undisputed owner of your business. Here we have arrived at a point, where I have to tell you that, in a way or another, you have that study, you have to cultivate you anyway, to know minimum each part component of your business so that, in the case that you’ll delegate repetitive tasks, know what you want, you’ll have to tell that to your helper which is what you want from him. .